11 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About 7-Eleven In Thailand

If you’ve been to Thailand, you’ve been to a 7-Eleven there.

Whether it’s to buy water, top-up your phone or just to get a break from the heat and enjoy the AC for a few minutes, we all have a good reason to stop by a 7-Eleven at least once a day when we’re in Thailand.

But even if you’ve been there countless times, there are probably a few things you didn’t know about 7-Eleven in Thailand.

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1. They Never Close

Never means NEVER.

It is well known that 7-Eleven shops in Thailand are open 24/7, every hour of the day, every day of the week.

What some of you might not know is that they never close.

Not for public holidays, not for Christmas, not even on New Year’s Eve or during Songkran (Thailand New Year).

The last time they closed was during the curfew because of the COVID-19 crisis.

2. Thailand Has The Second-Highest Number Of 7-Eleven In The World

There is more than 11,700 7-Eleven stores in Thailand!

Thailand hit second place after only Japan that counts more than 20,700 of them!

But Bangkok has the highest concentration of shops per city with over 4,556 franchises in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region (44% of the shops in Thailand) in 2019.

The number is probably higher by now.


3. There Are Over 22,000 Product Lines On Sale In 7-Eleven Shops Across Thailand

But each store has different products depending on the area and what sells the most there.

And products come and go a lot.

While some staples like toasties and mama noodles are present in every store, most products are tested and changed if they don’t sell enough to maximize the use of space.


4. You Can Pay Your Bill, What You Book Online, And Top-Up Your Phone At The Counter

Your credit card isn’t working and you can’t do a bank transfer?

No worries.

You can pay for almost everything at the counter of 7-Eleven.

You can pay your electricity, water, or internet bill, things you’ve ordered online, concert tickets, and even flight tickets.

In Thailand, It’s really common when you order or book something online to have the option to pay at the 7-Eleven counter.

5. You Can’t Buy Alcohol At 7-Eleven On The Highway

Like every other shop in Thailand, 7-Eleven does not sell alcohol before 11 AM and between 2 and 5 PM.

But it’s also impossible to find any alcohol at 7-Eleven in rest areas along the highway.

It makes sense, but I learned that the hard way.

So if for example, you plan to party in a van from Bangkok to Pattaya, buy alcohol before you get on the highway or you’re f…

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6. They Deliver

In March 2020, 7-Eleven announced it would recruit over 20,000 delivery staff to start its own delivery service through its app.

But if you don’t have the 7-Eleven app you can also use LineMan to send a messenger to buy things for you at a store.

7. Some 7-Eleven Have Laundromats

And that’s only one of the many things you can find there.

Shops try to provide services the local area needs the most.

That’s why it’s not rare to find 7-Eleven stores with scanners, and printers… some stores even have local bands playing outside at night.


8. 7-Eleven Is Also Becoming A Bank (Sort Of)

Banks are moving online and they cut costs by reducing their number of branches.

With over 11,700 stores in Thailand a lot of them in rural areas, 7-Eleven is stepping up to provide banking services where banks aren’t anymore.

In Thailand, you can now deposit and withdraw money at the counter in every 7-Eleven shop.


dogs outside and inside of 7 eleven stores in Thailand
Photo by Coconut Bangkok

9. They’re Also Popular For Stray Dogs And Cats

If you’ve been to 7-Eleven stores in Thailand, you know it’s not uncommon to see stray cats or dogs in front or even inside the shops.

It’s hard to blame them when you see how hot it is outside.

More dogs and cats at 7-Eleven.

10. They Use Facial Recognition And AI

Officially, it’s only to offer customized promotions through their ALL card and 7 Eleven App for now.

But it’s not impossible to see 7-Eleven open stores similar to Amazon Go with a cashierless experience in the near future.

They certainly have the technology and money to take that route.


11. 7-Eleven Thailand Is Owned By The Richest Family In Thailand

The 7-Eleven franchise in Thailand is owned by CP All Public Company Limited, itself owned by Charoen Pokphand Group, Thailand’s largest private company, and one of the world’s largest conglomerates.

The Chearavanont family owns the Charoen Pokphand Group and is Thailand’s richest family with a net worth estimated at a whopping $36.6 billion (1,166 billion baht) by Forbes.


Thai man with a wheelbarrow inside 7 Eleven shop after plastic bag ban
Photo: Facebook/ROV ไหมละ

They banned plastic bags on January 1st, 2020

Like other big retailers in Thailand, 7-Eleven has stopped the use of single-use plastic bags since Jan 1st, 2020.

A good news for the environment.

There’s a 7-Eleven Fan Club

It wasn’t important to make it to the list above but during my research I found that there is a massive 7-11 fan club in Thailand with over 270k members !!

People used 7-Eleven Stamps to send mail

Every year, 7-Eleven Thailand runs a promotion that includes stamps to collect.

If you know Thai creativity, you’re not gonna be shocked to hear that some people tried to use these stamps to send their mail.

There were enough people doing it to push the Thai Post to ask publicly people to stop using 7-Eleven stamps to send letters.

Just when you think you know it all about 7-Eleven, there’s always something to surprise you.

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Thanks for reading.

Now let me know in the comments, how many of these things did you know before?

What else surprised you at 7-Eleven in Thailand?

7 thoughts on “11 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About 7-Eleven In Thailand”

  1. The laundromat thing is something I did not know. Also, I knew you could pay bills and all but withdraw and deposit money? Nice. What about paying credit card bills? Although I do it online.

  2. They still use plastic carrying bags.
    They still wrap individual bananas in plastic too.
    If you need beer, it’s easy to find in non franchise shops.
    The 7 is still a good place to shop though.

  3. Like every other shop in Thailand, 7-Eleven does not sell alcohol before 11 AM and between 2 and 5 AM.

    What the fuck? Have you eve been here Mr Abs?

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