5 Best Crypto Exchanges in Thailand

Here are the best platforms to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies in Thailand.

They all allow you to buy crypto with Thai Baht (THB) and are accessible to both Thais and residents of Thailand.

🤑 Here are the top crypto exchanges in Thailand:

  • Binance: The best overall
  • Bybit: The go-to for crypto traders
  • Bitkub: The most popular crypto exchange in Thailand
  • Bitazza: A Thai crypto exchange that is very easy to use
  • OKX: A great option for advanced crypto trading features


Binance is the top crypto exchange globally and the best option for buying, selling, and trading crypto in Thailand.

On Binance Thailand, you can purchase over 600 coins using a credit card (Visa and Mastercard) or P2P (peer-to-peer) directly from other users.

You can buy crypto with Thai Baht (THB) directly, or with over 60 other currencies.

It’s a great platform for everyone, from beginners to active traders.

With Binance, you can trade crypto, do advanced trading, invest in projects, get loans, and more.

screenshot of Binance Thailand crypto exchange homepage

By the way, that’s the crypto exchange I use for my simple crypto trading strategy.



Bybit is one of the top exchanges for trading crypto.

They offer a lot of trading features, from spot to derivatives, all the way to trading bots.

You can buy crypto with Thai Baht (THB) directly with bank transfer, credit card or Google Pay with their One-Click Buy option.

Or you can use K Bank, TrueMoney, or Line Pay with their P2P service to buy crypto from other users

  • Website
screenshot of Bybit Thailand crypto exchange homepage


Bitkub is the biggest crypto exchange in Thailand.

And the easiest option to buy crypto with Thai Baht (THB) you can find.

The main downside of Bitkub is that you can only buy crypto with Thai Baht (THB).

And you can only add money with a bank transfer or QR Code payment, so you need a Thai bank account to use it.

The features are limited too, especially for trading.

  • Website
screenshot of Bitkub homepage, Thailand biggest crypto exchange


Bitazza is another local crypto exchange platform you can use.

They have a really good design and their app that make it very easy to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies.

You can even trade futures on their platform.

But Bitazza is mainly known for their OTC service, which is the best in Thailand.

  • Website
screenshot of Bitazza Thailand crypto exchange homepage


On OKX you can only use their P2P service to buy crypto with Thai Baht (THB).

And the only options I could find were bank transfer, Promptpay / QR Code, Neteller, and Skrill.

Like Bybit, that’s a platform which is mostly for traders.

It has low fees and many advanced features for trading, whether for spot trading or derivatives.

  • Website
screenshot of OKX Thailand crypto exchange homepage

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How To Buy Crypto In Thailand?

Buying crypto in Thailand is very easy. While purchasing cryptocurrency takes only a few minutes, account verification can take a few days.

Here’s a simple guide to buying crypto in Thailand:

  1. Select one of the crypto exchanges listed above
  2. Sign up on the platform
  3. Complete the KYC process (upload an ID and verify your address)
  4. Select the currency and payment method you want to use to pay
  5. Select the cryptocurrency you want to to buy
  6. Confirm the transaction

That’s it.

After you buy your cryptocurrency, it will be automatically added to your crypto wallet inside the exchange.

You can choose to hold it there or to withdraw it to an external wallet.

It's always recommended to take your crypto off the exchange unless you need it to trade or invest.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments.

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