MojoSons Events, the crazy life of an event planner in Thailand

I moved to Thailand in 2016 to look for an opportunity to open a café or a bar in Bangkok with a friend.

A few months later, I'm starting an event planning agency with a different guy I've just met.

Let's be honest, getting into the Bachelor Party / Private Parties / Yacht Trips / Bikini Models business was never the plan.

But I've learned to go with the flow and ride every opportunity I meet.

And so far, I must say, it has been a hell of a ride!

So If you've never heard of MojoSons Events yet, here's what we do:

We organize Epic Parties for Amazing People!

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Why we Started MojoSons Events?

Because we're guys in our twenties and all we can think about is parties, girls, alcohol, clubs...

We both want to live like Dan Bilzerian and we knew from the beginning we're not the only ones.

Hanging out with beautiful models, VIP clubbing, Yacht Parties, private shows in Penthouses… for most of the guys, that's the best life you can get.

And Thailand happens to be one of the places in the world to experience this kind of lifestyle without breaking the bank.

So we quickly decided to turn our passion for partying and our experience of Bangkok and Pattaya nightlife in a Business.

With a ton of sleepless nights out, my experience as a bartender and event planner, and Nathan's (my partner) network and ability to speak fluent Thai, we had everything we needed to get started.

We want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy Thailand as much as we do, and it's a lot easier when you got the right contacts and knowledge.

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What do we do at MojoSons Events ?

We organize all types of private parties from Bachelor Parties to Corporate Events.

But for the majority of our events, it's private parties in Bangkok and/or Pattaya for guys with hot Thai Models (our MojoBabes).

We're here for those who want to have the best party experience in Thailand without worrying about the details or the organization.

It doesn't matter what kind of parties you're planning, we've got you covered with the best deals in Thailand and we can guarantee you will have a great time.

As long as it's a party or a celebration, we're up for the task. We can do it all.

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A few stories with MojoSons Events

This is by far one of the most interesting and fun business I've been a part of.

Not the easiest, not the safest, but definitely one worth waking up every morning.

With 200 events I've got stories to tell for years, and I'm not gonna be shy sharing them :

There are good things about going with the flow.

That's how you end up living things you never thought were possible.


And if you want to read more stories about MojoSons and have info to plan your trip/party in Thailand, check out our Blog. I’m the one writing the posts there too.

And to see what services we offer, check the company website:

How is it like to run a Business in Thailand ?

I don't know for all companies, but MojoSons Events is a hell of a rollercoaster.

Sure I got a lot of stories to tell but that comes at a price, often a lot of stress and problems to fix.

At least we've got a ton of experience and stories to share from it.

Some too good to be true, some WTF⁇, some really fucked up and of course a lot of fun ones...

If you ever wondered what are the behind the scenes of our parties and what's really on going except what you see on Instagram or Facebook, just read the stories I've linked above or follow me on Instagram.

And if you're more interested in the business side, and what's it's like to run a company in Thailand, here's my take on it:

Even though it's quite glamorous when you look at the pictures, it's in reality way more than drinking shots and eating sushi off naked girls.