Where to Celebrate Songkran in Bangkok?

Bangkok is the best place in to party in Thailand, any day of the year, but during Songkran, things get to a whole different level.

It's by far the best time of the year to visit Bangkok and if like me you love to party and don't mind getting wet, you're going to have a blast celebrating Songkran in Bangkok.

But to make the most of the Thai New Year, you need to know where to go.

So here are the best places to party in Bangkok during Songkran.

Thai Girls water fight for Songkran

What is Songkran?

In case you didn't know it yet, Songkran is more than the huge countrywide water fight.

Before the festival, Songkran is first and foremost the Thai New Year.

Officially, Thailand uses the Thai lunar calendar and not the Gregorian calendar. So for example 2022 is B.E 2565 in Thailand.

Part of the original celebration includes pouring scented water onto the elders' hands to apologize for your sins and ask for their blessing. (more about Songkran tradition)

Even though it is still true today and you're going to see most Thais celebrate Songkran in a more traditional way, spending time with their family, going to the temple... for the rest of the world, Songkran is a big water festival with water fights everywhere in Thailand.

songkran festival in Khaosan Road

When is Songkran?

Songkran is every year on April 13th.

But Songkran holidays are usually 3 days.

In 2023, Songkran will be from April 13th to April 17th.

Most parties and celebrations will start on Thursday 13th, with the biggest events on Friday and Saturday.

After being canceled for 2 years and only a small celebration in 2022 due to COVID, you can expect Songkran 2023 to be the biggest one ever. songkran in Bangkok

Where To Party During Songkran In Bangkok?

Now let's get to the fun part. Where is the best party?

During Songkran you truly have endless options.

You've got water fights in streets closed for the occasion like Silom or Khaosan road.

Special Songkran pool parties all across the city.

And some of the biggest music festivals in Bangkok take place during that period too.


Water Fights

You've probably seen videos of huge water fights in Bangkok and that might be the reason why you want to come for Songkran this year.

Some streets are closed during the festival and turned into walking streets filled with stages, performances, and people from all over Thailand (and the world) joining into the biggest water fights you've ever seen.


Songkran celerbation in Silom Bangkok

Silom is with Khaosan where you've got the biggest water fight in the city.

The street is closed on both sides, there are stages with shows and people go up and down the street, engaging in raging water fights.

It's intense but if you've never tried before, it's a must-do.


Like Silom, Siam is hosting shows and water fights during Songkran. Every year they have different shows and celebrations and it's more family-friendly than other streets.

Khaosan Road

Bangkok's most infamous Backpacker's street also attracts a hectic crowd for Songkran. Expect the street to be packed with travelers and locals fighting with buckets full of ice-cold water and blasting music from the top to the bottom of the street.

Soi Cowboy and Nana

Out of the 3 red-light districts in Bangkok, 2 of them, Soi Cowboy and Nana also engage in water fights for Songkran. Who said Gogo girls were not fun?


Famous for its nightlife, RCA doesn't slow down during Songkran either.

The street is also closed to the circulation and most bars and clubs get together to turn it into a block festival.

RCA also welcomes two huge music festivals during Songkran, S2O Festival, and Siam Songkran Festival (more on that below).

Sukhumvit 22

The street isn't closed like others and you still have traffic but good luck to get through it and stay dry. So if you pass by soi 22 during Songkran, make sure you bring your water gun and join the wet t-shirt contest.

Music Festivals

stage at s20 Songkran festival in Bangkok

For EDM fans, Songkran is one of the best times of the year to visit Bangkok.

Two of the biggest music festivals in Bangkok take place during this period, S2O Songkran and Siam Songkran Festival.

Both festivals bring some of the biggest DJs in the world to take over Bangkok with thousands gathering for a massive water fight with blasting dance music until late at night.

Pool Parties

Songkran W Pool Party in Bangkok

As water is at the center of the celebration during Songkran you can imagine how popular Bangkok pool parties are during this period.

It's simple, almost every pool party organizer in Bangkok hosts special events during these days.

When you usually have 1 or 2 pool parties each weekend in Bangkok, during Songkran you have up to 3 to 4 each day.


songkran party at a club in Bangkok

Of course, the clubs join the celebration too.

That's the only time of the year when you can enter any club in Bangkok with swim shorts and flip flops.

That means you can go straight from a pool party to a club and party all day and all night during Songkran.

Just remember to bring your ID.

Where I'm Going to Party For Songkran?

Unfortunately Songkran biggest parties were canceled in 2020 AND 2021.

And I've missed Songkran in 2022

So 2023 is the year friends!

The plan will be to go as many place as possible and bring a lot of friend along.

For sure there's going to be 1 day in Silom, Khaosan, a pool party, and a club.

And at least 2 days at one of the music festivals. Hopefully S2O Songkran. 🤞


Where to Stay in Bangkok for Songkran?

vie hotel bangkok

As always when you come to Bangkok, I recommend to book something as close as possible to the action.

This way you don't have to struggle with the traffic or spend too much time looking for taxis and tuk tuks which are in high demand during these days.

If you plan to go to a music festival, to Khaosan, or Silom, book something in that area.

And book something at least 2 months in advance. Bangkok is always packed during Songkran.

I know people who book their hotel or Airbnb 1 year in advance!

For more suggestions on where to stay in Bangkok, check that page.

How to Survive Songkran ?

If it's your first time celebrating Songkran in Bangkok (or anywhere else in Thailand), here are some useful tips:

  • 💧 Buy a waterproof bag. Throw in there your money, your phone, and an ID and you're good to go.
  • 💎 Don't wear anything expensive. Swim shorts, a t-shirt, flip flops and sunglasses to protect your eyes and you're ready. Like for the Full Moon Party, don't wear anything you're not ready to lose. Things can (and will) get wild.
  • 🔫 Buy a water gun. Because you can't avoid the water fights even if you're trying to. So defend yourself!
  • 🎟 Book in advance. Way in advance! Especially for hotels and music festivals. Every year, the tickets for the best parties are sold out in days.

Start to plan your trip for Songkran

Book your tickets to Bangkok now.

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Thanks for reading until the end.

I'm sure now you have everything you need to know to take Songkran off your bucket list in style!

To learn more about Bangkok, check my guide and different posts about the city here and my nightlife guide over here.

As usual, if you got any questions, ask me anything in the comments below.

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