How to Find and Rent a Condo in Bangkok ?

Looking for a condo to rent in Bangkok is one of the most exciting things about life as an expat here.

But with so many options it can be quite a headache and really time-consuming too.

Good news for you, we went through the process recently and here are few tips and things you need to know when you're looking for a condo in Bangkok.

From where to find offers to what papers you need to sign the agreement and how to move to your new place.

I'm gonna list everything you need to know.

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Where to find condos for rent in Bangkok ?

With so many empty condos in Bangkok, it's not hard to find a ton of options.

On the other side, it's easy to get lost in the endless listings and spend a lot of time looking at different apartments.

In my opinion, the best is to spend about 30 minutes every day on some of the websites and Facebook groups I'm gonna list below and send messages to all the listings you like.

The agents often come back to you in a matter of hours and if the unit you like isn't available anymore, they usually offer something similar.

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Property websites

There's a bunch of websites that list all the condos for rent in Bangkok.

And even if most posts are not up to date, that gives you an idea of prices and that give the agents that you contact an idea of what you're looking for.

So spend some time exploring the different listings and drop a message on any listing you like.

Then, wait for the agent or owners to get back to you.

Most of them answer on the same day.

The most popular websites to find condos in Bangkok are :

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Facebook groups

Facebook has a lot of really active groups where owners and agents share condos for rent all day, every day.

The listings are usually more up to date than most websites above but you still have some outdated posts that were not marked as sold.

Now, be ready to be spammed with agents as soon as you comment on any of the posts.

They're hungry for sales and a lot of them will flood your PM.

Here are the main Facebook groups with condos for rent and sale in Bangkok :

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What do you need to check when you visit a condo ?

Whenever you visit a condo in Bangkok, you need to have a checklist of things to ask and look for.

I would recommend starting with that :

  • Always double-check the price, and ask what's included and what's not. Also, ask for a rough estimation of what the previous person paid for electricity and water.
  • Check for constructions in the neighborhood. If they're building a new condo next to yours, not only it will probably block the view, it also means you will hear the construction day and night for several months or years.
  • Make a complete list of all furniture/equipment and take photos of everything. Most condos in Bangkok are furnished which is great. But make sure you take notes and photos about everything that is there. That will help you get your deposit back when you move out.
  • Look for bugs (ants, cockroaches...), and ask how often they treat the building. Nobody wants a good looking condo stuffed with cockroaches.
  • Visit the condo during the day and at night. There's always something going on in Bangkok, it's almost like 2 different cities during day and night. You want to know what's happening around the condo (street food stalls, traffic, constructions...).

visit of an apartment in bangkok

Should you take an agent or go directly with the owner ?

Like in most countries, going directly with the owner is usually cheaper.

But having an agent doesn't cost a lot more in Bangkok.

Sometimes it's even the same price as the landlord gives a month commission to them.

And taking an agent mean you can rely on someone that knows the market, the different areas and that can look for the right condo for you.

As I said before, there's a ton of condos available in Bangkok at the moment.

It can be really time-consuming to go through all the listings.

And there are always things you won't see because you don't know the market or the different condos.

So if you have a reliable agent, you can let them do the heavy work for you.

Of course, not all agents are the same but we found a few great ones during our search :

What about the duration of the contract ?

Most contracts in Bangkok are for a year, renewable.

That is usually what a "long term rental" is here, but if you want to commit for longer you can negotiate the price down.

Now if you're looking for a shorter duration :

  • For 1 or 2 months, Airbnb tends to be the best option. Most condos won't allow you to stay less than 6 months, it's just too much paperwork for them.
  • For 6 months and more, again, you're gonna have to negotiate. Most of the websites and agencies we listed above can do it if you insist or if you can pay the whole amount upfront.

Moving to a new condo

Most condos for rent in Bangkok are furnished.

So the good news is you only have your stuff to move.

If you're like us and able to fit all your life in a small truck, you can use Grab App (the same as for taxis) and choose Delivery then "pick-up truck".

It depends on how much stuff you got, but to give you an idea, for us the small truck was enough and it only cost us 450฿ for 1 hour, with 2 people helping us to load and unload.

infinity pool at a condo in bangkok

In short, everything you need to know to rent a condo in Bangkok

Here's what to keep in mind :

  • Look for condos online
  • Get an agent
  • Double-check everything
  • Ask a ton of questions

But there are a few more tips I would add.

🐵 Mojo Tips

  • Pick an area, one that you like or that is close to your work. Go walk around to see if any condominium catches your attention. Then talk to the juristic office or look for units there on websites and Facebook groups.
  • Be flexible with your budget, something closer to the BTS might be a bit more expensive but will help you save a lot of time and money over time.
  • Find the right agent, that will offer you more options similar to condos you like (and who will negotiate the price for you).
  • Move fast, when you find an apartment that you really like. The best condos usually disappear really fast (sometimes in just days).
  • But not too fast, visit at least 10 condos if you can to have a taste of what's out there and what suits you best. A good agent can squeeze that many visits in a day or two.
  • Negotiate, or ask the agent to do it for you. There's a lot of condos on the market right now, use it at your advantage.


For most condos a copy of your passport and your visa is enough.

You need to pay 3 months of rent upfront. 2 as a deposit that will be refunded when you move out, and 1 for the first month of rent.

A condo if you want access to more amenities, a house if you want more space.

Usually, condos tend to be more convenient because you have everything like a gym, a pool, security, parking... while houses and especially townhouses tend to be cheaper per square meter, they often come with fewer features than condos.

I hope that will help you to find the perfect condo in Bangkok.

It's no rocket science to find a condo to rent in Bangkok so I'm sure you'll be fine.

Now if you want to know more about life as an expat in Bangkok, what the cost of living is like, how to get around Bangkok, what's the best area to stay there, and a lot more, check this page.

Are you looking for a condo in Bangkok?

Did you find one recently?

Share your questions or tips below.

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  1. Hi Mojomatt,
    Great article, there are a few old serviced apartments down off soi 2, Soi 8 and soi 16 Sukumvit that dont seem to be on the web, but big rooms and resonable unfortunately involves walking and asking directly.

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