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Travel and Party

Clearly, for me (and probably you too), one go with the other.

Sure, it's great to understand the culture of the places you're visiting and to learn about history and there's must do and see everywhere you travel.

But I don't know about you, but for me, as soon the sun goes down, the party animal in me wakes up.

In this part of the blog I’ll be sharing some tips and stories for each destination I've visited along with some recommendations on where to drink and party.

I will also make sure I go to every bars, festivals, clubs on my bucket list and tell you the stories about it.

Make sure you check my recommendations before you next trip :

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Expat Life in Bangkok (Thailand)

Bangkok is a hell of a city.

I moved there in 2016 and I still can’t get enough of this city.

Rooftop Bars, a vibrant cocktail scene, lots of clubs, 30° all year long, cheap and amazing street food, an endless list of restaurants and cafes, cheap transportation, cheap flights to all over Asia… and I can keep going on forever.

But as an expat, it’s not always sunshine and unicorns.

The hassle with the visa(s) (and which one to get), learning to read Thai (and speak a little), the cost of living, start and run a business in Thailand… there’s a lot to talk about here.

Mojo Lifestyle

Having the Mojo is more than a feeling, it's a lifestyle.

That's everything from the way you live your life, how you behave, the choices you make, how you train, what you buy, what you do... it's everything.

In this part you'll find more general topics and things that don't fit in the rest of the blog.

You'll find things like my bucket list and why you need one, honest reviews from stuff I bought, music playlists and more...

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