A Weekend in Pattaya : Taking a Break from Bangkok

Life is amazing in Bangkok but it's even better when you get a break from it once in a while.

And there's nothing easier and cheaper than a quick weekend in Pattaya to relax and party.

So let me tell you how our weekend in Pattaya went down and why you should go probably go there more often.

king cafe pattaya neon sign

Taking the Bus from Bangkok to Pattaya

Why Pattaya in the first place?

Mainly because I had to go there for a private pool party.

Also, because Pattaya is pretty cheap (except the transportation), have a wild nightlife and you can still relax and enjoy the beach or chill at your villa or hotel if you want to. (between two hangovers)

For example, going from Bangkok to Pattaya with the bus from Ekamai Bus Station in Bangkok will only cost you 108ΰΈΏ !!

And the bus ain't that bad. Plus, you've got one departing every 30 minutes and you've got the AC in. Really good value.

Now if you want to see all the options to go to Pattaya from Bangkok, including premium Buses, Taxi, minivans and more, use the form from 12Go Asia below.

But for me, the bus do the job just fine.

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wongamat beach sunset girl

Staying in a Pool Villa in Wongamat

Usually, I stay in a cheap hotel near Walking Street so I can take the clients out and then go straight to bed. Or I stay with them at their villa.

But this time, no work. And I had a few friends from Bangkok that joined for the weekend. So game on !

We've booked our villa at the last minute, after canceling the first one from Booking.com because it wasn't available in the end.

So we ended up booking another pool villa, still through booking.com, but far from the action, in Wongamat.

So if like me you didn't know, Wongamat is in the north of Pattaya, about 20 to 30 minutes drive from Walking Street and... it's super cool.

Not only you don't have the old sexpats all around (even though I dont really mind), it's more family friendly, way cleaner and really laidback.

And the villa was also super cheap for all the space we had.

In total it was around 6,000ΰΈΏ per night for a 4 bedroom Pool Villa with a living twice the size of my apartment in Bangkok.

pattaya wongamat beach drink

Great Restaurant in Wongamat Beach

Before I get to the part you're all waiting for, let me tell you more about Wongamat.

First, the beach is quite small and a bit crowded but its still pretty relax.

You've got limited areas to swim but it's nothing like all the boats and jet skis that you will find in the main beach in Pattaya.

You also have some really cool spot to eat and drink right on the beach.

The picture above is from the beach bar at the Pullman Pattaya G, that have quite good cocktails (and happy hour at sunset).

But most importantly, you need to have dinner at the Glass House Silver !

It's only a few minutes from the Pullman and it's probably one of the best restaurant in Pattaya.

The food is amazing, the service is great, they have awesome live music and you're just meters aways from the water. I really can't recommend it enough. You need to go there !

And that's perfect environment to recover from the night you had in Walking Street. Because trust me, you're gonna need some rest.

gogo bar pattaya windmill

Going Crazy in Walking Street

Now that's where things get interesting. Enter Sin City, welcome to world famous Walking Street Pattaya.

Seriously, there's so much going on in that street that it's really hard to describe.

It's just a long ass street full of Gogo Bars, Live Bars, Clubs, Fast Food, Seafood restaurants and Gogo Bars again.

In short, if you're someone like me... it's a lot of fun.

And usually I have my go to Gogo Bars where I take my groups:

  • Taboo Club : average girls but a lot fun
  • Skyfall : for me one of the best gogo in Thailand
  • The Dollhouse : fairly hot girls with some stunners, quite fun

But this time, my friends took me around to their favorite spots.

It was about time I go out of my way and see some new places in Walking Street (I take my businessΒ  really seriously you know πŸ˜‚).

So we went to :

  • Baccara : not bad, not great either, good for a few drinks.
  • Iron Club : and wow, what a show... I let you check by yourself, drop me a message once you did 😁
  • The Windmill : is bad, both girls and "shows", but you can go make your own opinion
  • Sapphire : awesome place, great girls, on the same level as Skyfall

Of course there's still of lot of places I haven't been to, but if it's your first time there: Dollhouse, Skyfall and Sapphire are a good place to start.

insomnia pattaya late night mojomatt

Late Night in Pattaya

Once you've had a few drinks and you've done enough of window shopping, it's time to hit the club.

And the go to place in Walking Street is INSOMNIA !!!



And if you're single, you're gonna love it there. You'll see by yourself.

Anyway, that's about it? What else do you need?

We went there both night both night of our weekend in Pattaya.

And of course we took a few pictures to show how fresh we looked as you can see above.

terminal 21 pattaya plane

Visit Terminal 21 and Central World

Because you need somewhere to recover and chill after a big night out.

And Pattaya have been upgraded with 2 new giants kick ass malls, a Terminal 21 and a Central World.

If you know me you know I'm not a big fan of shopping but I love to go there to take stupid pictures, get tempted by the food I shouldn't eat and most importantly... the FOOD COURT !! πŸœπŸ˜†

Great cheap food, with the AC.

So even if you're not into shopping, go have a look.

It's a cool place to chill when you're hangover and you can let your girlfriend run free while you stay on a bench recovering from your night. πŸ˜‚

Now if you're planning to go to Pattaya you can check my other page where I give more generic advice about transportation, tips to rent a villa, party...

Have you ever been to Pattaya?

What's your favorite spot?

Let me know in the comments.

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