A Guide to Dating in Bangkok

Dating in Thailand isn't as different as it is in the rest of the world to be honest.

Especially with the youngest generation.

It's all done mainly online and Tinder and other dating apps are as popular here as they are in the rest of the world.

That being said, there are still some key differences.

That's why I made a short list of things to know, including the most popular Thai dating apps and common mistakes to avoid when dating in Thailand.

Online Dating in Thailand

Here are the most popular dating sites and apps in Thailand as well as tips for any first-timer.

There are some common mistakes I've seen over and over when dating in real life and online that you should avoid, I give you the list here.

Dating in Bangkok

What a better place than the city of angels for a date?

Here's where to meet single Thai girls in Bangkok and where to take them on a date.

More About Dating in Thailand

Every post I wrote that touch to dating in Thailand, in Bangkor, or dating in general is here, including a complete review of the most popular Thai dating sites I've tried.

What Else Do you Want to Know About Dating in Bangkok and Thailand ?

I'm not an expert on the matter but I've been in Thailand long enough to point you in the right direction or find the answers you need.

Let me know in the comments below what do you want to know about dating in Thailand.

2 thoughts on “Dating in Bangkok”

  1. what is your opinion about thai dating agencies such as bangkokmatchin and so on?
    Does it work or they just make money from people ?

    1. Hey Radek, that’s a great question, but honestly I have no idea. I don’t know anyone who used an agency, all my friends are on Thai dating apps. Hopefully someone comes by to share their experience in the comments.

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