Onyx Bangkok : Does it Live Up to the Hype ?

No doubt, Onyx is one of the best clubs in Bangkok and a good mix of beautiful crowd, expensive tables, and awesome DJs.

Chances are if you heard about Onyx Club before it's because it has one of the best crowd in Bangkok and an impressive lineup of DJs.

Onyx is also known to be the go-to club for a lot of "hi-so" Thais and also a bunch of Japanese and Korean tourists.

So if you're looking for a high-end club with some of the most beautiful girls in Bangkok, well, you're in the right direction.

Now if you're on a budget, looking for a dancefloor or not into EDM and electronic music, that's not the club for you.

Anyway, if you're planning to visit Onyx Club for the first time, here's a few things you need to know :

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About Onyx Club Bangkok

A few things you need to know about Onyx right away :

  • You need to be 20+, security is as serious as it gets there, they will check everybody's ID, even if you look way over 20.
  • It's better to bring a physical ID, anything with your face, and birth date on it (ID card, driving license, passport...). A copy on your phone could work, but they're not big fans of it. If they have any doubt they will refuse it and it's up to their appreciation, so don't take the risk.
  • Go there early: not later than midnight as the club closes at 2 am.
  • Get a bottle and a table right away: tables are limited and the bars are far from the DJ. Get a table early to get a chance to be where the action is.

Now on to the more generic questions.

When is a good time to go ?

Any night of the week is pretty busy. Even though the club can easily pack 2 000 people, it's full almost every night. Not only on weekends.

Around 11 pm/midnight is the perfect time to arrive.

Try to go around 11 pm if you want a chance to have a good table, especially during weekends.

What's the dress code ?

Like for most clubs in Bangkok, no tank tops, shorts, sportswear or open shoes (for guys).

Sneakers are fine as long as you're dressed for the occasion.

But people really dress to impress there so try to match the crowd.

What type of music they play ?

At Onyx you have mostly Electro and EDM.

They might have different types of music if they have a special DJ / event.

But outside of that, 99% of the time you're in for some high pace electronic music.

What's the crowd / vibe like ?

I wish all clubs in the world were like Asian clubs. At Onyx like in most clubs in Thailand, everybody's super friendly and chill.

Don't expect to find that many people that can speak English but a few shots always break the language barrier.

If you don't know anyone, it's not the best club to get to meet people. In most Thai clubs, people come with their group of friends, stick to their table, and don't really engage with the people around them.

Other than that, it's fun and safe, you're guaranteed to have a great time.

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That's where things get fun.

Onyx is by no means cheap, even on western standards.

  • Entrance is 500฿ per person.
  • Bottles start at around 4 000฿ and you might need at least 2 during weekends to get even just a standing table.

They're probably more open to let you have a table with only one bottle on the mezzanine but I believe you're gonna have to buy premium brands.


Now for VIP tables at Onyx, that's where things get wild.

  • Packages start around 20 000฿ and go as high as 90 000฿.

For bookings, you will be asked to pay the full amount in advance to secure your table. And that's not negotiable.

Then if you have more people than what the package includes, be ready to pay an extra 1 000฿ per person you bring in the VIP Area.


In both cases, the service is very good, especially in the VIP area (as you would expect with these prices).

If you get in the VIP, leave a tip to the waiters/waitresses right after the first round and they'll take good care of you all night.


You can make bookings through their website or message them on Facebook and Instagram.

But if you need a booking for tonight or this weekend, you'll have a better chance if you call.

Even at that price, the best tables in the VIP get booked fast.

Unless you're with a big group (10+ pax), if it's a regular night, just go there around 10/10.30pm to get a VIP table.

This way you don't have to pay the full amount in advance online.

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How to get there ?

Every taxis in town will know where you want to go if you say " RCA ".

Some taxis might not know Onyx Club, so just ask for RCA if they don't know what you're talking about.

RCA is not the name of a club but the name of the street where is Onyx and other bars and clubs.

They might drop you at the other end of the street when you ask for RCA, but no worries, it's doesn't take more than 5 minutes to walk to the other side.

And as always, if you don't want to negotiate with a taxi or bother to explain where you're going, use Grab App to order a taxi.

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