About Mojomatt

I'm Matt, aka Mojomatt, a french expat living in Bangkok.

I'm an ex bartender and event planner, now on the path to become a full time Party and Travel Blogger / Influencer as well as a Digital Nomad.

This blog and Mojomatt brand's is all about sharing my experience as I travel around the world, get drunk, build online businesses, and share about it.

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Mojomatt in a few lines :

  • 🏝 Travel and Party Blogger, I love to travel, party and share stories about it
  • 💻 Future Digital Nomad, working on making all of my income online to have more flexibility
  • 😈 Pro Fun Haver, or party addict and alcoholic
  • 🥃 Cocktails and Spirits lover, because everything fun start with a good drink
  • 🇹🇭 Expat in Bangkok, because where else do you want to live ?
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Why Mojomatt ?

When I started bartending at 20, we used to always scream "Faya" before a shot.

That's how I became Fayamatt for years.

Then in 2016 I started MojoSons.

So when I decided to really establish my personal brand, I became Mojomatt.

If you don't know what the " mojo " is, according to Cambridge Dictionary it is :

a quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy:
Exemple : Mojomatt needs to get his mojo working to become successful.
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My Story

I'm from the country side of France, from a little city called Tours, mostly famous for wine and castles.

Nice childhood, I'm raised by my mother and I get picked on as a child because I'm super shy and ginger !

But everything else is fine.

I manage to finish high school alive, got my driver licence, saved some money by working during weekends and holidays and I can't wait to live my life.


2009 : I drop out of Uni after 2 months, get a full time job and save money to travel.

2010 : I fly to Australia to spend one year there with a one year working / holiday visa. Best decision ever !

2011 : In just a year down under I learn to speak english fluently, try about 30 different jobs, meet incredible people, get challenged a lot, travel to some incredible places, skydive, make more money than I though was possible.

After a year, it's time to go and I know what I want to do with my life... become a bartender !

Back home in Tours (France), I'm moving back with my mum.

One of my friend introduce me to the only Australian Bar in Tours. I meet the owner, lie on my resume, and get the job.

With that job, I move to a shared house with 2 friends. Life is good.

2012 : After watching the movie Cocktails about 10 times, I know everything I need to know about bartending.

I'm working in such a small bar, I don't need to know much about cocktails, but I learn as much as I can anyway because it's amazing.

During that year I learn how to manage a crowd, get the party started, get drunk way too much... I have the time of my life.

After working way too much, getting my heart broken by a girl, and a strong disagreement with my boss, I'm done.

I quit my job, my house with my friends and I go to Thailand for the first time.

2013 : I spend a total of 5 months in Asia. I almost don't drink, don't date, don't have fun.

My only focus is self improvement. I'm trying new diets, new routines, I work on myself to become better.

Oh and I start a blog, that don't get any visitors.

I go back to France in April.

Back to drinking, working in different places as a bartender... a lot of parties and drinks, not much else.

2014 : Working, drinking, working, drinking, working...

2015 : I'm back at the small Australian bar in Tours after 1 month in Brazil.

I start Ninjapero with 3 of my best friends.

We make Youtube videos on cocktails.

It's amazing, fun, but we loose focus and we're not able to break.

2016 : I quit my job again. This time I'm done, I don't work to work for anyone else. It's time to fail on my own.

After a month traveling in Europe and some time in Paris, I fly to Bangkok in April to look for a place to open a bar / cafe.

Long story short, I meet my business partner and in October we start MojoSons Events, an event planning company that specialize in Bachelor Parties and Fun trips.

2017 : Lots of challenges and fun time with MojoSons.

We meet amazing people and make unforgettable memories but we don't manage to bring a stable income.

2018 : I start to learn SEO to bring more customers into my business.

I'm also using that to grow my own blog.

Fayamatt.com become themojomatt.com and finally Mojomatt.me

2019 : With my business partner at MojoSons we decide to split ways.

He keep MojoSons Events that will keep running.

I keep MojoSons brand.

I dedicate all my time to star affiliate websites and grow my blog to become a digital nomad.

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Mojomatt FAQ

Q : How tall is Mojomatt ?

A : 1,79m. It's like 1.80 but not as good.

Q : What is Mojomatt real name ?

A : Matthieu

Q : Where is Mojomatt from ?

A :  France

Curious to know what apps I use and what's in my bag ? Check the resources page.

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