Thai Flirting Review, finally a free Thai dating app ?

You know how popular is online dating in Thailand when you see the number of websites that dating websites that are focus on Thai dating.

Today I have a look at Thai Flirting, one of the most popular dating website in Thailand to see what's great about it and if it's worth it for you to give it a try.

It is not yet as big as other Thai dating websites Thai Friendly or Thai Cupid but it claims to be 100% Free !

So of course when I saw that I knew I had to review it.

We need to find out, what makes it different? What separate it from the competition? Is it 100% free like the website's headline claim? And how easy it is to find single Thai girls and ladyboys on Thai Flirting?

Let's have closer look.

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What's special about Thai Flirting ?

Online dating is a big thing in Thailand but there's already a ton of options out there, so why you should try Thai Flirting ?

Right away, there's a few thing that catch your attention :

  • It's 100% free, at least to sign up and chat, unlike other Thai dating apps where you need to pay to send messages.
  • You can find girls, guys and ladyboys. So no limitations.
  • It's fun, you can send virtual gifts and kisses to your crush. Not that it's essential but it makes it more playful.
  • They have videos. And that's the first time I see that in a Thai dating app. Users can upload videos on their profiles for everyone to see. They even have a video section where you can see all the latests videos uploaded on the platform.

Ok, so that got my intrigued.

Now, let's move on to the sign up process.

thai flirting sign up page

Thai Flirting Sign Up

Signing up on Thai Flirting is pretty and straight forward.

You can either sign up with your email or with your phone number. Now don't be scared by the 7 steps process, it only takes a few minutes to complete.

Step 1 : Username, name, email, age and what you're looking for 

thaiflirting signup step 1

Step 2 : Upload a photo

thaiflirting signup step 2

Step 3 : Add more photos to complete your profile

thaiflirting signup step 3

Step 4 : Complete a description of yourself (Nationality, spoken languages, weight, height...)

thaiflirting signup step 4

Step 5 : Write a short presentation of yourself 

thaiflirting signup step 5

Step 6 : List your interests

thaiflirting signup step 6

Step 7 : List what you're looking for in your date

thaiflirting signup step 7

The registration process have a lot of steps but all the questions are pretty basics and have a list of answers so it shouldn't more than a few minutes to complete your sign up.

If you're in a rush and want to see right away how is the dating website, you can skip most of the steps and go straight to explore the profiles of singles Thai girls and guys available on the platform.

But if you really want to land a date, take some time to give more information about yourself and what you're looking for to have a better chance to meet someone interesting.

dating profile of a single Thai girl on Thai Flirting

Looking for a date on Thaiflirting

On Thai Flirting, even with a free account you have access to all the different search options.

You've got the normal search mode that show you a random list of users (that match what you put in what you're looking for) and a brief description of each profile.

Then you can click on the dating profiles that you like to get a more detailed description.

Unlike in Thai Friendly or Thai Cupid, all the informations are available right away in Thai Flirting. You don't need a premium account to see the complete descriptions.

Another cool thing, when you like someone, you can send them a Virtual Kiss, to show them that you like them. Or send them a virtual gift that you can buy with coins (the platform currency)

Of course you can also send messages. And again, there not limits of messages with the free account either.

So far Thai Flirting is really 100% Free !

thai flirting advanced search

Advanced search

With the advanced search you can filter the profiles down to what you really want.

And for that, Thai Flirting offer a ton of different filters :

  • Sex
  • Age
  • Country
  • Religion
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Nationality
  • Hair
  • Eyes
  • ...

In total, there's close to 30 criteria to help you find the right date.

Great for those looking for a serious partner or someone with the same lifestyle or expectations.

Especially for single Thai girls or guys looking for a serious and lasting relationship.

thai flirting video dating


In Thailand, that's the only dating website I've seen that added video.

Every users can post videos that appear either on their dating profile and / or in the video section of Thaiflirting for everybody to see.

When you go to "search" in the menu you can select "video gallery" and see all the latest videos posted on the website.

thai flirting sign up page

Thai Flirting App

At the moment Thai Flirting doesn't offer any mobile app for Android or iOS.

So you're gonna have to bookmark the website in your browser to use it on the go.

That's one of the biggest downside about Thai Flirting even if to be honest, the website is quite responsive and fast on mobile too.

Honestly, it shouldn't really bother you when you use Thaiflirting on the go.

thai flirting premium prices

Thai Flirting Premium

So far, everything we've seen about Thai Flirting is free.

So what does the premium membership has to offer ?

Extra features

  • Rank above free members in search
  • Unlimited translation in messages
  • Unlimited messages without spam filter
  • Can send email address in messages
  • VIP Badge
  • No Ad

Yes, I forget to tell you that the app have ads. I mean, at some point they need to make too.

But instead of making you pay crazy prices like other dating apps do, you have a few ads here and there that you can remove for less than $10 a month.

And even if you don't spend money on the app, you still have access to all the necessary features to land a date.


Thai Flirting offer 3 premium subscriptions :

  • 1 Month - 100 coins or $10
  • 3 Months - 250 coins or $25
  • 6 Months - 400 coins or $40
thaiflirting coins

Payment methods

You can buy coins by Credit card or by SMS with Mobiamo.

Note that you can also get 5 coins when you share a link about Thai Flirting on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

thai flirting sign up page

Pros and Cons

Honestly, there's a lot to like about Thai Flirting.

Of course the fact that it's (mostly) 100% free help a lot.

But there's more to it :

👍Pros :

  • Free version really complete
  • Free messaging
  • Girls and Ladyboys
  • Detailed profiles
  • Videos
  • Free advanced search
  • Virtual gifts
  • Cheap premium membership
  • Fast website on mobile

👎Cons :

  • No iOS or Android App
  • Not as many users as other apps
thaiflirting banner

More about Thai Flirting

Thaiflirting is a Thai dating site launched in 2013 by Aimdate, an editor of popular dating websites like Thai Flirting as well as Russian Flirting and Filipina Loves.

The website doesn't say clearly how many users it has but claim over 1 million member as of 2020.

  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
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Thai Flirting Review - Takeaways

Thai Flirting is an interesting dating app for anyone looking to meet single Thai girls or ladyboys for free.

Unlike other popular dating apps in Thailand like Thai Friendly and Thai Cupid, you can actually get a lot done with the free version here.

To close that review, and like I would say for any site that have a free version, just sign up on Thai Flirting and play with it to make your own opinion.


What is Thai Flirting ?

Thai Flirting is a Thai dating app edited by Aimdate. The dating site claim over 1 million member globally and want to be the number one website for people looking to date single Thai girls and ladyboys.

Is Thai Flirting 100% free ?

Thai Flirting is free to use but also have premium features that you can unlock with a membership. The membership can be purchased with coins that you buy in the app.

Thanks for reading my review of Thai Flirting !

To learn more about other dating apps, you can check my list of the best dating sites and apps in Thailand.

Now tell me about you !

Have you tried Thai Flirting? What did you think about it?

I'm curious to know how was your experience and if that was better or worst than other dating apps you tried.

Let me know in the comments.

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