Where to Buy Wine in Bangkok ?

I often hear that you can't find good wine in Thailand.

It's true that Thailand isn't famous for its vineyards (even though they're working on it) but wine isn't difficult to find in the Kingdom.

Yes, it is expensive to buy wine in Thailand due to high taxes, but no, it's no impossible to find good bottles.

I heard you can even find a few at a decent price. 😁

Now, even though I'm French, I'm not a wine expert and I haven't been drinking much wine since I moved to Bangkok.

So I asked 4 experts, 3 people working in the wine business (Anna, Luiza, and Guillaume), and 1 wine enthusiast (Jens), to tell me what are the best Wine Shops in Bangkok and the best Wine Delivery App.

Here are their answers.

The Best Wine Shops in Bangkok

Let's start with the best Wine Shops in Bangkok.

Here's where to go in Bangkok to do some window shopping, learn more about wine, and buy a few bottles cases.

Terroir Expression

terroir expression wine cellar in Bangkok

Recommended by Jens - @jens_oreel on IG

They do shop and delivery, and you can message them if you need anything special.

They will ask questions and propose wines that match what you're looking for.

They don't have a set menu and adapt to what you're looking for.

By far the best in Thailand.

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  • Terroir Expression

Wine Gallery Thailand

Cases of Wine at Wine Gallery in Bangkok

Recommended by Guillaume - @winendearment on IG

A really good importer with 3 shops around Thailand proposing the best labels such as Crystal for Champagne and all the exclusive Grand Cru from Bordeaux with a nice entry-level range at HORECA price from everywhere around the world.

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  • Wine Gallery EmQuartier

Warp Thonglor

Wine shop Warp in Thonglor Bangkok

Recommended by Anna - @anong_anna on IG

Warp stocks affordable easy to drink wines. Clean wide aisle, organized shelves, and well-labeled bottles.

On top of this, one of their main advantages is flexibility.

You can buy the bottle home or sit back, relax, and appreciate the wines of your choice in the store.

They even allow you to bring food from neighboring restaurants to enjoy with your wine!

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  • Warp Thonglor

Bangkok Beer and Beverage

Recommended by Luiza - @lutorrezani on IG

My suggestion to buy good wine in Bangkok is to go straight to the source!

I always buy directly from the beverage suppliers, because this way it's easier to have access to the entire range of wines available, and it's in general cheaper too.

So I usually buy through the company Bangkok Beer and Beverage, which has salespeople who can give me advice on which products are best suited to my needs

And they also deliver to my doorstep when I buy larger quantities.

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  • Bangkok Beer and Beverages

The Barrel

the barrel thonglor wine shop

Recommended by Luiza - @lutorrezani on IG

You can find the most popular wines of Bangkok Beer and Beverage at the Barrel in Thonglor (inside the Commons).

I like trying wines from different countries and I like diversifying the grape varieties, so I strongly recommend this place, as they have quality products from all over the world, in addition to having super affordable prices!

Besides that they also have Rum, Vodka, Gin, Whisky, Sake, and other non-alcoholic drinks, so they have everything you need for your party.

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Wine Delivery in Bangkok (and Thailand)

I also asked our experts what's the best place to buy wine online in Thailand.

Some of these online shops can even deliver wine in 2 hours in Bangkok.


The Wine List Shop

the wine list thailand app download

Recommended by Guillaume - @winendearment on IG

It's a mix of all the wine suppliers in Bangkok, with a selection made only following the value of the wines.

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The Wine Merchant

the wine merchant Thailand app download

Recommended by Anna - @anong_anna on IG

The Wine Virtual Cellar application is easy to use, informative, and efficient.

They stock an extensive range of quality wines.

From newbies to wine pro - this app will deliver your perfect wine to your door within two hours.

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The BevMan

the bevman thailand wine delivery service

Recommended by Luiza - @lutorrezani on IG

When I need wine and I don't have time to go pick it up myself I order through TheBevMan website and use their express delivery to get the bottles in 2 hours or less.

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where to buy wine in Thailand image cover for pinterest by mojomatt blog

There you have it.

Now tell us about you, where do you buy wine in Bangkok?

What's your favorite wine shop?

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    1. I plan to do an update when shops open back up. There are a lot of changes from this list. As for delivery, it’s kind of a grey area. Most shops don’t advertise it, but when you contact them directly they do offer delivery.

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