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There's no doubt you've heard about Pattaya before and probably because of it's seedy reputation and its famous Walking Street with hundred of Gogo Bars and Clubs.

But Pattaya is so much more than a hectic nightlife (even though that's mostly why I go there).

Shopping Malls, Beaches, Waterparks, Water Activities, Rooftop Bars, great beach restaurants, big resorts...

And the best part? It's only a 2 to 3 hours from Bangkok to Pattaya so it's the perfect beach getaway to have a break from the city of angels.

bus from bangkok ekamai to pattaya

How to get to Pattaya?

You've got all kind of options to go from Bangkok to Pattaya.

- Ekamai Bus Station to Pattaya

You can take the bus on the photo above for as cheap as 108 bahts and it takes about 3 hours.

Nothing luxurious but you've got the AC, and for the price, it's as good as it gets.

There's a bus that leave every 30 minutes. Tickets are available at the counter only. It's first come first serve only and you can't book online.

If you want to book online, you can use the form below and check the prices for vans, premium buses and private taxis. That go from 150฿ for a bus ticket to over 1,500฿ for a private taxi.

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- Taxi from Bangkok to Pattaya

Of course that's gonna be more expensive but if you're sharing the ride with a few friends it's really not that bad.

There's a few websites that offer rides from as low as 1,500฿. Just type "taxi bangkok to pattaya" and you'll find plenty of options.

Or you can use Grab Taxi, to order one but you're looking at over 2,000฿ easy.

pool villa in pattataya at pratumnak area

Where to stay in Pattaya? Hotel, Pool Villa...

Pattaya has some really cool hotels and as in the rest of Thailand you'll find all price range.

But the real deal in Pattaya are private villas and resorts.

Where it's gonna be hard to find a villa in Bangkok where you can party with your friends, Pattaya have tons of options.

And you don't have to break the bank to have a nice pool villa. You can get a 3 bedroom Pool Villa for as low as 3,000฿ on Airbnb or

Quick tips if you plan to party there:

  • Most places don't allow noise after 10pm in residential areas, so check with your host before you book.
  • Look at all the pictures, make sure you have good privacy, you don't want people passing by watching what's going on inside your villa.
  • Compare prices between and Airbnb. Even though Airbnb tend to be easier to use, most villas are on both platforms and usually have different prices for whatever reason.

If you're there with a big group I've made a selection of villas with 5 bedrooms and more on MojoSons Events website here.

Check the options Available

  • Book on Airbnb and get up to 1,650฿ off your first booking. It's what we use 70% of the time for our guests and friends. They have the largest selection, the reviews are genuine and the in app chat help a lot to sort details.
  • Check deals on Thailand Holiday Homes. Not always the cheapest but you've got a really serious and reliable agency service. The villas are always well maintained and the staff is here to accommodate your special requests.
  • Use, work for both hotels and villas.
terminal 21 pattaya plane

Activities and Shopping in Pattaya

Pattaya is changing a lot and in a good way.

Wether or not you fancy big shopping malls and touristic attractions, that give the city more options and attract a different crowd than the one in Walking Street.

Believe it or not, you'll see a ton of families there and it's not really surprising.

Even though the prices are going up, Pattaya is still a pretty cheap beach destination compared to Koh Samui or Phuket.

And again, it's only a few hours from Bangkok.

Central World and Terminal 21, two of the main malls empires in Thailand have built their malls next to each other and they're HUGE !!

Even if you're not into shopping, like me, there's still a lot to do in or around Pattaya. You have water sports everywhere, you can join a yacht cruise or a plan a private yacht party with your friends, go to a shooting range or see temples...

There's really a ton you can do.

Pattaya even have 2 of the biggest Waterparks in Asia, Ramayana Water Park that is the Number 1 in Thailand and Cartoon Network more for kids and families.

king cafe pattaya neon sign

Where to go in Walking Street?

That's the question I've been asked the most by far and that's a subject that will need it own dedicated page.

Good news is, I'm working on it right now.

But even without my recommendations, you can't go wrong in Walking Street.

You have everything in the same street. Clubs, Bars, Live Music, Muay Thai fights, restaurants and of course, Gogo Bars. A ton of Gogo Bars. 🚨

As entrance is free is most places, just go in, feel the vibe and get a drink if you like it.

There's so many places, it would take you forever to try them all.

But if you're in good company, you'll have fun everywhere. And if you don't, just go from bars to bars and I'm sure you'll make friends, all sorts of friends.

Still, here's a few places you should absolutely checkout

  • Best Gogo Bars : Look for Skyfall, Dollhouse, Baccarat and Sapphire.
  • Best Clubs : Insomnia is always the go to place. But for something more modern and high end, try also Lucifer 2.0 and 808.
deadpool beer gif

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