Levels Club in Sukhumvit 11 (Bangkok)

Levels has been for years one of the best clubs in Bangkok.

Since its renovation a few years ago, when they started to bring live dancers and MCs to the mix, the club really stepped up its game to stay one of the top places to party in Sukhumvit 11, but also in Bangkok.

Mission accomplished because Levels is more than ever a club with some of the best entertainment in Bangkok, high-quality service, and a beautiful crowd (with a ton of single girls).

But is Levels the right club for you?

Let's find out!

sexy Thai dancers at Levels Club Bangkok in Thailand

A few things you need to know before you go to Levels Club for the first time :

  • You need to be 20+, as in every club in Thailand. The security will check your ID.
  • There are 2 types of tables at Levels, standing tables in the middle and VIP tables on the sides and on the mezzanine.
  • Get a bottle and a table right away, like in every nightclub. There's not a lot of space to hang around with your drink. So go there with your friends and grab a table.
  • It's a non-smoking club, but you can smoke outside on the terrace.
  • It's one of the few late night clubs in Bangkok. It often closes after 2 am.

Located in Sukhumvit soi 11, one of Bangkok's most iconic nightlife streets, Levels has been for years one of the most popular clubs in Bangkok thanks to the quality of its service and entertainment.

Levels now bring some of the best local and international DJs every night playing banging hits that will keep you dancing all night.

party at Levels Club Bangkok in Sukhumvit soi 11

They also have a big lounge terrace, with house music instead of the commercial and EDM music you find inside.

The terrace is a great place for smokers, those who want to have a chat, and anyone who wants a more chill vibe.

More importantly, the club is also one of the few in Bangkok that is open till late. After 2 am and beyond.

VIP service for a birthday party at Levels Club Bangkok

What else?

Levels is well known to be one of the best places in Bangkok to find freelancers and single girls.

The club is also in the same building as Aloft Bangkok, a popular party-friendly hotel with one of the best suites in Bangkok.

Book a room at Aloft, go party at Levels till late, and then walk a few meters for the after-party in your suite.

When Is A Good Time To Go To Levels?

Around 11pm if you want to avoid the long queue and before midnight if you want a table.

Passed this time, expect to queue, sometimes for 15 minutes or more, and you’ll probably have to wait to get a table.

If you can get one.

What Is Levels Dress Code ?

Dress as you would for any other high-end club or rooftop bar.

Their website says " Levels Club does not allow: Flip flops, Sandals, Hoodies, Shorts, Vests, Baseball Caps, Snapbacks, and Sportswear."

Just look at their photos to have an idea of what people wear there.

group of hot Thai girls in party dresses at Levels Club in Bangkok

What Type of Music Do They Play At Levels?

Levels DJs play mostly electronic, EDM and commercial music.

They also bring a lot of local and international DJs with different styles of music from Hip Hop with Bangkok Invaders on Fridays to EDM, House, and more styles on special events.

What's the Crowd/Vibe Like At Levels?

Mostly western expats, tourists, and Thai girls.

Levels is well known to have a lot of freelancers. And even though you can't reduce the club to that, it's true that you will find a lot of single Thai girls there.

As for the vibe, it's one the best you will find in Bangkok.

With a large floor and a mezzanine inside, it's big enough not to feel too crowded and to have enough space around your table.

For smokers and those who want a more laid back vibe and house music, the terrace has its own DJ and is the perfect place to get some air and talk.


Entrance is 400฿ for guys and 300฿ for girls. Including one drink.

For VIP tables at Levels, expect to spend around 12,000฿ for 2 bottles and a table.

Above you have an example of a VIP package that includes 2 bottles of hard liquor and 1 bottle of sparkling wine (not Champagne) as well as 6 entrances for 14,500฿.

VIP package at Levels club Bangkok


Booking is highly recommended, especially during the weekend.

There used to be a time when you could go and have a standing table any night of the week. It’s way more difficult now.

On the positive side, their team is extremely responsive online.

vodka bottles on a vip table at levels club in Bangkok

So even though it's a bit more expensive to buy a package than to buy bottles inside the club, all packages come with free entrances and will allow you to skip the queue as you get in.

Ask for a table downstairs and by the stage or next to the central bar to be close to the action.

Or choose a table upstairs on the mezzanine if you want to chill with your friends and overlook the crowd.

Beautiful Thai girls in Bangkok at Levels club

How To Get To Levels?

Levels Club is located in Sukhumvit Soi 11, inside Aloft Hotel.

The club is 5 minutes walk from Nana BTS station.

Most taxis know the club but expect to spend quite some time stuck in traffic in Soi 11 if it's a busy night.

If it’s too busy it’s best to get dropped at the entrance of Sukhumvit soi 11 and walk to the club.

More About Levels Club in Bangkok

To know more about Levels' latest events and offers, follow them on social media or check their website.

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And if you've been to Levels Club in Bangkok, let me know what you think about it in the comments.

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