Everything You Want to Know About Sugar Babies in Thailand

Care for a little bit of Sugar on your next trip to Thailand ?

If you’re bored with the regular gogo bars and freelancers, you might want to consider dating a Sugar Baby instead.

What is a Sugar Baby and Sugar dating you may ask?

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to learn more about the growing trend from Sugarbook, which claims to be one of the largest Sugar Daddy dating platforms in Asia.

Here are their answers to all the questions you’ve been asking.

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What is a Sugar Baby ?

Sugarbook: A sugar baby is a young and attractive girl, typically college students or executives.

They are searching for a luxurious lifestyle and financial stability in return for their time and companionship.

As you can expect, success and money usually come with age.

Sugar babies are actively searching for mature, well-groomed men who are successful in their own right.

Is a Sugar Baby an escort ?

SB: No, they are not.

Being a sugar baby is a lifestyle choice.

While sex is a natural and normal progression in a Sugar Baby relationship, it is not always the main goal.

A lot of successful men are just looking for company when they travel.

Someone to spice up their life, accompany them on business trips, and even help them explore the local culture.

Sugar babies are usually well-educated girls who care not only about their looks, but their confidence and personality.

She chooses who she wants to date, and can easily say “No” to any potential Sugar Daddy who doesn’t tick all her boxes.

Where can I find Sugar Babies in Thailand ?

SB: Well, you most definitely won’t find them at gogo bars.

A Sugar Baby in Thailand can be anyone, from the cashier in a supermarket to the CEO of a startup.

A lot of Sugar Babies are college students seeking a kind benefactor to pay their tuition fees.

Some are young executives looking to move up the corporate ladder.

Before we created Sugarbook, the only way you could find a Sugar Baby was through dubious agents who are not much different from high-class pimps.

We want Sugar Babies to have the freedom to browse all their potential suitors, connect with them directly on our platform, and bypass the middleman altogether.

Plus, it’s much safer for Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies in Thailand to be on Sugarbook.

We have invested a lot in verifying and screening user profiles.

We even have income verification procedures for Sugar Daddies, to prove that they walk the walk when it comes to generosity.

So when you chat with someone in Sugarbook, you can rest assured that they are a real person.

How much does it cost to have a Sugar Baby in Thailand ?

SB: Try not to think of the “cost” in terms of just money.

To get the perfect Sugar Baby that can satisfy both your physical and emotional needs, you’ll need to invest some time as well.

That being said, Sugar Babies in Thailand are usually paid an allowance of between $1,000 to $3,000 per month by their Sugar Daddies.

A lot of them also receive gifts, dinners, exotic vacations, and just about everything a fine, successful gentleman can give.

The actual allowance depends on how often the Sugar Daddy wants to meet them. Sometimes it’s a weekly thing while some Sugar Babies actually meet their Daddies daily.

We’ve even heard of a few lucky Sugar Babies that get their own bungalow to live in, filled with all the luxuries a girl can only dream of.

How many Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies are there in Thailand ?

SB: While we prefer not to reveal the exact numbers, Sugarbook as a platform has grown exponentially in the past year.

We now have over 700,000 rich and beautiful singles from all over the world.

And the Sugar baby phenomenon is definitely picking up quickly in Thailand and especially in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket.

Young girls are realizing the benefits of having a rich, generous benefactor kickstart their careers and help them become successful themselves.

So Sugarbook isn’t for broke guys, right ?

SB: Well surprisingly, not every Sugar Baby is looking for huge assets.

Sometimes you can get lucky if you have a huge house, a huge boat, or other huge things.

But seriously, Thailand is a unique place.

Many Thai girls just want a chance to explore the world and seek a better life.

If you’re a guy who leads an active lifestyle or travel frequently, you could find yourself a great Sugar Baby.

Treat them with respect and let the relationship grow naturally.

Plus, foreign exchange is your friend.

Your Dollars, Euros, and Pounds, while insignificant in your own country, goes a long way in Thailand.

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There you have it

Sugar Babies, the new way of dating beautiful, interesting Thai girls who aren’t just after your money.

What do you think?

I’ve actually met a lot of girls in Thailand (mostly Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket) who have sponsors, which in reality is just another name for Sugar Daddies.

The only difference I see with sugar dating is things are straight forward from the get-go.

Whether you’re a Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy, this kind of relationship is based on being upfront about what you want and what you expect from the other.

This way no doubt you will meet someone that match what you’re looking as you’re putting it all out there.

On the other side, sponsors are often guys (of all ages), not always wealthy, that fall in love with a girl they met on a dating app or in a bar (often go-go bars) and end up sending her money to support herself.

And while it’s often working for the girls, if you’ve been to Thailand for an extended period of time, at some point you’ve seen or heard about a guy that spent all his savings on a girl, went bankrupt, and get his heart broken.

At least with sugar dating, you know what you’re in for.

And I feel like the natural evolution of this trend is to have platforms like Sugarbook to connect both Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies in a safe environment.

Now if you want to check out Thai Sugar Babies near you, or become one, go to Seeking Arrangement or Sugarbook.

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What else do you want to know about Sugar Dating ?

If you want to know more about Sugarbook and how the app work, you can read my review here.

Or maybe you have questions that are left unanswered?

If that’s the case, drop them below in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer the.

Or I’ll ask Sugarbook to drop by to give you more insights.

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