MizzThai Review : Find Single Travel Companion in Thailand

MizzThai is the dating app that wants to help you find a travel companion for your trip to Thailand.

And more if affinity.


You should try ThaiFriendly instead.

That sounds quite interesting to me as I've been asked countless times to find travel companions for guys coming to Thailand when I was organizing bachelor parties and trips.

So when MizzThai popped up on my radar as the new dating site that connects single guys with Thai girls and ladyboys who want to tag along as travel companions I knew I had to have a look at it.

But we all want to know:

  • What’s behind the term travel companion?
  • What’s the difference between Mizz Thai and other Thai dating apps?
  • Is it really free?

There's a ton of questions around that dating site that I'm gonna do my best to answer them in this review.

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What's Special About MizzThai ?

Right away, there are a few things that make Mizz Thai standout from other Thai dating apps I've tried.

  • It's FREE to use. That includes unlimited messages and access to every member of the app even without a premium membership.
  • You can find guys, girls, and ladyboys. So it's really a dating app for everyone.
  • People on the app are looking for travel companions, friendship, relationships, marriage, or fun. The app is clearly open to every sexual orientation and all types of relationships.
  • You can create travel plans. That's the main difference between MizzThai and other dating apps. You can create travel plans and invite people to join or request to join plans others have created.
  • They have a really good looking app. Even though it got some of the worst reviews I've seen, it actually works really well on my Android phone.

That's to give you a quick overview of what MizzThai is about.

Now let's have a closer look at what it has to offer.

MizzThai Sign Up

mizzthai signup form

It's free to sign up on MizzThai and only take a few minutes.

You only need to complete 1 form and to upload 1 photo.

That's by far one of the fastest signup processes you can find in any dating site.

When you create your profile you need to provide some information and answer a few questions, including :

  • Age
  • City
  • A short description
  • Relationship status
  • Sexual Orientation (straight, bisexual, gay...)
  • What you're here for (Dating, friendship, marriage, fun only, travel, guide or whatever)
  • Level of English
  • Level of Thai
  • If you're smoking
  • If you're drinking
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Line ID
  • Income
  • Places you want to travel to (in Thailand)
  • Travel activities you like

That's pretty interesting in many ways.

At first, the app was mainly focused on connecting single foreign guys to Thai travel companions (mostly girls and ladyboys).

Now it's open to everyone.

No matter what your sexual orientation is or the kind of relationship you're looking for.

You can look for guys, girls, Thai girls, Thai guys or ladyboys, or all of them.

As for the travel part, the few questions related to travel feel like the right amount of information you need to find the right people you want to share a trip with or even date.

And at the same time, it keeps the sign-up process pretty short.


map of dating profiles on mizz thai

The web version of MizzThai is a bit clunky and simple but it does the job.

The website is really responsive, easy to navigate and there's a lot of information without being overwhelming.

The different tabs include :

  • Search Members. To browse through all the profiles on the app, even with a free account. You can use filters for the search to find specific profiles.
  • Member Photos. All the latest photos uploaded by members on the website.
  • Members Map. A really cool feature where you can see all the members of the app on a map of the world. A good way to find single Thai girls, guys, or ladyboys around you or where you plan to travel.
  • Travels. Where you can see all the travel plans created by users. This part is only accessible on the web version and you need a premium membership to see them (more about that below).
  • Explorer Plan. To upgrade to a premium account.
  • My Matches. Where the dating site suggests you compatible people based on your description.

Overall MizzThai web version is really complete.

The profiles are also really cool with a design that looks like Facebook with a profile photo and cover image.

The messages tabs also look like the ones you can find on social media and appear at the bottom of the screen so you can keep browsing while you chat.

But let's get to what you want to know: How to find a date or travel companion on MizzThai?

Find a Travel Companion or a Date

Even if the headline of the site says "Thai Girls looking for travel companions", don't expect anything revolutionary, MizzThai is a dating app.

One with nothing really surprising or new but I love that the clean interface makes it easy to find interesting people.

Right away you can browse all the dating profiles using filters to narrow down the research to specific criteria.

Or you can use the map (see photo above) to look at the members around you, or where you plan to travel.

The website also has a "Members Photo" tab where you see the latest photos uploaded on the platform.

From there, you can message the profiles you like, save them for later or send them a friend request like you would do on Facebook.

On the app, it's a bit different.

Again, you can find the browsing feature with a list of filters.

Or you can use the swipe function and let the app suggest you profiles. Much like Tinder do.

Overall it's pretty easy to connect with people and in minutes of signing up to the app, I already had a bunch of Thai girls messaging me.

MizzThai App

mizz thai dating app

MizzThai has an app for both iOS and Android.

The app actually has pretty bad reviews on both platforms so I wasn't expecting much from it but it turned out to be quite nice.

It's fast to load, well designed, pretty responsive, and has all the functionalities you would expect from a dating app.

You can send messages, swipe to find the perfect match, or browse the different profiles using filters to find the perfect date.

The only thing you can't do from the app is access or edits travel plans.

Except that it really does the job, and the app actually looks way better than other popular Thai dating apps I've tried (like Thaifriendly or Thaicupid).

  • MizzThai for Android
  • MizzThai for iOS

mizzthai logo mobile app

MizzThai Premium

The premium version of Mizz Thai, called “Explorer”, allow you to unlock extra features for between 8 and 30€ a month, depending on the subscription you chose.

If you use it a dating app, you can easily stick to the free version of MizzThai as it allows you to send unlimited messages.

But if you're planning a trip and you're looking for a travel companion, and maybe something more serious, you will need the premium version to browse the travel plans created by other members and see all the information on the profiles.

Extra features

  • No Ads
  • Can view all the information on profiles
  • Allow comments on photos and profiles
  • Allow status updates and comments
  • Display last login date
  • Add to Hot List
  • View Travel Plans
  • Comment on Travel Plans


MizzThai premium subscriptions cost :

  • 29,95€ for 1 month
  • 39,95€ for 3 months (13,32€ per month)
  • 69.95€ for 6 months (11,66€ per month)
  • 99,95€ for 1 year (8,33€ per month)

Payment can only be made by credit/debit card or with Google Pay or Apple Pay directly through the app.

MizzThai Dating App cover photo

Pros and Cons

MizzThai is surprisingly really good.

A lot better than what you would expect when you look at a lot of reviews or even at their homepage.

It's actually a great alternative for those looking for a dating app less crowded or who want to find the right date for a trip to Thailand.

👍 Pros :

  • Open to everyone (guys, girls, ladyboys)
  • Unlimited messaging with the free version
  • Can see all users on the app
  • Can create and join travel plans
  • Simple and fast website
  • Nice app

👎 Cons :

  • Not as many users as other big Thai dating sites
  • 1 month membership is expensive
  • Premium payment only by credit/debit card


With the free version of MizzThai you can send unlimited messages, browse all the profiles and add travel plans.

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What I Think About MizzThai

To be honest, based on the reviews I've seen from the Google Play Store I wasn't expecting much from MizzThai.

But after signing up I was actually surprised by how ok it looks and how well it works.

First, I received messages from 7 different Thai girls in minutes after I signed up.

That's usually a pretty good sign.

Then the dating app actually has way more people on it than I expected. Including girls, guys, and ladyboys from all over Thailand.

And as for the app, it actually looks really good.

It's simple to use, responsive, well designed, and even has a swipe function like Tinder.

Overall, MizzThai is more a dating app that added a function to find travel buddies than anything else.

But hey, why not.

At least it's different from other Thai dating apps that all look the same.

And even if it has way fewer members than Thaifriendly, Thaicupid or Thaiflirting, at least its mobile app looks better and it makes it easy to find travel companions.

So to conclude this review, and like for every other review I do where the product is free, I will tell you the same. Try it by yourself!

It's FREE to sign up so don't waste your time reading reviews.

thai dating app mizzthai

More about MizzThai

MizzThai is a Thai dating website that connects single guys and Thai girls and ladyboys.

Especially those looking for travel companions to explore Thailand.

Thanks for reading my review of MizzThai!

If you're looking for a date in Thailand, check my list of Thai dating apps for more options.

Now if you've tried MizzThai, please let us know in the comment how it went.

We're curious to know more about it.

And if you have any questions, feel free to ask below.

I'll get back to you as soon as I sober up.

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