How To Learn Thai?

To be honest, I don't speak any Thai.

I've been in Thailand since 2016 and I know about 100 words and can't even order food or drinks in Thai.

But this year, I'm seriously committed to learning Thai, and I'll share everything I learn with you in the process.

That includes the best apps to learn Thai, what are the best online courses and teachers out there, all the basic words and phrases you need to know, etc...

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Start Learning Thai with Ling

The first step to learning Thai is to download the Ling app.

That's the app I'm currently using to practice Thai.

What Are The Best Ways To Learn Thai?

To be honest, I'm not sure yet, but we're going to explore the different options together and see what is the easiest and fastest way to learn Thai.

What is it?

  • Listening to Thai podcasts?
  • Watching YouTube channels in Thai?
  • Hiring a Thai teacher online?
  • Buying an online Thai course?
  • Going to a Thai language school in Thailand?
  • Chatting with Thai girls on dating apps?
  • Moving to Thailand so you can practice Thai every day?

Learn All The Thai Language You Need To Travel

In only a few hours!

The Weaver School has a great course teaching you all the basic Thai language you need to travel in Thailand.

From introducing yourself to ordering food and drinks, the course is super simple to follow and accessible for everyone.

I'll do a complete review of the course in August.

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Learning Thai can take years.

But learning enough Thai to have a basic conversation and get around Thailand can be done in a few months with the right method and teacher, and if you have enough opportunities to practice.

A good place to start is Weaver Language School 5-lesson online Thai course.

Learning Thai is not more difficult than learning any other language. But it takes a lot of work, time, and of course, practice.

With an app like Ling you can learn all the basic Thai words to introduce yourself, get around, and order food and drinks in a few hours.

If you live in Thailand or visit Thailand for a few months each year, then 100%.

Knowing a little bit of Thai can get you a long way and completely change how you experience Thailand.

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