How is life as an expat in Bangkok ?

We all have different lifestyles and what might be the best place on earth for someone might be a nightmare for you.

But if you ask me, Bangkok is as close as it can be to heaven (based on my lifestyle).

Living in Bangkok is a lot of fun, offers a lot of possibilities for work, parties, travels, activities… so much that it is absolutely impossible to even scratch the surface of it.

But what I like the most about living in Bangkok, and Thailand in general, and what seduces a lot of other expats is the mix between old and modern, between the Western and Asian ways of life and affordable luxuries that offer you an incredible quality of life.

No doubt that life as an Expat in Bangkok is always interesting and offers a lot of opportunities.

But is it for you?

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Could you live in Bangkok ?

Well, truth is, Bangkok is not for everyone.

There's a lot you can hate about the city that it's difficult to argue with.

The traffic, the heat, the visas... but if you can get past that, the quality of life will absolutely blow your mind.

Check my pros and cons about life in Bangkok to find out if it's the right place for you:

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How expensive is it to live in Bangkok ?

In Bangkok, you've got expats that live really comfortably and some that just get by.

Personally, I know expats on both sides of the spectrum.

Some struggling to make ends meet with around 20,000฿ a month (600$) and others living the good life with way over 200,000฿ (6,000$).

Truth is, you can do both in Bangkok and maintain a good quality of life without spending much.

It really comes down to your lifestyle, if you can live without western food, how much you like to party...

If you’re curious to know what are my monthly expenses in Bangkok, here's a breakdown :

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What visa do you need ?

There's a lot of reasons to move to Thailand. But Thai Visas can make life as an expat really difficult.

If you want to stay long term in Thailand you're gonna need to find the right visa for you and make sure you fit all the requirements before you make the big move.

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Where is the best place to live for Expats ?

Where you decide to live in Bangkok will have a big impact on your experience of the city.

As traffic is the worst thing in Bangkok, try to stay as closer to where you spend most of your time.

Do you spend most of your time at work? Partying? ...

I tell you what's the best area to live in Bangkok according to your lifestyle.

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Tips for expats in Bangkok

There are some things about life in Bangkok that every expat should know.

Some of them I learned the hard way. And it cost money and time to figure it out.

Here's a list of advice and tips for all the expats in Bangkok and anyone who's spending a lot of time in the city.

Thai girls in Bangkok taking selfies

How and Where to Meet Thai Girls ?

I don't know a guy that didn't fall for the Thai girl's charm.

I share with you where to meet Thai girls and a few tips to avoid some common mistakes we all made.

More about Life in Bangkok

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