The Best Sources of News in Thailand (in English)

Where do you go to keep up with what's going on in Thailand?

Part of keeping a clean information diet is to handpick where you get your news from.

Subscribe to every newspaper and online magazine and you will go completely nut.

But don't read any of them and you'll get in trouble at some point, especially when you're living overseas.

So for anyone interested in following daily news about Thailand, here are the best news sources in Thailand according to an expat.

richard barrow website screenshot

Richard Barrow

That's someone every expat living in Thailand should follow on Twitter or Facebook.

Richard Barrow is a blogger writing about Thailand and covering a large range of topics from tourist destinations in Thailand to visa issues.

He came to my attention after his great coverage of the TM30 issue in 2019 and his daily posts during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The number one person to follow if you're living in Thailand.

  • Website

TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand)

The official source of information for everything related to travel and tourism in Thailand.

Great to have up to date information about tourist visas, places to visit, cultural events, and more.

  • Website

pr thai government facebook page screenshot

PR Thai Gov

The Official Facebook page of the Thai Government in English!

I discovered this one recently thanks to Richard Barrow and it's game-changing.

If like me you're tired of clickbait titles made by newspapers that want you to click at all costs and don't provide any clear and accurate information, follow this page instead.

Everything you need to know about life in Thailand, visas, government, new laws, immigration, and more is there.

  • Facebook

bangkok post website screenshot

Bangkok Post

To stay sane I would recommend you to watch the amount of press you read.

Personally I've picked only one household Thai newspaper to follow and it's the Bangkok Post.

They've got great journalists, do a good enough coverage of everything related to Thailand as well as some regional and international matters.

On top of that, I love that they're not afraid to speak their mind about politics and what is going in the country.

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screenshot of the Thai news website Thisrupt


Another news website I discovered recently on Facebook.

Thisrupt seems to be run by a young generation of Thai journalists tired of the way the government controls the media and the country.

Can't tell they're 100% unbiased but they're offering a different point of view on the issues and news in Thailand.

They also make great videos that explain some historic facts and cultural traditions in Thailand.

  • Website

the thaiger website screenshot

The Thaiger

The Thaiger is a mix between a news site and a lifestyle magazine covering both political issues and local stories.

Great for expats to get a glimpse at what's going on in Thailand beyond politics and visa issues.

They're also often the first ones to talk about big announcements or events in the country.

  • Website

bkmagazine website screenshot

BK Magazine

When I don't need to keep up with big newspapers, BK Magazine is the only thing I read.

They cover everything lifestyle in Bangkok and Thailand with reviews of restaurants, bars, clubs, events, hotels, activities, and more.

They also dig into really important topics like What's the Best Doughnut in Bangkok or What's the best ice cream you can find in a convenience store.

A must-read for anyone spending an extended amount of time in Bangkok.

  • Website

siam2nite website screenshot cropped


Siam2nite is the best source of news in Thailand for party animals.

They cover everything about the best parties in Bangkok and beyond.

Concerts, bars, clubs, music festivals, pool parties, food festivals, and much more... a must follow if you're a party animal too.

  • Website

pinterest image for news in thailand blog post on mojomatt

Where Do you Get Daily News in Thailand?

Honestly, that should be enough to cover any type of news you need.

But if you read something different, let me know what in the comments below.

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