Sing Sing Theater (Bangkok)

Sing Sing has been for years one of the best clubs in Bangkok and it still is my go-to club for every special occasion.

If you were to ask me what club you should absolutely see while you're in Bangkok, no hesitation, that's the one.

And if you're wondering what makes Sing Sing Theater so special, I would say:

  • Unique design
  • Crazy vibe
  • Incredible performers
  • Beautiful crowd
  • Great sound
  • Quality drinks

sing sing theater dancefloor

What's special about Sing Sing ?

Open in 2016, Sing Sing Theater was designed by Ashley Sutton, the famous Australian designer behind other well know venues in Bangkok like The Iron Fairies, Iron Balls Distillery, Maggie Choo's and more.

With its unique decor and atmosphere that reproduces an ancient Chinese theater, it quickly became one of the go-to clubs for expats, hi-so locals, and tourists looking for a high-end nightlife experience in Bangkok with a mixed crowd (Thais and foreigners).

Another thing that makes Sing Sing so different is the quality of the events.

No matter what theme they pick, expect them to go all-in each time.

From the decor to the performers' costumes and the music.

You'll be amazed by what they can come up with.

If you haven't done one of their special events yet, make sure you do!

What type of music they play ?

It's hard to define Sing Sing by its music because they play so many different styles.

Almost every night of the week you will have something different, ranging from Old School Hip Hop to House and Trance.

From Tuesday nights with Bangkok Invaders (Thailand's most famous Hip Hop Djs), House and Techno events with Mustache or guest Djs like Joris Delacroix, Nakadia, Sebastien Leger, Olivier Giacomotto...

But with their amazing sound system and a good artistic director, you can expect good music any night of the week.

sing sing theater model night

What's the crowd/vibe like ?

At Sing Sing, you will find mostly High So locals, Expats, and Models.

Unlike other clubs in Bangkok that have only Thais/Asians or White guys and Thai Girls... Sing Sing has a pretty mixed crowd.

But with drinks at around 400฿++ and bottles starting at 3,700฿++ you can imagine what kind of people you'll find there.

If you ever been to Khaosan Road to party, we're like on the opposite side of the spectrum here.

What's the dress code ?

The dress code is what they call "smart casual".

In other words: no flip flops, no tank top, no shorts, no sportswear, no beachwear... it's a high-end club in the middle of Bangkok so just dress to impress and you'll be fine.

If you hesitate, put on a pair of jeans or pants that you have with a regular tee and you're good to go.

And yes, sneakers are fine.

sing sing


Sing Sing Theatre is one of the best clubs in Bangkok and prices go accordingly.

One thing that you should know, all prices on the menu are excluding VAT and Service Charge.

So you need to add +17%.

Remember that when you order a round of shots for your friends and when you buy a few bottles, it really makes a difference.

  • Entrance is free (except for some special events or DJs)
  • Drinks are around 300฿ ++
  • Bottles start at 3,700฿ ++

*++ in Thailand means + Service charge (10%) + VAT (7%)


They have a really limited amount of tables and as the place is pretty small (with a capacity of about 300 people) you want to make a booking in advance.

With a small group or if you're single, go for the standing tables downstairs. This way you're in the middle of the action and close to the small dance floor.

If you have a bigger group, ask for a table upstairs. But again, don't forget to book in advance as the number of tables is really limited.

And if you got a bigger group, there's even a private secret room above the second floor (drop me a message for more info).

Need help with your booking at Sing Sing Theater ?

For any booking of 2 bottles or more, drop me a message and I'll take care of it for you. 🐵

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sing sing theater bangkok room

How to get there ?

Sing Sing Club is at the entrance of Sukhumvit Soi 45, just behind a furniture shop.

You can't really miss it as there is always taxis waiting in front of the club.

Most taxis in Bangkok will know what you're talking about when you say Sing Sing.

But if they don't, just say Sukhumvit 45.

The club is right at the entrance and the Soi is only about 30 meters long. You won't get lost.

And as always, if you don't want to bother to explain where you're going, just use Grab to get a taxi.

More about Sing Sing Bangkok

Want to know about what's going on at Sing Sing and what's their next event ?

Follow them on Facebook to have the latest updates.

  • Tuesday to Sunday - 9pm to 3am
  • Facebook
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  • Website
  • Sing Sing Theater


Sing Sing Theater is open Tuesday to Sunday from 9 pm till 2 / 3 am.

Entrance is free of charge at Sing Sing (except for special events).

It's ladies' night every Thursday at Sing Sing. Girls can enjoy 3 free drinks between 9 pm to 12 am.

Walking distance from Sing Sing you have :

0mn: Gigi Italian Restaurant next door (direction)

2mn: Wine Connection at Rain Hill (direction)

5mn: Ivy 47, French Restaurant (direction)

5mn: Pizza Massilia Sukhumvit (direction)

More about Bangkok Nightlife

First time in Bangkok or looking for new places to explore?

Have a look at my guide of Bangkok Nightlife by clicking here.

And if you have any questions about the club, feel free to ask them in the comments below.

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