My Best Spotify Playlists

We all know how the right playlist can make or break the mood.

That’s why over the years I’ve been using Spotify premium I’ve built a large collection of playlists.

Some carefully curated by yours truly, and others made by Spotify and Spotify users.

And as someone who’s always looking for new playlists and new songs, I thought I would share with you some of the gems I found so you can enjoy them too.

Note: Before you go, if you got good Spotify playlists, please share them in the comments so everybody got a chance to listen to them.

Best Playlists to Workout

If there’s one activity where the right playlist plays a huge role, that when you workout.

The right songs will give you the motivation needed to do that extra rep.

But the wrong playlist will get you drained even before you get to the red zone. (been there)

Personally, here’s what I listen to most of the time when I workout :

Transcendental is the playlist I listen to the most when I workout, and in that particular order, not in shuffle.

I found the right tracks that get me going, a combination of the right lyrics and beats.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

I also have another bunch of playlists to workout sorted by style :

Best Playlists to Work

Recently I’ve been paying more attention to what I listen to when I work to find ways to boost my productivity.

It’s kind of obvious but instrumental songs or really anything without lyrics but with good rhythm work better when I got some writing or editing to do.

For other tasks, uplifting and party songs tend to give me more energy and make me more productive.

Playlists to write / edit :

These 4 are my heavy rotation right now but I’m dying to find some more.

Playlists to work  :

And that’s without including other playlists that feature Michael Jackson, as well as every Griz and Pendulum albums that I’ve been listening to over and over.

This and lives from music festivals that usually get me going.

If you have any good playlist for work, especially for writing or video editing, please leave them in the comments.

Best Playlists to Party

That’s a tricky one because we probably don’t all agree on what a party is like.

I’ve got a bunch of old playlists that date back to when I was a bartender.

They’re a mix of all the most popular songs of the last 50 years mixed with songs that make the girls dance.

Not ready to share them yet but I’ll update them soon to add them here.

Songkran W Pool Party in Bangkok

Best Playlists to Shag

For any romantic moments or intimate sessions, I’ve got some good playlists I’ve been working on for over 8 years.

Do playlists get better with age, like wine? Probably not.

Try them and let me know what you think and what I should add.

Best Playlists to get Motivated

We all have songs that get us going and put us in the right mood.

Like everyone, sometimes I feel low and I need some songs to put me back on the right track.

That’s when I turn on the POWER Playlist.

pinterest image for spotify playlists blog post on mojomatt

What’s your favorite Spotify playlist ?

That’s it for my selection of the best Spotify playlists.

Now let me know what’s your favorite playlist in the comment.

Leave a link so we can listen to it and maybe, who knows, I’ll like it enough to add it to the post.

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