Top 8 Best Hotels In Bangkok

After organizing trips in Bangkok and writing content for different websites about Thailand for years, I’ve had the chance to visit most of the best hotels in Bangkok.

Bangkok, and Thailand in general, have a reputation for having some of the best value for money in the world for a lot of things.

And hotels are one of them.

But with thousands of hotels in Bangkok, it’s super hard to decide where to stay if you’re not familiar with the hotels here.

That's why I created for you a quick list of the best hotels I’ve seen in Bangkok to help you choose the right place.

Let me show you the best options.

🐵 Mojo Tips to Choose Your Hotel in Bangkok

Based on everything I've seen in the city, here are the best hotels to stay in Bangkok.

This selection gives you a good range of styles and prices so depending on your budget and what you plan to do while you're in Bangkok, and the area where you want to stay, pick the one that suits you.

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

mandarin oriental bangkok

I have the chance to go to the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok a few times every year to see one of my friends and it's always a special experience.

This hotel and its suites are not cheap but they're worth every single baht.

The Mandarin Oriental was for years not only the best hotel in Bangkok, but in the world!

And is still one of the best luxury hotels in Bangkok these days.

Of course, you have the incredible building, the quality of the hotel and its amenities, the location on the bank of the Chao Phraya, one of the best bars in the world (Bamboo Bar), and one of the best French restaurants in Bangkok (Le Normandie)...

But what really sets it apart from other hotels is the quality of its service and its attention to detail.

The staff is really what will make your stay at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok unique.

  • Area : Silom
  • Price : ฿฿฿฿
  • Best for : Luxury Stay / Visiting Bangkok / RELAXING
  • Website

Lebua Hotel Bangkok

lebua hotel bangkok

Famous for its rooftop bar, the Sky Bar, which made an appearance in the Hangover 2 movie, the Lebua Hotel at State Tower is one of the most iconic hotels in Bangkok with its golden dome.

The rooms are spacious, with some of the best views you can get in Bangkok.

The hotel is also located at the end of Silom, close to the Chao Phraya and that makes it a really good base to explore the city.

They even have big suites, especially the 3-bedroom suites, which have a living room that can easily fit 40 people.

I'm not telling you to organize a party there but I'm just saying you could host one if you wanted to.

Like other 5-star hotels, the service is great, the reception is really helpful to arrange any kind of tours and activities you want and the room service is very good and fast.

  • Area : Silom
  • Price : ฿฿฿
  • Best for : Visiting Bangkok / Partying
  • Website

Banyan Tree Bangkok

banyan tree bangkok

Banyan Tree is another 5-star hotel in Bangkok that deserves your attention.

Like Lebua, it’s also renowned for its incredible rooftop bar, the Vertigo and Moon Bar.

With the same price point as Lebua, it offers an equally amazing view and also has really spacious rooms.

The suites are big and the location is good.

Even if in my opinion the hotel is a bit old, the view and the rooftop easily make up for it.

Between this one and Lebua at State Tower, I would probably pick Lebua because I prefer the location.

But depending on the deal you can get or the availability, it's an alternative with similar standards.

  • Area : Sathorn
  • Price : ฿฿฿
  • Best for : Visiting Bangkok / Partying
  • Website

VIE Hotel Bangkok

vie hotel bangkok

I haven't got the chance to spend a lot of time at VIE Hotel Bangkok but from what I've seen and how much my friends love it, it sounds absolutely amazing.

Of course, the building is what strikes you first.

The incredible pool, the nice design, and the views are what's gonna attract most people.

But what’s going to make your stay there memorable is the staff.

They have amazing service and attention to detail and even a concierge dedicated to the guests staying in the suites.

It's like having your own personal assistant while you're in Bangkok.

The location makes it great to visit Bangkok and do some shopping as it's 2 minutes from a BTS Station and walking distance from Pratunam and Siam, two popular shopping areas in Bangkok.

  • Area : Siam
  • Price : ฿฿฿
  • Best for : Visiting Bangkok / Relaxing / Shopping
  • Website

W Bangkok

w hotel bangkok

Everything is cool at W Bangkok, starting with the design, the vibe, the bar in the lobby, the special props in the rooms, etc...

They also have the best interior design inside the room with tons of unique features and experiences.

Oh, and they even have one of the best pool parties in Bangkok.

For a stylish stay in Bangkok, this is the hotel to chose.

  • Area : Sathorn
  • Price : ฿฿฿
  • Best for : Visiting Bangkok / Partying
  • Website

Aloft Hotel Bangkok

aloft hotel bangkok

Located in Sukhumvit Soi 11, in the same building as Levels Club and just meters away from Oskar Bistro, Sugar Club, Havana Social, and Pastel Bangkok.

If you don’t know the names I just listed, add them to your list of places to visit while in Bangkok.

By staying at Aloft, you’ve got yourself the perfect spot to enjoy a few days of heavy partying.

If you're gonna stay there, book the Savvy suite that has its own private terrace and outdoor jacuzzi.

The staff is really laid back and won't ask too many questions about the guests you bring.

And I know they're also open to negotiations when you come with large groups.

I've had groups with 10+ rooms that managed to secure really cheap deals.

  • Area : Sukhumvit 11
  • Price : ฿฿
  • Best for : Partying
  • Website

The Davis Hotel Bangkok

ambassador room davis hotel bangkok

The Davis Hotel is a bit old but it offers one of the best value for money if you want big suites or private villas without breaking the bank.

Their Ambassador suites have 2 bedrooms and 1 jacuzzi big enough for 8 people and only cost around 5,000 THB per night.

Their Baan Villas are big 2 or 3 bedrooms villas with access to a shared pool and start at around 8,000 THB per night.

The location is good too.

It’s right before the end of Sukhumvit Soi 24, next to Rama 4.

You're just 5 minutes away from Sing Sing Theater and about 10/15 minutes from Thonglor and Ekkamai, Sukhumvit Soi 11, or even Silom.

  • Area : Sukhumvit 24
  • Price : ฿฿
  • Best for : Partying
  • Website

U Sathorn Bangkok

u sathorn hotel bangkok

Will you believe me if I tell you Bangkok is a great place to relax too?

With U Sathorn Bangkok you can rest and recover without leaving the center of one of the busiest cities in the world.

Thanks to its location removed from the big streets, you can enjoy some quality time in their beautiful resort away from the chaos of the city..

There, everything is about relaxation.

They even have their own spa, restaurants, and gym.

And what I like the most about the U brand, is that you have your room for 24 hours when you check in there.

So if you check in at 5 PM, you’ll have your room until 5 PM the next day.

  • Area : Sathorn
  • Price : ฿฿฿
  • Best for : Relaxing
  • Website

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Now if you're looking for something special for your stay, check my list of the best hotel suites in Bangkok right here:

And if you're looking for more recommendations for your trip in Bangkok, things to do, places to go out, and more, here you go:

What is your favorite hotel in Bangkok?

Let me know in the comments. 🐵

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