About Mojomatt

I'm Matt, aka Mojomatt, a french expat living in Bangkok.

I'm an ex bartender and retired event planner, now on the path to become a full-time Party and Travel Blogger / Influencer and Digital Nomad.

Yes, it's a long job title.

This blog and Mojomatt brand's is all about sharing my experience as I travel around the world, get drunk, build an online business, try to better myself, and share about it.

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Mojomatt in a few lines :

  • 🌮Travel and Lifestyle Blogger, I love to travel, party, drink, try new things, and share stories about it
  • đŸ’»Digital Nomad, because who doesn't want the flexibility to work where and whenever they want?
  • 😈Pro Fun Haver, or party addict and alcoholic, it's just a question of perspective.
  • đŸ„ƒCocktails and Spirits lover, because everything fun starts with a good drink
  • đŸ‡č🇭 Expat in Bangkok, because where else do you want to live?

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Why Mojomatt ?

When I started bartending at 20, we used to always scream "Faya" before a shot.

That's how I became Fayamatt for years.

Then in 2016, I started MojoSons.

So when I decided to really establish my personal brand, and because my days as a bartender were long gone, Fayamatt became Mojomatt.

And if you don't know what the " mojo " is, according to Cambridge Dictionary it is :

a quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy:

Example: Mojomatt needs to get his mojo working to become successful.

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My Story

I'm originally from the "center" of France, from a city called Tours, in a region most famous for wine and castles.

Nice childhood, I'm raised by my mother and I get picked on as a child because I'm super shy and ginger!

But everything else is fine.

I manage to finish high school alive, got my driver's license, saved some money by working during weekends and holidays and I can't wait to live my life.


2009: I drop out of Uni after 2 months, get a full-time job, and save money to travel.

2010: I fly to Australia to spend one year there with a one-year working/holiday visa and no plan. Best decision ever!

2011: In just a year down under I learn to speak English fluently, try about 30 different jobs, meet incredible people, get challenged a lot, learn a lot about myself, travel to some incredible places, skydive, and make more money than I thought was possible.

After a year, it's time to leave Australia and I know what I want to do with my life... become a bartender!

Back home in Tours (France), I'm moving back with my mum.

One of my friends introduces me to the only Australian Bar in Tours. I meet the owner, lie on my resume, and get the job.

With that job, I move to a shared house with 2 friends. Life is good.

2012: After watching the movie Cocktails about 10 times, I know everything I need to know about bartending.

I'm working in such a small bar, I don't need to know much about cocktails, but I learn as much as I can anyway because I absolutely love it.

During that year I learn how to manage a crowd, get the party started, get drunk way too much... I have the time of my life.

But after working way too much, getting my heart broken by a girl, and a strong disagreement with my boss, I'm done.

I quit my job, my house with my friends and I go to Thailand for the first time.

2013: I spend a total of 5 months in Asia. I almost don't drink, don't date, don't do anything fun.

My only focus is self-improvement. I'm trying new diets, new routines, I work on myself to become better.

Oh, and I start a blog, that doesn't get many visitors.

I go back to France in April.

Back to drinking, working in different places as a bartender... a lot of parties and drinks, not much else.

2014: Working, drinking, working, drinking, working...

2015: I'm back at the small Australian bar in Tours after 1 month in Brazil.

I start Ninjapero with 3 of my best friends.

We make Youtube videos on cocktails.

It's amazing, fun, but we lose focus and we're not able to break.

2016: I quit my job again. This time I'm done, I don't work to work for anyone else. It's time to fail on my own.

After a month of traveling in Europe and some time in Paris, I fly to Bangkok in April to look for a place to open a bar/cafe.

Long story short, I meet my business partner and in October we start MojoSons Events, an event planning company that specializes in Bachelor Parties and Fun trips.

2017: Lots of challenges and fun time with MojoSons.

We meet amazing people and make unforgettable memories but we don't manage to bring a stable income.

2018: I start to learn SEO to bring more customers into my business.

I'm also using that to grow my own blog.

Fayamatt.com become themojomatt.com and finally mojomatt.me

2019: With deciding to split ways with my business partner at MojoSons.

He keeps MojoSons Events that will keep running.

I keep MojoSons brand.

I dedicate all my time to start affiliate websites and grow my blog to become a digital nomad.

2020: I'm dedicating this year to become a full-time blogger and influencer as well as launching my SEO Marketing agency mojosonsmedia.com.


1,79m. It's almost like 1.80, but not as good.

Matthieu. But everybody calls him Matt.

He is from France. From Tours, a small city in the Loire Valley region.

About 10,000$ in debt as of June 2021, mainly because of his failed businesses in Thailand.

Curious to know what apps I use and what's in my bag?

Check the resources page.

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