My First Experience With A Ladyboy in Bangkok

That’s quite an embarrassing story, but if I want this blog to work I better cut the bullshit and be honest with you.

As someone who organizes parties in Thailand and has been going out a lot here… I guess this was meant to happen at some point.

I promise I will share everything with you on this blog.

Even my unexpected experience with a Thai ladyboy. 🙈

Thai ladyboys in bikini at Miss Tiffany pageant in Thailand

But first…

About Ladyboys in Thailand

Let’s talk a little bit about Thai ladyboys first.

Or “Katoey” as they say in Thai. 🔞

Thailand is (unfortunately 🤔) famous around the globe for Ladyboys, Gogo bars, Sexpats… so much so that as an expat living in Bangkok, people always ask me about these things whenever I talk about my life here, especially those who have never been to Thailand. 🙈

But I must say, talking about Ladyboys is always interesting and often lead to funny debates. 🤪

Between the guys that are scared to be fooled and the ones that don’t want to say they’re curious to try, and sometimes really interested, it’s always a fun conversation to have.

But there are also a lot of misconceptions so let’s cover the basics things you should know about Thai ladyboys.

bangkok ladyboy bar

You have little chance to be fooled by a Thai Ladyboy

If like many people I’ve talked to you’re so scared about falling for a ladyboy, I got good news for you: It’s really unlikely to happen!

First, you’ll be able to spot it most of the time.

As much as 95% of the time. 😇

Usually from the first look, or maybe the second, you’re able to tell if it’s one or not.

Most of them will say openly on Tinder or other dating apps (like Thaifriendly, Thaicupid…) or when you meet them that they are ladyboys.

As for freelancers on these apps and in bars, ladyboys included, they are looking for customers and money.

Not for troubles.

So they won’t lie.

But whenever you got a doubt, just ask. 🤗

Because, yes, you can ask!

Girls in Thailand, especially the ones you find in tourist areas, have been asked a thousand times already.

A lot even feel the need to state on their dating profile “I’m not a Ladyboy”.

So I let you imagine how many guys have asked so they feel like they need to put it in their dating profile. 🙃

Just be funny and ask it nicely (and be ready to buy her a drink if you offend her!) 🍻

Now for the 5% left.

They are the ones that can easily seduce you because they look like stunning girls.

While they will almost always tell you at some point, if they don’t, as we like to say in Thailand, you have a good story to share with your friends! 😂

That’s exactly what happened to me. 🙈

But keep in mind that these hot ladyboys in the top 5% usually hang out in high-end venues.

They’re not working as freelancers and you won’t find them in backpackers clubs.

The hottest ladyboys make a really good living as models, and influencers… like the ones in the picture below.

They are the finalist of Miss Tiffany’s Universe beauty pageant, the equivalent of Miss Universe for Ladyboys.

tiffany international ladyboy contest
Yes, they are Thai Ladyboys.!

What happened with this Ladyboy in Bangkok?

After over 2 years in Thailand, a lot of nights out in Bangkok and Pattaya, and working with MojoSons, I’ve met a lot of ladyboys. 🙈

We’ve done Ladyboy Pranks in Bangkok and Pattaya for Bachelor Parties.

I’ve also shared a few buckets with some really ugly ones in Khao San Road and Nana.

And of course, I don’t count how many times some of them grabbed my dick in Nana or Walking Street… 😆

And the truth is, I usually don’t get fooled that easily. 🙃

That’s why this post is a hoax for April’s Fool Day.

I knew it would get everybody’s attention and it was about time I talk about Ladyboys to answer once and for all the questions you’ve been asking me. 😂

As I’m still living in Bangkok, I’m not done meeting and probably working with some of them… but as of April 1st, 2018, nothing happened (yet) between me and any ladyboy in Bangkok (and the rest of the world).  😂

hot Thai ladyboys and bikini models in Thailand
In the lift before a Ladyboy Prank in Bangkok

The truth about Ladyboys

The hidden truth behind all these ladyboys in Thailand, all the ladyboy bars, all the ladyboys working as freelancers… As you can guess, there are quite a lot of people into that. 😉

I’m no one to judge what people like.

If there’s one place on earth where you need to have an open mind, it’s Bangkok and Thailand in general. 😇

A lot of people come to Thailand to try it or because that’s something they really like. 🔥

Why? Because, it’s a girl’s body with a 🍆, or because you can do stuff we don’t imagine… Honestly, I don’t know.

I had this discussion so many times with so many different people and I still don’t have the answer.

I guess one day I will need to have this conversation with someone who really likes ladyboys to find out. 🤔

Or maybe not. I’m fine with not knowing too.

sexy Thai ladyboy with a white bikini

Where To Meet Thai Ladyboys?

For those of you who want to meet or date Thai ladyboys, you’ve got plenty of options in Bangkok and Thailand.

In Thailand in general, I would say dating apps like Thaicupid, Thaifriendly, Myladyboydate… 🔞

Now in Bangkok, there are quite a few in Khaosan Road, Silom (around the Patpong area), Soi 22, Soi Cowboy…

But the main area to find ladyboys in Bangkok is without a doubt Nana (Sukhumvit soi 4), Nana Plaza, and anywhere between Sukhumvit 4 and 11 at dawn.📍

Dating ladyboys online

Most dating apps and websites in Thailand have ladyboys on them and some are even dedicated to transgender dating.

Here are a few examples :

  • Thaifriendly is one of the most popular dating apps in Thailand with over 2.5. million users and thousands of ladyboys.
  • Thaicupid like other Thai dating apps also separates girls and ladyboys.
  • Seeking to find an attractive trans.
  • Smooci to find ladyboys escorts in Bangkok (and other countries).
  • Myladyboydate is only about dating ladyboys and transgenders.
bangkok ladyboy tinder
Thai Ladyboy on Tinder

A few tips to spot a ladyboy

Now if that’s not what you’re into and you’re scared to fall in the trap, here’s how to spot a Ladyboy :

  • Their Size, especially their feet, and hands. Thai Girls aren’t really tall in general, and they don’t have big feet. If she’s got bigger feet than you, that’s a hint.
  • Adam’s Apple. Obviously.
  • Their voice. Even though some of them got a really feminine voice, the vast majority sound like men.

I have one trick that I don’t recommend using but that usually works like a charm.

Pinch them gently. 🙊

Most ladyboys control their voice to sound like real girls.

But when you surprise them by accidentally walking on their foot or playfully pinching them, chances are they won’t control their voice and you’ll be able to hear their real voice as they react. 🤔

Do You Have A Story With A Ladyboy?

Don’t be shy, share it with us.

And if you still have any questions about ladyboys in Bangkok and Thai ladyboys in general, let me know in the comments!

I’m curious to know what’s your take on that! 😎

30 thoughts on “My First Experience With A Ladyboy in Bangkok”

  1. When I was in the US Army I was stationed in Danang, VietNam. Took a two week R&R with a fellow soldier and we went to Bangkok. I must say we had a really great time. Met up with a couple gals (which turned out to be ladyboys) but at that time, who really cared. They stuck with us for a week and a half, and my friend and I provided for whatever they needed. We both hated to depart and head back to Danang, but we still have our memories.

    1. Love that story Harry, thanks for sharing! And there’s a lot of people with the same story. I’ve seen many guys finding out it’s a ladyboy later in the night and being fine with it. I guess they take it as a once in a lifetime experience and even if they probably would never do it back home, they let things happen here because it’s Thailand. How funny.

  2. Retired and moved to Pattaya about 3 years ago. It’s been such a nice change from my life I had in the boring United States. I’m currently dating a ladyboy and love the ladyboys here soo much.

      1. Hi Mojomatt. I’m a in Canada – Montreal. But I would to make a tour at Bangkok in this next winter .
        Do you address on the discretion place for accomodate hotel with ladyboys around by walking please?

        And it could have sporty complexes soccer to run during the trip ?

        I ‘m a black guys ( straight).


        1. Hey Mario, I’m not sure I understand your request.
          You’re looking for hotels near a place where you can meet ladyboys? And close to a place where you can run?
          Am I getting it right? 😄


    i was 17years old and just broke up with my ex gf. we go there with my family and i had own bungalow.
    I was drunk with rum on beach party after xmas and dance with girls and i pick the best looking girl and start talking to her and offered beer. Im my bungalow i realised she is ladyboy. She calmed me down and we talk and after that we was on one week together, and she took my ass virginity and teach me to be bottom what i never expext to try. im happy i accidendly done that

    1. And I’m glad you found the urge to share it here. I can tell you you’re not the only one who found out they loved ladyboys after coming to Thailand 😁

  4. Stumbled on this article, somewhat randomly 😉

    I visit Thailand often, it’s one of my go to holiday destinations, as it’s close to my home of Australia. I’m actually planning to move to Bangkok when COVID subsides for work (I work in hotel management)

    During my second last trip I was out with my mate who lives there and his wife, who had a ladyboy friend join us. Was never interested in meeting ladyboys but she was cute so as the drinks poured I started getting flirty with her. By the end of the night I thought ‘fuck it’ and asked her to stay the night with me. Got back to the hotel and ended up having some of the best sex I’ve ever had.. My mate messaged me in the morning surprised I actually did it hah. Needless to say we spent a lot of time together that holiday

    My last trip, she had unfortunately started dating someone so that was off the cards. Decided to take the plunge again and hit up Thaifriendly. That trip ended up being exclusively ladyboy.

    I’ve become a changed man. I still like woman, but I will take a cute ladyboy over a woman 100% of the time. Still don’t even know why, I’m not a bottom, and still a ‘virgin’ back there, so that ain’t it… there’s just something since that first experience that I now find utterly irresistible about them

    Life huh? 😀

  5. Once you try ladyboys there is no going back 😀 Maybe you try them again and like them as much as genuine girls. Some man stay with the GG(genuine girls), some stay with ladyboys. Some have 50/50 both. But you have been warned. It is something you have to really consider about.

    1. True! I am going to break up my bf because of his obessesion with ladyboy. He likes to suck dick too. He’s 50-50 but I rather not share my bf with anyone.

  6. Krister Alf Andersson

    I have had the luck of meeting a beautiful ladyboy from Thailand she will visit me shortly. I have dated a transowman here earlier and it should be great

      1. Krister Alf Andersson

        A .couple of months ago online. the bad thing is this stupid travelrestrictions otherwise I would have gone to Bangkok long ago. She is in her early forties and work as an accountant or something. ANd boy is she beatuiful. She does not like to live in Bangkok.

  7. Krister Alf Andersson

    By all means it is called bodycontact it is a Swedish datingsite for homosexuals and transgirls and men that likes them. She was recommended by a friend that is married to a Norwegian fellow and there is where I met her. She have told me that she had a boyfriend that treated her badly she was just a sextoy for him. One of the things she liked about me was that I was looking for marriage and she also told me that she and her ladyboy friends like tall white men and since I am a nord well you get the picture. She does not like the term ladyboy though.

  8. Krister Alf Andersson

    My beautiful ladyboy has arrived she came a few days ago ans hse is even more lovely in person I am a very lucky man indeed

  9. Krister Alf Andersson

    I have taken her to some restaurants and boy is she a headturner with her long black hair, big breasts and slim build, she look absolutely amazing in stockings, high heels and a dress. She is also pleasurable company very intelligent and knowledgable. And the sex is incredible. I am a very lucky man that have met such an amazing woman

  10. Krister Alf Andersson

    Things are going great. She is very nice company though she does not like the snow much, hi hi. And I think I love her.

  11. Krister Alf Andersson

    She has to return to Thailand after the holidays sadly, but my what a woman she is. I am going to ask her to marry me. As a wise man said once you go trans there is no turning back. this woman is inqusitive, willing to try new things like Swedish dishes, intelligent, well educated and not a bloody feminist

    Good for you . . . I hope it all works out GREAT for BOTH of you . . . Asian trans women (lady boys) can be incredibly wonderful LOVERS, and faithful, life-long COMPANIONS, to any male.

  13. So now we can travel again, I am planning to go to BKK in June/July – best place/s to meet a LB and have some fun?

  14. Found this by accident so thought I’d leave a comment, I live in Chiang Mai, have done for the last 8 years. When I first got here, really hadn’t thought about ladyboys much, except got grabbed by one in Soi 4 Sukhumvit and told her to bugger
    I had met plenty of ladies and was actually keen on one when I went for a fateful massage one afternoon and a pretty ladyboy, I knew she was and kind of liked the thought, took me in for a rub, and to cut to the chase, we gave each other oral and made out.. a bit of a shock afterwards, but it was incredibly intense. I found myself scrolling through ThaiFriendly and two days later, met up with another one, then another, and another.. then second one took my anal virginity and I discovered I loved being bottom, it felt so good..
    Since then, I have been in several relationships with ladyboys, no one cares here, Thais don’t bat a eye, and it’s only westerners who get weird.
    I am actually married to a Thai lady, three years now, we have a good relationship and business together, but she doesn’t like sex, that’s not unusual, given the very conservative culture here, but she’s okay with me seeing ladyboys and having sex with them, she told me she’s ,more concerned I’ll run off with another woman, go figure….

  15. Ahh i’ve been totally straight all my life but recently I’m madly attracted to thai ladyboys…When i was younger someone told about them and i thought ‘ohh it’ s horrible and pervy’ but now they are my no.1 objects of desire ❤️

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