Sunday at the Lion Club Bangkok

Just another random Sunday at work in Bangkok. Starting gently with a private party and ending up with a bang at the Lion Club Bangkok! l🦁

Here’s what happens when you mix a group of Aussies in Bangkok for a Stag Party and the MojoSons team! 🔥🎉

*** The Lion Club is now close, but you can find the girls at their sister club, the PIMP BANGKOK ***

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Crazy Stag Party in Bangkok

Go All-in or Go Home! That’s how we roll with MojoSons (or at least we try 😆).

And these guys were serious about giving the bachelor a special time in Bangkok.

So as one of them already came for a Bachelor Party we organized last September, he knew MojoSons was up for the task. 🙃👊

After weeks of discussion and arrangements, it’s finally D Day!

It’s Sunday and here we go, ready to turn the place upside down! 😉

We kick off with a private party in their suite at Aloft around 3 pm.

Getting fired up with Topless Models, a Strip Show, and ending up with a Body Sushi and Shots. 🥃

Bringing the famous Mojobabe vibe to the party.

Usually, that’s enough to get everyone in the mood and ready for the night out.

This time was no different! 🙈🐵

naked sushi hotel bangkok

Hitting GoGo Bars in Patpong

Now that everyone is well awake and ready for more, we got one last stop before the Lion Club Bangkok. 🦁

**Quick tip if you plan to go at a Gentlemen Club in Bangkok during your trip. Save it for last! 😉

Because even the best GoGo Bar won’t beat the quality you’re gonna have there!

So we picked Glamour in Patpong for a few drinks before we hit the club. 💋

Glamour is a good place to start a night out or a GoGo Bar Hopping in Bangkok.

The girls are fun, prices as usual and if you don’t come too late, they have some stunners. 🤗

That’s perfect to chill and knock down a few drinks with good company before the madness.

Arriving at the Lion Club Bangkok

At this point, everybody’s starting to get exhausted.

The guys didn’t sleep much the night before and you can start to feel it.

But even exhausted, as soon as the van pull at the Lion Club, everybody’s awake and ready to go crazy. Go figure! 😂

We get in and drop the magic words:

“We got a Booking for MojoSons” 🐵

Finally, 11 hours into the party, we enter heaven! 😇

The Lion Club Bangkok is not as big as it’s sister club The Pimp Bangkok, but at least you’re on Sukhumvit, it’s more central and easy to access.

On top of that, they just renovated the club a few months ago.

It’s big and spacious and the design is great even though it’s old school if you ask me.

But obviously we’re not here to discuss the architecture. 😆

lion club bangkok private room show

Enter the Private Room at the Gentlemen Club in Bangkok

If you read my previous story about my first time at the PIMP Bangkok, you know that the real deal in a Gentlemen Club is to get a private room.

They walk us into room number 3. When we get in, bottles are ready.

As soon as we sit, the waitresses jump in to fix us drink. As usual, you don’t have to lift a finger, the service is sharp. 👍

Everybody get comfy on the sofa, start sipping Grey Goose and pick their song. Game on! 🔥

A few minutes later they walk in about 20+ girls so they can pick one girl each! 👯‍♀️

** Another tip, book one girl per guy. Less is weird. More is overkill but if you can, why not! 💰

What followed is a secret.

It was insane and I’ll get into trouble if I share any of it. 😁

That’s why we love private rooms.

Because what happens there never leaves the walls!

All I can say is everybody had fun and forget about the rest of the world for a while.

Another great Stag! Another night of excess but it was way worth it! 🍻🙃

About the Lion Club Bangkok, if you’re looking for a Gentlemen Club in Bangkok and don’t want to go as far as the PIMP Bangkok, it’s definitely a great option.

Same management, the same quality of service, and the same high standards when it comes to girls. 🤗

You won’t be disappointed!

June 18 Update: for those asking me about the Lion Club, it’s now close.

But the other venue, the PIMP Bangkok, is still rocking the gentlemen club world in the city!

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