Where to Repair your Mac in Bangkok ?

Almost every week I see someone asking in some Facebook group "Where can I get my Mac fixed in Bangkok ?".

As a Mac or Macbook owner, we all know Mac repairs can get really expensive, especially at Apple.

But that doesn't mean we're gonna trust any shop to fix a computer that costs a couple of thousands of dollars.

I got good news for you, in Bangkok, there's a few really good shops that repair Mac products fast and at a really good price.

So what is the best shop to repair your Mac in Bangkok?

Dr Macbook in Bangkok

Dr Macbook

That's always the number one answer that comes up when people ask where they can get their Mac fixed in Bangkok.

Dr Macbook is both reliable and "inexpensive" (at least compared to Apple's prices).

They're also really pro and straight forward.

They do a diagnostic of your device and be transparent with about what it's gonna cost and how long it will take.

As one of the most popular mac repair shops in Bangkok, they also have a lot of parts in stock. That means in the best scenario they can fix your Mac in a few hours or days.

I went there twice, the first time to do a cleaning of my Macbook Pro that was overheating and the second time to replace the battery.

Both times it was done in just a few hours and got no problem since then.

Oh, and note that they repair every Apple products, including iPad and iPhones.

  • Dr Macbook Thailand

Baan Mac in Bangkok

Baan Mac

Baan Mac is another good address to repair your Mac in Bangkok.

They've fixed the screen and the graphic card of my Macbook Pro a few years ago.

The communication was a bit more complicated as the person at the counter didn't speak really good English (and I don't speak Thai) but they fixed my Macbook in a few days and it has been working fine since.

They also buy and sell any Apple product so if you're in the market to sell your old Mac or to buy a used model, that a good address too.

  • Baan Mac Bangkok

Apple store at Iconsiam in Bangkok

Apple Store at Iconsiam

The only official Apple Store in Bangkok is at IconSiam, on the other side of the river.

The shop itself and the mall next to it is worth paying it a visit at least to do some window shopping.

Of course, they have all the latest Apple products and accessories and they can fix your Mac and other Apple products.

  • Apple Store Iconsiam

apple authorized service provider locator

Apple Authorized Service Providers

If everything above failed, you can always go for one of the Apple Authorized Service Providers in Bangkok to repair your Mac.

But expect the same premium price as at the Apple Store.

There's a bunch of them around Bangkok but from my friends' experience, the service tends to be slow.

I know if I was going to pay the same price as with Apple, I would probably try to get my Mac fixed at the Apple Store.

  • Find an Authorized Service Provider in Bangkok

Fix Your Macbook in Bangkok blog post cover mojomatt.me

Where to get your Mac fixed in Bangkok ?

In 90% of the case, Dr Macbook will do the job and you can get your Mac repaired in just a few hours or days at a reasonable price.

You can also find a number of small shops at MBK or Pantip Plaza that offer Mac repairs in Bangkok, but that's personally a bet I'm not really to take with my Macbook.

But if you've tried it, let me know how it went in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Where to Repair your Mac in Bangkok ?”

  1. Mac Pro 6.1 (2013) A1481 – Can any of the internal parts for this computer be refurbished in Thailand to working condition. example Logic or Mother Board, I/O Wall or the Riser Card.
    Also finding it very hard to buy RAM for same computer, single 32GB sticks – DDR3 – 1866 Mhz
    I have 3 only 4 core CPU’s from this machine, should anyone want. I no longer need. They came out of working machines.
    Also have surplus 7 x 4 GB RAM.
    I am located 15 Km south of Pattaya, on Sukhumvit Rd (same Sukhumvit Rd that runs through BKK

    1. That’s a super specific question and I can’t give you an answer. Try to contact any of the shop listed in the post, they will tell you what you can do with that. So far Dr Macbook has always been my savior and managed to fix my macbook the ones from my friends (ranging from the 2015 model to the latest M1 model).

  2. Thank you very much for this accurate and reliable recommendation from you, i went to dr.macbook for my laptop battery replacement. and yup! no hustle and buzzle. no dramas and bugos, they told what to do and the price( of the new battery (i paid 2990bht) included installation and cleaning.. and i waited for an hour. and DONE! theyre really good.

  3. Thanks for the round-up.

    Have experience with Dr. Macbook, that saved my mac (litteraly from the dead), and were very helpful. So really happy. Then after a few other fixes, other issues showed up, and it went from bad to worse with them as they gave up, and gave me back my mbp in worse condition eveytime. Ended up paying me back so no hard feelings.

    Baan Mac solved everything the others told me was unfixable within a day, so big big plus for them!

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience Charly. Only had a positive experience with both, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to get a different opinion when you have a serious problem to fix. Both did a great job with my mac.

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