Coworking spaces and Cafes to Work in Vientiane

This days traveling doesn't always mean that you're on holidays.

And Vientiane isn't the busiest place so you might want to use some of your time there to get to your to do list and take advantage of that relax vibe and good internet to make some progress on your projects.

So for all digital nomads out there and everyone else who want to get some work done after you're done exploring the city, here's a list of some cool coworking spaces and cafes in Vientiane that you can use as your office.

naked espresso vientiane

Cafes in Vientiane

There's a really nice cafe scene in Vientiane with some really good brews, healthy food and decent internet.

The view might not be as good as in Bali or even as in the countryside of Laos but it is perfect to stay focus on work and get your caffeine fix at the same time.

On top of that, prices are relatively low in Vientiane.

You can grab a really good espresso and something to eat for roughly 50,000 to 80,000 kip (6-9$).

Naked Espresso

Naked Espresso is a coffee shop chain with multiple locations in Vientiane.

All their cafes have fresh and healthy food options, a large selection of coffee drinks, juices, shakes and good internet.

But the reason why I put it in first in my list is the wall plugs to charge your laptop next to almost everytables tables.

I know how I value those as a digital nomad and it show they build the cafes with us in mind.

  • Must try : Pastries and Espresso
  • Offical Website
  • Naked Espresso Misay
Interior design of Sailomyen Cafe in Vientiane

Sailomyen Cafe

I had the pleasure to stay at Sailomyen Hostel during one of my trip to Vientiane and I absolutely loved it.

On top of having one of the best hostel in Vientiane they also have a cafe with staff that know how to proper cup of coffee and a really small menu of food with only fresh and tasty options from bacon and avocado toasts to scrambled eggs.

The place itself is worth paying a visit to get some pictures for IG and the good wifi make it a good spot to get some work done.

  • Must Try : Bacon Toast and Blueberry Shake
  • Sailomyen Cafe
  • Sailomyen Cafe
bar 2 bros cafe in vientiane

Bar 2 Bros

Another good cafe in Vientiane is Bar 2 Bros.

You won't be surprised to learn that it's part of the same company as Naked Espresso and other popular cafes in the city.

As you would at Naked Espresso, at Bar 2 Bros you will find a great selection of coffees with home brew, Laotian, Ethiopian or even Australian coffee.

Regarding food, they also have a great selection of desserts and pastries that look really appetizing.

But as I went there for lunch I took a shot at their Beef Burger and oh boy I wasn't disappointed.

It's so rare to find burgers made only with fresh ingredients in cafes that I'll take it everyday. (fuck those frozen fries and patties)

  • Must Try : Home Brew Espresso
  • Bar2Bros Vientiane
  • Bar2bBros Vientiane
Titkafe in Vientiane

Tit Kafe

Again, the same company (Naked Espresso) is behind Tit Kafe, but it offer a really different vibe.

This coffee shop is an instagramer and coffee connoisseur paradise.

Sit on a stool and enjoy a cup of their dark Lao coffee.

If you need to work, the tables inside are really good and most of them have plugs nearby.

Regarding the food, they have a really good selection of Lao and Thai dishes.

I hope you love spicy food.

  • Must Try : Champasack Espresso (Lao)
  • Tit Kafe
  • Tit Kafe
front of cafe nomad in vientiane

Cafe Nomad

Cafe Nomad is a small coffee shop close to the Thai Embassy.

The coffee is not as good as other cafes in Vientiane but it's decent and super convenient if you're in that part of the city to apply for a Thai Visa.

  • Cafe Nomad
  • Cafe Nomad

And that's just to name a few, there's lot more cafes to try in Vientiane.

If you need more inspiration, go to Marie's blog, she's an expat living in Vientiane and she has an extensive list of the best cafes in the city :

interior of toong coworking space in Vientiane

Coworking Spaces in Vientiane

Let's be honest, I didn't have enough time to try any of the coworking spaces in Vientiane but I know I will be back one day to try them so I did some research and found a few recommendations from local expats.

Toong Samsenthai

Toong Co is a coworking space that offer both hot desks and offices for companies and freelancers in Vientiane.

It's part of a large group of coworking spaces called Toong that have over 10 locations across Asia and based on My Little Vientiane review that you can read here, it sounds absolutely amazing.

  • Toong Samsenthai
  • Toong Samsentai
Interior design of Sailomyen Cafe in Vientiane

You know other places to work in Vientiane ?

Of course I'm not a local so I probably missed a ton of cool cafes and coworking spaces so let me know in the comments which one I should try next time I'm in town.

And if you're going to Vientiane, check my guide of Vientiane here.

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