12+ Fun and Unusual Things to Do in Pattaya

The first time I heard about Pattaya, the only thing that was mentioned in the conversation was Walking Street and the crazy amount of gogo bars and ladyboys there.

Then over the years I had the occasion to spend a lot of time in Pattaya and quickly realized the city and Chonburi province has a lot more to offer than a wild nightlife.

No doubt Pattaya has one of the best nightlife in Thailand, and Walking Street is incredible to party.

But there are more things to do in Pattaya than just getting drunk.

No kidding. 😁

Go To a Ladyboy Show

Cliché, but the ladyboy shows in Pattaya are known around the world for a reason.

The cabaret-style shows are incredible and really unique.

Not something you're gonna find anywhere else in the world.

So go see one.

Either at Alcazar or Colosseum. They're both great.

Try A Shooting Range

That was probably not on your to-do list, but it should be.

Pattaya got a pretty inexpensive shooting range in a park where you can shoot with .45 and .22 handgun, 9mm, rifles, and even shotguns.

The park is also a great place to recover from a hangover and to bet on who's gonna pay the next round of drinks.

pattaya shooting park

  • Pattaya Shooting Park
  • Go to Pattaya Shooting Park

Go Karting

Unlike the Shooting Range, it's probably not the best activity after a long night in Walking Street.

But Pattaya Go Karting has a nice track with fast go-karts, and it's just a few hundred meters from the clubs.

A good way to start the evening with a few beers before heading out.

ATV Tours

For me, the best outdoor activity you can find in Pattaya.

ATV Adventures Pattaya has a team of professionals guides that will take you through the jungle around Pattaya for a ride you're not gonna forget.

Emotions guaranteed.

They even have enduro and buggies.


Pattaya is home to one of the most popular Skydiving center in Thailand.

A good place to lose your virginity with a tandem jump or to get your solo diver certification.

Avoid Animal Parks

Either Tiger Kingdom or anywhere you can pay to take photos with wild animals.

Animals are supposed to be roaming free in the nature, not to help tourists increase their number of IG followers.

Don't support this industry, just avoid this type of park in Pattaya and everywhere else you go.

Jet Ski

Pattaya is also famous for water sports.

I wouldn't recommend paragliding in Thailand when you see the number of accidents that occurred over the years, but jet ski or flyboard is a lot safer.

And the south beach of Pattaya is perfect to rent one for a ride.

Water Park

Another thing Pattaya is known for, water parks.

You have Cartoon Network Amazone that is more family-friendly, and Ramayana Water Park Pattaya, the biggest water park in Thailand.

Rent a Yacht

Because Pattaya in case you didn't know, Pattaya is one of the cheapest place in Thailand to rent a yacht.

For example a yacht charter in Pattaya will cost you half the price it would in Phuket.

Sure the area is not as breathtaking as Phuket, but it's a great value for a yacht party or a day exploring the islands.

Bring in a few girls you met on Thaifriendly and make it a cruise to remember.

mojosons bachelor yacht party pattaya

Explore the Islands

Talking about islands, Pattaya has a ton to explore.

There are cruises every day with large boats, party boats, or speedboats that offer different kinds of tours.

And if you got some spare time, you can even spend a night or two in nearby islands like Koh Lan or Koh Sichang.


We said fun and unusual right?

Well, Pattaya is now also offering unique shopping experiences.

Stop by Terminal 21 Pattaya, Central Festival Pattaya, or Central Marina to see what I'm talking about.

terminal 21 pattaya plane

Explore Walking Street

Last but not least, the world-famous Walking Street.

There's so much to say about Walking Street that I'll make a page dedicated to it.

Let's just say you're in for an experience you're gonna remember.

Whether you like gogo bars or not, there are enough options in Walking Street to please everyone and keep you drinking until the sunrise.

king cafe pattaya neon sign

More Things to Do in Pattaya

And if you're there to party, here are more things to do in Pattaya

For more about Pattaya, check my guide:

What is your favorite thing to do in Pattaya?

Let me know in the comments below. 👇

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