Thailand Elite Visa: Is It For You?

Over the last few years, many of my friends turned to the Thai Elite Visa to stay in Thailand.

And the reason is simple.

We all know that staying long term in Thailand isn't getting any easier if you don't have a work permit or a family there.

In fact, I had so many questions about what is the best visa to stay long term in Thailand that I wrote a detailed post about it.

But from all the options available, the Thai Elite Visa often appears as the best choice for those who don't have a family or business in Thailand.

So if you're also thinking about getting a Thailand Elite Visa, here's everything you need to know about it:

  • The requirements
  • Different packages
  • Costs
  • Benefits
  • And how to apply for one

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What is the Thai Elite Visa ?

The Thai Elite Visa is a long term tourist visa available in different packages with a duration between 5 and 20 years.

During the duration of that visa, you can pretty much come and go in Thailand as many times as you want as well as enjoy many benefits that come with the Elite Visa.

Some of the benefits include free transportation from and to the airport, an express line at the immigration, special discounts in partners spas, golfs, restaurants, hotels and more...

But the main benefit of the Thailand Elite Visa is definitely how easy it is to get.

To keep it simple, as long as you have a clean criminal record, never been blacklisted in Thailand and have the cash to pay for it, you're gonna be approved.

But is that enough to justify the price?

It depends on your situation.

Because even though we can all agree it is not cheap, not having to worry about immigration for a few years is a good reason to consider it for a lot of us.

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This visa is called Elite for a reason and the number of benefits it comes with will really make you feel like a VIP in Thailand.

Long Term Stay

Obviously, it's a great visa to stay long term in Thailand and one of the few available options if you're not working or have a family in the Kingdom.

Visa Assistance

Who like paperwork?

With the Thailand Elite Visa, you have a visa service that helps you with all the paperwork, from the application process to the 90 days reports and the renewal.

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Fast Lane at the Immigration

No more queuing at the immigration with the Elite Visa.

There's a dedicated line at the airport for Thai Elite Visa holders that will make you save countless hours over the years.

Airport Transfer

The visa comes with free airport transfers for your international flights.

Every time you leave Thailand or come back in the country, you can send your flight details to the Elite Visa service and have them arrange a limousine for you.

Airport Lounge

The Elite Visa includes access to a lounge in several international airports in the country. (Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket)

Hospital Check-up

Some packages of the visa also include an annual health check in some of the best hospitals in Thailand.


Elite Visa holders can enjoy special discounts at King Power Duty-Free as well as in many luxury establishments across the country (hotels, golfs, spas...).

Emporium mall in Bangkok

Thailand Elite Card

When your visa is approved you will receive a card that you can use to claim the different benefits listed above and more.


Other benefits include a contact center available 24/7 to assist you during your stay as well as a concierge service to help you with opening a Thai bank account, apply to a Thai driving license and do your 90 days report.

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Packages and Prices

The Thai Elite Visa comes in different packages that have different benefits, duration, and fees associated.

But let's focus on the 3 most common ones :

Elite Easy Access - 5 years

  • 600,000฿
  • 5 years

The most popular option.

Good for people who often visit Thailand and those who want to live there.

It's a multiple entry visa with a 1-year length of stay with each entry.

You get access to all the basics of the Thai Elite Visa.

That includes VIP greetings at the airport, fast track at the immigration, access to the airport lounge, free airport transfers (for international flights), and special discounts.

*it price was raised from 500k to 600k in 2021 after having its best year 2020.

Elite Privilege Access - 10 years

  • 1,000,000฿
  • 10 years

Same as the Elite Easy Access visa but for 10 years.

It also includes an annual health check-up.

Elite Superiority Extension  - 20 years

  • 1,000,000฿
  • 20 years

The Elite Superiority Extension is by far the best value per year and includes all the benefits of the other Elite Visa, except the annual health check and the airport transfers.


That's only 3 of the 7 packages they offer but they are the most popular offers by far.

All the people I know who have a Thai Elite Visa have one of the above.

But they also have other packages that are better suited for families or people who are looking for specific benefits that this kind of visa can offer.

For more details on each option, you can have a look at the table below.

all programs of the Thai Elite Visa


Requirements are pretty simple for the Thai Elite Visa

  • Hold a foreign passport
  • Have a clean criminal record
  • Pay the full amount for the visa

And that's pretty much it.

A photo of a passport.


The application for the Thai Elite Visa is a simple form to complete.

Thailand Elite has partnered with a few visa services that can help you with the application process at no extra cost.

I actually work with an agency that helps with the application process and already helped a few of my friends to get their Thailand Elite Visa.

If you're interested to know more about it and about the process to apply, send me a message with the form below and I'll connect you with them.

Want to know more about the Thai Elite Visa?

Leave me your email and I'll put you in touch with the best visa agent.

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Application form

The visa agent will send you a copy of the application form as well as all the instructions to fill it in.

You will also need to join :

  • A copy of your passport
  • An ID photo of you

Processing time

The application process usually takes between 1 and 4 months.

Most people I know got their visa approved in about 4 to 6 weeks.

Once the application form is sent, the immigration will do their due diligence and get back to you once your visa is approved

thailand elite office in Bangkok

Pros and Cons

👍 Pros :

  • Easy Application
  • Free limousine to and from the airport*
  • Fast Track Immigration
  • Airport lounge access
  • Special Discounts (duty-free, hotels, spas...)
  • Administrative assistance
  • Concierge service

👎 Cons :

  • Visa Fee to be paid in full at once
  • Non-transferable (for most packages)

* for international flights.

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Who is the Thai Elite Visa for ?

The Thai Elite Visa is for those who want to be based in Thailand, or come often to Thailand, and don't want to work or invest there.

And of course for those who can afford to pay the full cost upfront.

Amongst my friends, it tends to be really popular for entrepreneurs and digital nomads who have their company based in a different country.

With a Thai Elite Visa, they can enjoy the Thai lifestyle all year long without having to relocate their company.

It's even a good option for people who want to retire or live with their family in Thailand and who have the cash to avoid dealing with the immigrations that often change the requirements for these types of visas.

My Opinion on the Thai Elite Visa

After years in Thailand and hearing countless stories related to visas, I can easily tell you that the Thai Elite Visa is one of the best options available.

If you plan to spend a lot of time in Thailand over the next few years and don't plan to work in Thailand but rather, from Thailand, then the Thai Elite Visa is the best option you have.

Of course, it's expensive, and it's a large amount of money to pay at once.

But anyone who spent some time dealing with immigration in Thailand and has done regular visa runs will tell you it's worth the peace of mind.

That's why it's the next visa I'm getting.

Want to know more about the Thai Elite Visa ?

Leave me your email and I'll put you in touch with a specialist

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The Thai Elite Visa cost between 600,000฿ and 2,000,000฿ depending on the membership you chose.

The Thai Elite Visa doesn't allow you to work in Thailand. It is considered as a tourist visa and you will need to cancel it if you want to apply for a work permit.

Yes, you still have to do 90 days reports when you have a Thai Elite Visa. But the Thailand Elite Visa service can do it for you.

More about the Thailand Elite Visa

For more details about the Elite Visa in Thailand, you can send me a message or visit the official website.

  • Official Website
  • Thailand Elite - Android App

If you have any questions, feel free to ask anything in the comments below.

And if you want to know more about the different Thai Visas you can get or how's life as an expat in Bangkok and Thailand, I have plenty of information about it on the rest of the blog.

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