What Apps and Equipment I use ?

These are all the apps and equipment I use at the moment.

I'm not a minimalist but I like to keep it as simple as possible so I have less to carry with me, fewer subscriptions to pay, and most importantly, less to worry about.

So if you're wondering what apps and equipment I use, here's everything.

Must-have apps on your phone

I try not to overload my phone with apps, especially since the Google Pixel 3XL I use has limited memory.

But here's the app I always have on my phone.

Must-have apps to travel

I use to have a ton of apps for traveling but now I'm keeping it down to the minimum.

Also because I finally realized that the more you use the same app, the more discounts and special treatment they offer you.

I use booking.com for hotels pretty much everywhere I go. It's not always the cheapest, but by booking only with them they give you extra discounts and perks.

I haven't used Airbnb yet but I know it's the best option in some cities, especially in the west where hotels are overall more expensive. I also really want to try the experiences when I go somewhere.

Airbnb - Up to 1200฿ Off

Must-have apps in Bangkok

These are the 3 apps I use the most in Bangkok by a long stretch.

First one is Grab. Perfect to order taxis, especially when it's raining and all taxis are busy or when you can't explain in Thai where you're going. They also have a reward system that gives you access to a lot of discounts.

Second is Eatigo. Because why pay full price at a restaurant when you can get up to 50% off. Perfect for date nights and to try new places.

Third one is Foodpanda. Their customer service is terrible but they have one of the largest selection of food and everything is in English, unlike Line or Grab Food.

grab app icon

Must-have apps for work

I looked for a while for the best apps and tools to organize my work. I finally decided to keep it simple and use as fewer apps as I could.

I use Google Drive for all my documents, spreadsheets, writings, and even photos and videos now. I've got a paid membership for 200go that cost me 99฿ per month. And it's perfect.

Evernote on the other side is for quick notes and things that I need to be able to access and edit in seconds. Don't get fooled by the clean layout, there's a lot you can do with it. (Notes, scanning documents, link content from your Google Drive...)

Asana for projects with my team, where we keep a list of all the things we need to do. It's easy to use and comes with a clean layout. Perfect to keep on eye on everything you need to do and assign tasks to your teammates.

Google Drive
Evernote Premium - Get 1 month Free
asana app icon

Other Apps

At the moment I use Fizzup App to workout. It's a complete app that is you guess it, really simple to use. You just choose your program, press start, and follow the instruction.

Fizzup App

What equipment I use ?

Again, keep it simple. One phone, one laptop, one watch, one camera.

Just make sure whatever you have done the job and don't slow down your process.

The Google Pixel 3XL was a really good choice for me. Clean Android, no distraction from third-party app, and the last features from Google.

Right now I wouldn't switch back to Windows for the world. I'm not an Apple fanboy, I never owned an iPhone but the Macbook Pro is perfect to work. Everything is smooth, easy to do, it doesn't crash, it's reliable and the battery is great. It's 4 years old but still perfect even when I use it 12 hours a day.

Fitbit has, for now, the best smartwatches for people who train and have an Android phone. It tracks steps, exercise, heart rate, and sleeps and that's pretty much everything I expect from it.

Gopro has the best camera for people like me. It's easy to use, fit in your pocket, and solid af. My only regret is I don't use it enough.

google icon
Google Pixel 3XL - 64go
apple icon
MacBook Pro Retina 13' - Early 2015
fitbit app icon
Fitbit Blaze
sony logo
Sony WH-1000XM3
gopro icon
GoPro Hero 5 Black

What I use for my website ?

Having a blog is more of a passion than a way to make money, at least when you get started, so you don't want to throw too much money there.

WordPress is perfect for your blog as it's free, easy to use, full of plugins to do almost everything, and has a huge community. For anything from blogging to e-commerce, in 95% of cases, it's the best option.

Don't make the mistake to get the cheaper hosting you can get. Pick a competitive one like Siteground that has decent performances to start hosting your websites. Then invest in better packages or hosting when you start to get serious traffic.

wordpress icon

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