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Hi, I'm Matt, aka Mojomatt, a French expat living in Bangkok since 2016.

I'm an ex-bartender and retired event planner, and now an online marketer.

This blog is a collection of my experiences from living in Thailand.

Hopefully, the content on the blog can help you have the time of your life in Thailand.

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Mojomatt In A Few Lines :

  • 🥳 Building a FUN Empire in 🇹🇭, with my position as a marketing manager for a company that owns a club, an event planning service, and a concierge service in Thailand.
  • 🚀 SEO Monkey @mojosonsmedia, because I'm first and foremost an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) guy and I'm building a team that grows exciting projects with SEO.
  • 🕹 Crypto/NFT curious, if you invest in crypto and love to play with Web3 solutions, you have to be excited about it.
  • 📍 Expat in Bangkok 🇹🇭, because where else in the world do you want to live?

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Why Mojomatt?

When I started bartending at 20, we used to always scream "Faya" with my friends when drinking shots.

That's how I became Fayamatt for years.

Then in 2016, I started a company called MojoSons.

That's also when I decided to really establish my personal brand, and because my days as a bartender were long gone, Fayamatt became Mojomatt.

And if you don't know what the "mojo" is, according to Cambridge Dictionary it is :

A quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy.

✅ Example: Mojomatt needs to get his mojo back to become successful. 😎

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My Story

I'm originally from the "center" of France, from a city called Tours, in a region known for wine and castles.

2009: I drop out of university after 1 month, get a full-time job, and save money to travel.

2010: I fly to Australia to spend one year there with a one-year working/holiday visa and no plan.

One of the best decisions I ever made!

2011: In just a year down under I learn to speak English fluently, try about 30 different jobs, meet incredible people, get challenged a lot, learn a lot about myself, travel to some incredible places, skydive, and make more money than I thought was possible.

After a year, it's time to leave Australia and I know what I want to do with my life... become a bartender!

Back to Tours (France), I'm moving back with my mum.

One of my friends introduces me to the only Australian Bar in Tours.

I meet the owner, lie on my resume, and get the job.

With that job, I move to a shared house with 2 friends.

Life is good. 😎

2012: After watching the movie Cocktails about 10 times, I know everything I need to know about bartending.

I'm working in such a small bar, I don't need to know much about cocktails, but I learn as much as I can anyway because I absolutely love it.

During that year I learn how to manage a crowd, get the party started, and get drunk way too much... I have the time of my life.

But after working way too much, getting my heart broken by a girl, and having a strong disagreement with my boss, I'm done.

I quit my job, and my house with my friends and I go to Thailand for the first time.

2013: I spend a total of 5 months in Asia.

I almost don't drink, don't date, don't do anything fun.

My only focus is self-improvement.

I'm trying new diets and new routines, I work on myself to become better.

Oh, and I start a blog, that nobody read.

I go back to France in April.

Back to drinking, working in different places as a bartender... a lot of parties and drinks.

Not much else.

2014: Working, drinking, working, drinking, working...

2015: I'm back at the small Australian bar in Tours after 1 month in Brazil.

I start Ninjapero with 3 of my best friends.

We make Youtube videos on cocktails.

It's amazing, fun, but we lose focus and we're not able to break.

2016: I quit my job again.

This time I'm done with bartending, and I don't work to work for someone else anymore.

It's time to fail on my own.

After a month of traveling in Europe and some time in Paris, I fly to Bangkok in April to look for a place to open a bar/cafe with a childhood friend.

Long story short, I meet my business partner and in October we start MojoSons Events, an event-planning company that specializes in bachelor parties and private sexy parties.

2017: Lots of challenges and fun time with MojoSons Events.

We meet amazing people and make unforgettable memories but it's hard to keep the business afloat.

2018: I start to learn SEO to bring more customers into my business.

I'm also using that to grow my own blog.

Fayamatt.com become themojomatt.com and finally mojomatt.me

2019: We decide to split with my business partner at MojoSons Events.

He keeps MojoSons Events, the event planning business.

I keep the MojoSons brand.

I'm now going to do online marketing full-time and become a digital nomad.

2020: I'm now dedicating my time to growing my client's websites and my own websites with my SEO Marketing agency mojosonsmedia.com.


Mojomatt is 1,79m. It's almost like 1.80, but not as good.

Mojomatt real name is Matthieu. But everybody calls him Matt.

Mojomatt is from France.

From Tours to be more precise, a small city in the Loire Valley region.

Mojomatt has been living in Thailand since 2016.

Mojomatt net worth is not nearly as much as it should be.

But that could change if Bitcoin hits a million dollars.

Curious to know what apps I use and what's in my bag?

Check the resources page.

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