Advice and Tips for Expats in Bangkok

There's a ton of things I wish I knew when I moved to Bangkok.

Some simple things someone could have told me, others that I've learn the hard way and that cost me a lot of time and money.

So if you're an expat in Bangkok, traveling there for an extended period of time or thinking about moving there, save yourself some trouble.

Here's a few expat advice you should know.

Where to find what's going on in Bangkok ?

There are so many things happening in Bangkok that it's hard to keep track and to find things that are really interesting for you.

Personally, I find Facebook groups and a few well-known websites to be the best source of information.

westin pool party bangkok mojomatt

Events and new places

There's always something to do in Bangkok, you're never out of options.

So whenever you want to know what's happening in Bangkok, what's hot, what's new, BK Magazine is usually the to go website.

BK Magazine covers everything from cool events to new restaurants and activities in and around Bangkok.

Bars, Restaurants, Events, Activities, Venues to Visit, Festivals… as an expat it’s one of the publications you must follow if you're looking for new things to try in Bangkok.

  • BK Magazine

As I said it already in my guide of Bangkok nightlife, if partying is your thing, follow Siam2nite to know everything about the next pool parties, festivals, concerts and all sorts of parties around you.

  • Siam2nite

Online Groups in Bangkok

Because unfortunately, Google doesn't always have the answer to your question, by joining a few groups on Facebook you should find all the information you need.

From events to visa questions and even jobs, it's a good place to find what's going on in Bangkok, useful information, and a lot of fucked up opinions.

  • Bangkok Expats is probably the biggest group on Facebook for expats in Bangkok and where you'll find someone to answer your questions 90% of the time.
  • Condos for Rent / Sale in Bangkok. The title is self-explanatory, great group to find your next home in Bangkok.
  • Bangkok Buy Sell Swap. Again, no need to explain, it's an alternative to Kaidee for those like me who don't speak Thai.
  • Thai Tech, if you're in the startup/tech industry, that's one of the most interesting communities in Bangkok with meetups every month.
  • Bangkok Expats
  • Condos for Rent / Sale in Bangkok
  • Bangkok Buy Sell Swap
  • Thai Tech


I think I've been saying it on every page about Bangkok, the traffic is for me the worst thing about Bangkok.

It doesn't seem to get better over the year but with the experience, you learn how to navigate it better and what type of transportation to use depending on where you're going and what time it is.

Here's a few things that can help you save some precious time :

traffic bangkok mall

Avoid Getting Stuck in Traffic

Even though the traffic in Bangkok is horrible, after a while you know a few tricks to make the best of it.

Most of the day, for long-distance, you can take taxis.

But when it's rush hour, use a combination of Motorbike Taxis and the MRT/BTS system to get around.

For short distances, Motorbike taxis are perfect.

And if you don't know how to explain where you're going, apps like Grab Taxi usually have Motorbikes taxis as an option.

It's cheap and by far the most efficient way to get around when all cars are stuck.

Now, to cover a long distance during rush hour, take a motorbike taxi or walk to the nearest BTS/MRT Station and use that to go as close as possible to your destination then use a motorbike taxi or a taxi to cover the last part of your trip.

Use taxis during rush hour and you'll find yourself almost every time stuck in traffic forever.

Oh and between 4 and 8 pm, don't trust Google Maps!

Even though the app says it will take 20 minutes, it can sometimes take over 1 hour.

grab taxi bangkok

Taxis : The best way to avoid traps

Taxis in Bangkok are everywhere and super cheap, when they put the meter.

The meter isn't an option like some driver wants you to believe. It's mandatory.

When they stop to pick you, don't get inside right away.

Open the door, tell them where you're going, and to put the meter, before you get in.

If you're close to a tourist attraction, an expensive hotel, or a club, taxis there know it's a tourist area and that's the favorite spot for those scammy drivers.

So walk a few hundred meters down the road and wait for another one. Patience is key, but it will save you a ton of money in the long run.

And if you don't want to have to negotiate or if drivers don't understand where you're going, use Grab App to find a taxi.

rabbit card bangkok mojo

Buy a Rabbit Card for the BTS

The BTS is the sky train of Bangkok, and even though it's often packed during rush hour, it is still a really effective way to get around Bangkok.

When you take the BTS, you have 2 ways to buy tickets :

Option 1: The one most tourists and new to the city use, the coin machine

  • You have to check how much you need to pay to get to your destination
  • You need to have the right amount of coins
  • If you don't have enough coins, you need to queue to get a change at the counter.

Option 2: Buy a Rabbit Card 

You go to the counter, preferably outside of busy hours, and give the cashier the amount you want to put on the card + 100฿ for the card, and your passport.

Now you have a rechargeable card, that you just have to swipe at the gate.

You don't have to check how much it cost to go to your destination or to carry coins in your pockets.

And you recharge it at the counter with the amount you need, whenever you want.

Day to Day Life

Pay attention to prices

Especially when you go to some bars and restaurants.

Most high-end places and hotels will have their price like: 80฿++

  • ++ in Thailand mean : + VAT (7%) and + Service Charge (10%)

That means whatever price was on the menu just took +17%

It's more and more common and really makes a difference, especially if you live here so pay attention to it.

eatigo app bangkok

Book restaurants with Eatigo or Chope

Eatigo is the best to try all the restaurants and buffets you want across Bangkok without breaking the bank.

Their app gives you up to 50% off your bill.

And it's not only empty restaurants and buffets that are desperately looking for customers.

There's also a lot of really interesting restaurants you might have never tried.

Pick a date, time, number of people, and browse through their selection.

On top of that, unlike the app "La Fourchette" in Europe, Eatigo gives you a discount on all the menu (except drinks), not on specific dishes.

Chope on the other side doesn't offer a discount on the price but give your rewards (Chope Dollars) as well as special deals and discounts.

If the restaurant where you want to eat doesn't use Eatigo, book it with Chope to get discounts on future bookings.

happy fresh delivery app bangkok

Grocery Delivery in Bangkok

Like most people in Bangkok, you probably don't own a car but you drink bottled water because nobody would take the risk to drink tap water here.

So when you get tired of carrying your packs of water from Big C, Tesco or 7/11, take a taxi and go up to your condo, you finally decide to get your groceries delivered to your door.

Grocery delivery in Bangkok is so cheap, it doesn't make sense to waste time in a supermarket when almost all of them deliver.

You can either go directly to Big C, Tesco or Villa Market website to order online. Or you can use apps like Happy Fresh that have a bunch of shops on them.

Happy Fresh is a one stop shop to get delivery from big brands like Tesco, Big C, Gourmet Market, Singha...

And there's more than Grab, Eatigo, Chope, and Happyfresh.

If you want to know what apps you should always have on your phone in Thailand, check my list here.

Learn Thai (even a few words)

Being able to read and speak Thai can get you a long way and make your experience of Bangkok completely different.

That said, I've been here for 3 years and barely speak a few words.

But I know how to refuse something I don't want, give directions to a taxi and ask for the price.

And these few words already go a long way.

So if you can really get into Thai, the more you learn, the more you can save precious time and money and enjoy more of the Thai lifestyle.learn to read thai bangkok

Want to move to Thailand or already living in Bangkok?

Click here to learn more about what living in Bangkok is like.

And let me know in the comment what would be your number one advice for anyone moving to Bangkok.

I'm curious to know.

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