Konkord Cocktail Bar in Sukhumvit 11

As soon as I saw the neon sign of Konkord showing up on my Instagram feed I knew something interesting was happening.

Konkork is a new cocktail bar in Sukhumvit soi 11 where the founders of Tropic City and the founder of Sugar Ray's (2 popular and awarded cocktail bars in Bangkok) join forces to shake one more time the local cocktail scene.

The least I can say is that the hype got me excited.

So of course I had to go get look at what is really going on there.

neon sign of konkord bar in Bangkok

About Konkord

To be honest, the entrance doesn't give away much about the place.

A discrete sign, a small terrace on Soi 11 and one of the smallest bar you've ever seen with only 8 seats.

But with the speakeasy bar trend taking over the world and all those so called "secret bars" I know better than to judge a bar by its cover.

So make you way in and when you go trough the secret entrance, that's where Konkord show it's real face.

Right there, in that "secret" bar, it's a whole different story.

The main bar inside feature a nice retro futurist design that set it appart from the other cocktails bars in Bangkok.

Concrete and wood all over the place, red seats, black stools, plants behind glasses, blue lights and a big red neon sign, the look is really unique and refreshing.

Finally we've got something different from all the cocktail bars inspired by the prohibition.

interior of the konkord cocktail bar

What's special about the bar ?

The design, far from the prohibition style speakeasy we're used to see everywhere else.

The stylish decoration with its red light, the plants behind glasses and the vinyl seats give a really special vibe to the place.

The music also play a key role with an eclectic playlist played through a perfect sound system.

It adds to the atmosphere and the owners have promised to bring international and locals DJs on a regular basis to shake the place. (Check their facebook for upcoming events)

The cocktail menu also stand out with both classics and original creations that suit both cocktail lovers and casual drinkers.

cocktails at konkord cocktail bar

How are the cocktails ?

Great ! Absolutely on point with what you expect from a cocktail bar with that much hype and such talents behind it.

On top of that, the drinks are accessible.

Meaning you don't need to be a cocktail snob who tried all the Old Fashioned and other classics recycled everywhere else to appreciate what's served there.

For example, the cocktail I ordered is called It Makes You Forget (And no doubt if you drink a few you will) and pack :

  • Hibiscus infused Beefeater Gin
  • D.O.M Bénéfictine
  • Crème de Cassis
  • Lime
  • Soda
  • Angostura Bitters

A funny name for a cocktail served in a tall glass with only a small garnish on the top. The cocktail doesn't need more to impress, the taste speak for itself.

I don't tell you more about the menu and I leave you the pleasure to discover the cocktails there.

I can only recommend you to try the original cocktails (as you should in every cocktail bar you visit) because the menu is great and the staff know its craft.

As for the price, cocktails start from 330฿++.

*++ mean : + service charge (10%) and + VAT (7%)

What’s the vibe / crowd like ?

To be completely honest, I went there on a Tuesday around 11pm during the soft opening period and it was completely empty.

So it's hard to judge.

But the music was great and the staff super nice and happy to get to work, even if it was just for us.

They're planning a lot of events with DJs and based on the location and the quality of the drinks, no doubt it will quickly become a popular hub in Soi 11.

menu of konkord cocktail bar

How to get there ?

You can take a taxi or tuk tuk and head to Sukhumvit Soi 11.

But as the traffic is always bad in that soi, the best option is to take the BTS to Nana station and then walk a few minutes in Soi 11.

neon sign of konkord bar in Bangkok

More about Konkord Bar

According to this post by Bk Magazine Konkord plan to host special events regularly with local and international DJs and probably some guest bartenders as well.

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to learn about their upcoming events.

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  • Instagram
  • Website
  • Konkord Bangkok

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And if you've been to Konkord, let me know what you think in the comments.

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