The Best Rooftop Bars In Bangkok In 2023

There's always a good excuse to visit a rooftop bar in Bangkok.

But there are so many of them now, frankly, it's quite hard to choose which one to try if you don’t have time to go to them all.

Or the budget.

Because a few rooftop bars will break the bank and even if others are more reasonable, it will take some trial and error to find one that you like.

So save yourself some time and money and let me tell you what are the best rooftop bars in Bangkok right now.

If you don't have time to go through the whole post, here's my shortlist:

🐵 Save some time and go straight to the best rooftop bars.

Top 5 Rooftop Bars in Bangkok

  1. Pastel Bangkok
  2. Octave
  3. Sky Beach
  4. Above Eleven
  5. Tichuca Rooftop Bar

Now if you want to know more about each rooftop bar, here are more details about each of them.

Pastel Bangkok

sunset at Pastel rooftop bar in Sukhumvit Soi 11 in Bangkok Thailand

Pastel is bringing a Mediterranean vibe to the rooftop scene in Bangkok.

Everything there is amazing, from the design of the place to the unblocked view for a beautiful sunset, the food, the drinks, and the ambiance.

It’s the best rooftop bar in Bangkok for a date, a birthday, or a night out with friends before you go to end the night in the clubs in Sukhumvit Soi 11,

Either go for the sunset around 5 PM if you prefer to chill, or go around 8 PM if you want to party as they have a DJ playing later on.

  • Prices: Around 340 THB ++ for a cocktail, and 190 THB ++ for a beer.
  • Dress Code: No Sportswear. No flip-flops. No sleeveless tops or open shoes for men.

++ means the service charge (10%) and VAT (7%) are not included. So add 17% to have the net price.

  • ฿฿
  • Website
  • Pastel Rooftop Bar & Dining

Octave Rooftop Lounge & Bar

octave rooftop bar bangkok

Octave is the best rooftop bar in Bangkok for a casual drink or a date.

Located at the top of the Marriott Hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 57, Octave is a rooftop bar that has everything to please everyone.

It has 2 levels so you’re almost sure to have a spot if you arrive for the sunset.

They also have a happy hour with buy one get one free on Signature Cocktails from 5 to 7 PM.

On top of that, there’s always a resident DJ playing so it’s a good place to start the night before you go try the cocktails bars in Thonglor.

And they have good snacks and food options.

  • Prices: Around 399฿++ for a cocktail, 180฿++ for a beer.
  • Dress Code: Smart Casual, no beachwear, or sportswear.
  • ฿฿
  • Website
  • Octave Rooftop Lounge and Bar

Sky Beach

view of the bar at sky beach a rooftop in bangkok

You can’t beat the view of Sky Beach and if you can only go to one of the rooftop bars in Bangkok, this is the one.

The rooftop bar of the Standard Hotel is on top of the Mahanakhon Tower, the second-tallest building in Thailand.

Enjoy a 360-degree view of Bangkok from the 78th floor of the tower, 310 meters above the ground.

The bar even has a skywalk.

Going up there is by far one of the most unique experiences you can try in Bangkok.

Just keep in mind that you need to pay an entrance fee of 880 THB per person on top of the drinks there.

But it’s all worth it.

  • Prices: Around 320 THB ++ for a cocktail, and 160 THB ++ for a beer.
  • Dress Code: No dress code
  • ฿฿
  • Website
  • Sky Beach

Above Eleven

Above Eleven is definitely not the highest rooftop bar but it has one of the best locations and toilets.

above eleven rooftop bar in Bangkok

That’s the only rooftop I've seen that has toilets with a huge window that allows you to see all around you.

As a guy, it’s pretty amazing to have the opportunity to pee while you face the city at the urinal.

That alone is worth going there.

More seriously, this is a great spot to get the party going.

They have good food and drink options (good Mojitos too, which is rare).

Above Eleven is located in Fraser Suites which is only minutes away from Levels, Sugar Club, and Candy (check out my list of the best clubs in Bangkok here).

You can start the night there, enjoy a few drinks with a nice view, and walk right to the club.

  • Prices: Around 330 THB ++ for a cocktail, and 200 THB ++ for a beer.
  • Dress Code: No Sportswear. No flip flops. No sleeveless tops or open shoes for men.
  • Price : ฿฿
  • Website
  • Above Eleven Bangkok

Tichuca Rooftop Bar

day time view of tichuca rooftop bar in bangkok

Tichuca is probably the most Instagrammable rooftop bar in Bangkok.

It is located near Thonglor BTS, on the 42nd floor of the T-ONE Building.

This rooftop bar has a great view, but it’s definitely the Tiki vibe that attracts all the girls.

The cocktails there are pretty good, but the service is not as good as it could be.

That being said, it’s still a great place if you want to get that unique photo and have a good drink while enjoying the sunset in Bangkok.

  • Prices: Around 350 THB ++ for a cocktail, and 200 THB ++ for a beer.
  • Dress Code: Smart casual. They don't seem to have any particular dress code.
  • Price : ฿฿
  • Facebook
  • Tichuca Rooftop Bar

Mojjo Lounge Bar And Vanilla Sky Bar

mojjo rooftop bar lounge bangkok

I finally had the chance to try Mojjo Rooftop Bar in Jan 2020 and it was disappointing, to say the least.

The place is ok.

The view is not the most impressive you will find but the design is cool and there's a nice relaxed vibe to it.

Away from other places packed with tourists.

But when it comes to cocktails, they've got nothing impressive to offer.

Priced at around 350 THB++, you expect the cocktails to be excellent.

And they're just average at best.

Really disappointing.

And even if you want to trade cocktails for some good liquor, you will run into a really limited selection.

They have a large choice of Whiskeys, but no rare or interesting bottles, mostly classics you find everywhere else.

And for rum lovers like me, you pretty much only have the choice between Diplomatico, some Dictador, and Zacapa 23.

I guess if you want some good bottles you have to go to their Whisky and Cigar Bar on the same floor, Character.

It has a great selection of over 100 cigars and some high-end liquor.

I'll be back to try that.

For now, if you want to go to Mojjo rooftop, check their Facebook page and try it when they have some special event or deal going on.

outdoor sits and view on the city at vanilla sky a rooftop bar in bangkok

Otherwise, just head upstairs to the higher rooftop of Compass Skyview called Vanilla Sky Bar.

It's closer to the vibe you get at Octave with a better view and drinks than Mojjo.

  • Prices: Around 360 THB ++ for a cocktail.
  • Dress Code: Smart Casual. They don't seem to have any particular dress code.
  • Price : ฿฿
  • Website
  • Mojjo Rooftop Lounge Bar

Sky Bar

Sky Bar at Lebua hotel is also known as the Hangover rooftop since it was featured in the Hangover 2 movie.

It's often listed as the most famous rooftop bar in Bangkok, mostly because of the movie and its past popularity.

daytime view of sky bar a rooftop in bangkok

Frankly, it has probably one of the best views.

There's incredible scenery from the 65th floor with a great view of the Chao Phraya river.

No doubt, the view is amazing.

It’s definitely worth checking out and it should be on your bucket list.

But make sure you’re ready to spend about 800 THB ++ for a cocktail.

Because on top of being too classy for me with their fancy dress code and staff, it’s really overpriced.

And I’m just talking about drinks.

If you want to dine there, it’s on all other levels.

What I recommend is to go there once in your life, take a few pictures and go spend your money elsewhere.

Bangkok has a lot of better options for that kind of money you can find better restaurants in Bangkok.

  • Prices: Around 1,200 THB ++ for a cocktail!
  • Dress Code: No Sportswear. No flip-flops. No sleeveless tops, open shoes, or shorts for men.
  • Price : ฿฿฿
  • Website
  • Skybar Bangkok

Vertigo And Moon Bar

Here’s the one I used to recommend the most.

But it’s not the case anymore.

It used to be the highest rooftop bar in Bangkok, but now Sky Beach at the Mahanakhon Tower has the most impressive view.

vertigo and moon bar bangkok

Now if you're there for a good drink or dinner, forget about it too.

The cocktails are almost all over 590 THB++ (it's okay, you pay for the view) but they're terrible!

Regarding the food, I've had the same feedback from clients and friends.

It's ok, not great, and really expensive.

And there are some really amazing restaurants in Bangkok for the same price.

My advice: Skip it entirely, go for a drink at Sky Beach bar, and have dinner at a nice restaurant in Silom or Sathorn.

  • Prices: Around 590 THB++ for a cocktail, and 300 THB++ for a beer.
  • Dress Code: Smart casual but no shorts, sleeveless shirts, sandals or flip-flops
  • Price : ฿฿฿
  • Website
  • Vertigo


abar rooftop bar of marriott marquis queens park in bangkok

I finally went to check out Abar Rooftop at the huge Marriott Marquis Queens Park in Sukhumvit 22.

It's more a place to chill and have a great drink to start the night than a rooftop bar with an incredible view that will blow your mind.

But it has a nice relaxing vibe and a cool setup.

Perfect to have a slow time with family and friends.

  • Prices: Around 375 THB ++ for a cocktail, 335 THB++ for a craft beer.
  • Dress Code: Smart casual but no shorts, sleeveless shirts, sandals, or flip-flops.
  • Price : ฿฿
  • Website
  • Abar and Abar Rooftop


Brewski is the perfect place if you're in for a cold one, with a great view of Bangkok in a location that isn't packed with tourists pushing to get a selfie.

brewski bangkok craft beer sunset

Brewski is located at the top of the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel on Sukhumvit 27.

It is more casual, more laidback, and comes with a great selection of craft beers.

I won't lie, there's nothing breathtaking about the place but it's nice and relaxing.

And usually less crowded than other popular rooftop bars.

The perfect place for a drink after work or when you need a break from all the tourist' attractions.

The food is also great.

  • Prices: Around 350 THB ++ for a cocktail, 280 THB ++ for a beer.
  • Dress Code: Smart casual, no singlets, flip flops, or swimwear are permitted.
  • Price : ฿฿
  • Facebook
  • Brewski

sky bar bangkok sunset

That’s a non-exhaustive list, of course, I’m only talking about what I know.

There's a ton of other rooftop bars like:

  • Cielo
  • Nest
  • Red Sky Bar
  • Cru Champagne Bar
  • ...

If you want to find a complete list of rooftop bars in Bangkok you can check the Rooftop Guide or BK Magazine's selection.

And if you're looking for the right spots to go out in Bangkok, check out my guide of Bangkok nightlife.

Now if you made it to the end, thanks a lot for reading, and let me know what is your favorite rooftop bar in Bangkok in the comments.

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