Dear Samsung, your software suck ! (Tizen and Samsung Gear S3 frontier review)

Before we get on with the review of the Samsung Gear S3, let’s address the elephant in the room :

Dear Samsung, Tizen ruins the Samsung Gear S3 !

Listen, I got a Samsung S7 Edge that I love dearly (and that still work even with a broken screen) and a Samsung Gear S3 Frontier I bought for my birthday.

But even though the smartwatch look and feel great, it’s not gonna stay on my wrist for long.

samsung gear s3 cradle

Samsung has the best hardware

It’s hard for Samsung competition nowadays because we all know it’s a huge company with a lot of money in the game and they have the best hardware so far… hands off!

They definitely win this battle.

Sorry Apple fans, but your dear company is buying the screens for the iPhone 8 from Samsung, because they know it’s the best on the market, no question asked.

It’s performant, reliable, solid, the battery life is amazing and after my Samsung S7 I will probably get a Galaxy Note.

Samsung phones and their hardware, in general, are just great, it works seamlessly, it’s never slowing down, it looks great, it’s robust… I mean there’s not much to complain about Samsung hardware.

samsung gear s3 menu

Samsung Tizen OS really sucks

But Samsung, you’re losing your shit when it comes to software.

I know it’s vital for your future to have this payment system, your own operating system and an AI assistant because right now you rely on Google’s Android that can turn his back any day in the near future.

And they’re kind of pushing hardware hard those days with their Pixel 2. I’m trying to understand, I promise.

(By the way, I bought the Pixel 3XL and absolutely love it, see the review)

samsung gear s3 macbook

Put some effort into the Galaxy App Store and Tizen OS

I hesitated a long time before I bought the Gear S3 Frontier. Because let’s face it, I’m a Google and Android fanboy.

Because I love that everything seems easy and open on their platform.

So I checked every android smartwatches and on most of the websites I visited, they said you have the best option for android users.

After a long reflection and countless hours of checking reviews, I finally bought a Samsung Gear S3 Frontier.

Only to find about after a few minutes that your system is a pain in the ass to use.

My excitation left pretty fast after I started playing around with the watch.

First, there’s close to no apps available on your Galaxy App “Store”.

The few apps for the Gear S3 that look kind of worth it are expensive (compared to similar apps on Google App Store).

Common’, I paid 12,900THB for a Samsung Gear S3 Frontier (about 430฿), at least bring some big developers and get some great apps running on it so it’s worth keeping it.

Featured Tizen OS app : Caddie for golfer !

Seriously ?!

How many people do you target with this app ?

Do you know that your featured app for directions “Here We Go” barely work ?

That should be the main focus. That and improving sync with Google apps. Because until you’ve got your own phone OS, people who buy the Gear S3 watch are Android users and using mostly Google apps.

That’s right, for now at least, whether you like it or not, if you want Android users to like your watch, it’ll have to work seamlessly with the native Google Apps everybody use on Android.

smartwatch gear s3 heart

My thoughts on Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

Dear Samsung, I deeply hope either you will bring developers into your platform or let us put Android Wear 2.0 because as of June 2017, you’re way behind on possibilities and this great smartwatch that is the Samsung Gear S3 doesn’t live up to its potential with Tizen OS on it.

Just Saying.

With care, love, and a lot of disappointment.

Update August 2017 :

I now sold my Gear S3 Frontier and bought a Xiaomi Mi Band 2 while I wait for a real improvement on Android Wear.

I really can’t wait to have a proper Android watch on my wrist that runs smoothly, just as Apple’s Watch does with the iPhone.

Why everything seems so easy on iOS and so blurry with Android ?

Any one got a good experience with the Samsung Gear S3 and their apps ? Is Tizen getting better now ?

Let me know in the comments

4 thoughts on “Dear Samsung, your software suck ! (Tizen and Samsung Gear S3 frontier review)”

  1. I agree with everything said in that article. I come from an Lg Urbane and although the Gear s3 initially seemed to be an improvement, Tizen really spoils the whole experience. I can’t even set up my google business account as a gmail account and it forces me to set it up as a pop3 account just to mention one of the many drawbacks, not to mention the non existing app store . Being able to connect it to Google’s wear os instead of Tizen would really be an improvement.

    Thanks for the article.

    1. Thanks for the comment William. They got such good hardware but they really suck at software and I don’t see them getting any better in the future. Will have to switch to a Pixel and Stock Android and hope that Google finally manage to get Android Wear up to date with what Apple manage to do ;).

  2. I completely agree. I love the Gear S3, but Tizen ruins it. I can’t even get a decent shopping list app. I’m hoping someone figures out how to root it to run Wear OS, because then it would be perfect.

    1. I’ve got no hope anymore with Samsung. They got the best hardware but their software suck and they will still pushing it more and more. So I’m switching to Google Pixel soon and I cross my fingers so Google figure out Smartwatches soon.

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