5 Best Areas To Stay in Bangkok For The Holidays

Whether it’s your first time visiting Bangkok or not, you can’t go wrong with any of the areas I’ve listed below.

But note that this post is for people who are visiting Bangkok.

If you’re looking for the best place to live in Bangkok, check out this post.

Now let me tell you which areas are the best for your stay in Bangkok, depending on your budget, what you want to do, and whether or not it’s your first time in Bangkok.

📍 Here’s where to stay in Bangkok:

  • For most people, especially singles and couples, Sukhumvit (Asoke to Phrom Pong) is perfect.
  • If you’re on a budget or backpacking, stay around Khaosan road.
  • For your first time in Bangkok, stay in Chinatown, Old Town, or Silom.
  • For a relaxing holiday surrounded by greens, pick Bang Krachao.
  • To have a taste of what living in Bangkok feels like, book a place in Sukhumvit (Phrom Pong to On Nut)

My Pick: Sukhumvit (Asoke to Phrom Pong)

asoke junction bangkok

After organizing hundreds of trips for clients in Bangkok, for me, the area between Asoke and Phrom Pong BTS stations (the BTS is Bangkok Skytrain), is the one that suits most people.

From there you can easily jump on the BTS or get to the MRT (Bangkok subway) and explore the rest of the city.

This area has everything you need to make your stay in Bangkok incredible:

  • A huge park (Benchakitti Park)
  • Shopping malls (Terminal 21 and Emporium / Emquartier)
  • Massages and spas
  • Tons of restaurants (both local and fine dining options)
  • An incredible nightlife (the best bars and clubs in Bangkok are in this area)
  • Even red-light districts for the more adventurous of you

🏨 The best hotel in Sukhumvit (Asoke to Phrom Pong)

For Backpackers: Khaosan Road

khaosan road neon lights

Now if you’re on a budget, and you want a place that is cheap, close to Bangkok's most famous landmarks (the Royal Palace, Wat Pho, Chinatown…), and with a wild nightlife, Khaosan is for you.

The good thing is everything is cheap there.

The accommodation, the food, the drinks, and it’s also where a lot of buses and vans leave Bangkok to other popular destinations in Thailand (Koh Samui, Kanchanaburi, Hua Hin…).

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Try to choose a hotel near Khaosan Road, but not directly on it if you're hoping for some quiet sleep.

🏨 The best hotel around Khaosan Road:

For Tourists: Chinatown / Old Town / Silom

bangkok traffic chinatown worldpitou

This big stretch along the river is in my opinion the best if it’s your first time in Bangkok and you only have a couple of days to explore the city.

You’ll find every type of accommodation, from hostels to 5-star hotels and cute boutique hotels.

There are a lot of things to do in the area.

You have museums, temples, street food, night markets, and you’re close to Bangkok’s iconic landmarks.

It’s also really easy to go anywhere in the city from there, with the BTS,, a taxi, or a boat.

🏨 The best hotel in Silom:

For Nature Lovers: Bang Krachao

Amazing view of Bang Krachao in Bangkok.

Stay in nature without leaving Bangkok!

Most tourists won’t even hear of Bang Krachao, and they’ll be missing something.

It is called the “lung of Bangkok” for its shape, but also for the quality of the air there.

Bang Krachao is a short boat ride from the urban jungle of Bangkok but is fully covered by nature, forests, and rice fields.

If you want to stay in Bangkok but you can’t stand the pollution and the noise, that’s the place for you.

Book a hotel, rent a bike, and explore the area at your own pace.

🏨 The best hotel in Bang Krachao:

For Future Expats: Sukhumvit (Phrom Pong to On Nut)

thonglor area in Bangkok

Now if you come to Bangkok because you want to explore the city to see if you could live there, that’s a different game.

In this case, pick a place between Phrom Pong and On Nut.

That’s where most expats stay in Bangkok, and where a lot of wealthy Thai live.

Between Phrom Pong and Ekkamai (that includes Thonglor too) is where a lot of high-end condos, bars, and restaurants are.

Phrakanong and On Nut are a bit further down the BTS line, cheaper, but also more Thai.

If you want to spend more time with locals and learn Thai, those are the two areas I recommend.

🏨 The best hotel in Sukhumvit (Phrom Pong to On Nut):


For your first time in Bangkok, stay in Khaosan Road or Silom if you want to visit the city’s landmarks

Or stay in upper Sukhumvit (between Asoke and Phrom Pong BTS stations) if you want to visit the city but also experience the nightlife and the city’s modern malls, and try the best activities and entertainment Bangkok has to offer.

The best areas to stay in Bangkok for tourists are Chinatown, Old Town, and Silom. Or Sukhumvit if you also want to experience Bangkok nightlife.

Upper Sukhumvit (Asoke to Phrom Pong) and Silom are the best areas to stay in Bangkok if you travel with kids.

The best area to stay in Bangkok for couples is upper Sukhumvit, between Asoke and Ekkamai BTS stations. Or riverside if you want something more relaxing and romantic.

The best place to stay in Bangkok for nightlife is by far Sukhumvit. That’s where all the best bars, clubs, and restaurants are.

The best place to stay in Bangkok for 3 nights is Sukhumvit. It’s a good place to serve as a base to explore the city.

Overall Bangkok is super safe. All the areas listed above (Sukhumvit, Khaosan Road, Chinatown, Old Town, Bang Krachao, and Silom) are all safe.

Let me know in the comment in which area you’re staying and why.

I’m curious to hear from you.

And to keep planning your trip to Bangkok, follow my checklist.

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