16+ Ideas for a Date in Bangkok

Desperately looking for an idea for your next date in Bangkok?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you.

Whether you’re looking for something romantic, fun, unusual, or even free, this list is for you.

So where to take you date in Bangkok?

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Romantic Date Ideas

What is more romantic than Bangkok? Paris, Rome, Venice?

Even if all these cities have good arguments, Bangkok has more options that will make her or his heart melt without breaking the bank.

So if you’re looking to impress the one you love, here are some ideas.

Dinner Cruise

I know it sounds cliché.

But a nice dinner cruise on the Chao Phraya river is one of the most romantic things you can do in Bangkok.

And dinner cruise doesn’t always rhyme with boring.

There’s a lot of different types of cruises, for all budgets, some more romantic than others, and some more fun with a DJ, Live band, or even a Karaoke onboard.


Bangkok Tour with a Photographer

I love this idea because it allows you to spend some quality time with your date, to visit Bangkok and to create souvenirs at the same time.

A lot of companies provide this kind of service, you can even find some on Airbnb experience with prices starting from a few thousand baht.

Couples Massages

Again, cliché but really romantic.

Spend a quality moment together with a relaxing massage.

There’s a ton of spas and onsen in Bangkok that propose massage packages for couples.

Amongst the best, you have Let’s Relax and Health Land.

Rooftop Bars

octave rooftop bar bangkok

Bangkok has some of the best rooftop bars in the world that are perfect for a romantic sunset above the city and good cocktails followed by an incredible dinner.

There are tons of rooftop bars with a different price range but if you’re going there for a date I would recommend Octave, Nest, or Cielo for their laidback vibe.

Hotel Suite and Room Service

What about staying inside together. Just the two of you.

In Bangkok, you have all types of suites, from small ones with a hot tub for a few thousand baht, to huge penthouses with their own private pool overlooking the city.

Book a suite, tell the hotel it’s your honeymoon or wedding anniversary, and let them help make your date extra special.

Luxury Cinema

luxury cinema at siam paragon in Bangkok

Bangkok got some of the most incredible cinemas you’ve ever seen.

Some cinemas like the ones at Emporium or Siam Paragon have big and comfortable sofas you can share with your date.

Even better, the Enigma cinema at Siam Paragon offers a luxury experience that includes a buffet, drinks, and your own butler and private bed to watch the movie.

If you want to know more BK Magazine made a list of the best cinemas you can see here.

Fun Date Ideas

interior of the konkord cocktail bar

Not convinced by the ideas above? Looking for something different to surprise your loved one?

Ok. Here are fun date ideas in Bangkok.

Dine in the Dark

Dine in the Dark is not what I would call a romantic date as you can’t see the other person.

But it’s definitely an experience worth trying.

We’ve done it and I can tell you it’s more fun and unusual than romantic.

Wine Tasting

Couples that drink together stay together.

There’s a ton of wine tasting organized by Bangkok’s biggest hotels and wine importers.

Look for these events on Facebook or do your own wine tasting at a restaurant like Wine Connection, El Mercado, Terroir Expression, Cantina or El Gaucho.

Cocktail Bars Hopping

Another great idea if you really want to get to know each other.

Is she really jealous? Is he a jackass?

Visit a few bars and have a few drinks on the same night and you’re probably gonna find out really soon.

Sukhumvit 11, Thonglor, and Sathorn are good areas for that.

Axe Throwing

mojomatt and mathlide alice at bangkok axe throw club

If you’re not afraid he or she is gonna try to kill you, Axe Throwing is great for a date.

Stop by Golden Axe Throw Club at Artbox market.

The night market is also a cool place to relax with a beer and enjoy delicious food.

⚠️ Golden Axe Throw Club is closed at the moment. I’ll let you know when they have a new location.

Themed Cafe

Who said dressing up as unicorn was for kids?

Not us. There’s a ton of unique themed cafes around Bangkok including the world-famous Unicorn Cafe, Cat Cafes, Rabbit cafes, and more.

Unusual Date ideas

muay thai class bangkok

Still haven’t found what you want?

Let’s do something different then.


Spend some time outdoors and get wet at Thai Wake Park.

Just an hour north of Bangkok, it’s a great place to go wakeboarding but also to eat and chill outside by the rice field and get to know each other better.

Muay Thai course

She might be more skilled to kick your ass than you think.

A Muay Thai course will show you how resistant, endurant, or out of shape your loved one is.

Stop by the Elite Fight Club in Sukhumvit for a Muay Thai lesson.

Couples Kinky Massage

You’ve heard that Bangkok was famous for soapy massages? Did you know there’s some for couples too?

There are naughty massage parlors in Bangkok that offer this kind of special massages for couples, with body to body rubbing and happy ending.

Not vouching for any of them, haven’t tried yet but I’m sure Google will help you find what you’re looking for.


barbar fetish club in patpong bangkok

While we’re on that topic, why not go all the way.

We all know how it is, after you’ve been dating for a while you want to try new things and experiences.

Learning about BDSM (Bondage, sadism, and masochism) and Fetish sexual practices, watching sex(y) shows, and maybe even trying it yourself is definitely going to be a date you’re gonna remember.

Bangkok has 2 great clubs with really good staff that caters to both novice and experimented practitioners, Barbarbar in Patpong and Demonia in Sukhumvit soi 23.

Free Date ideas

ratchada night market tents

Being broke shouldn’t sign the end of your dating and sex life.

There’s actually a lot you can do for cheap or free.

Lumpini Park

Nothing better than an afternoon at the park to chill and talk.

Grab a bubble tea or a coconut ice cream, lay on the grass, and enjoy the noise of the traffic in the background.

Night Market

There are tons of night markets to explore in Bangkok.

That’s always a good place to try some inexpensive and tasty food, grab a cold beer, and do some shopping with the one you love.

More Ideas ?

Still haven’t found something you like for your next date?

Ok let me throw more ideas :

  • Tuk Tuk tours
  • Cooking classes
  • Asiatique Riverfront
  • Pool parties
  • Escape game
  • Soap making class
Beautiful Thai girls in Bangkok at Levels club

Don’t have a date yet ?

Don’t worry, Bangkok is a great place to meet someone.

Try new activities, join groups online on a website like Meetup or Couchsurfing, take part in Airbnb experiences, try these popular dating apps, visit some clubs…

There’s a ton of ways to meet singles in Bangkok.

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What’s your favorite place for a date in Bangkok ?

Now tell me about you.

What was the best date you had in Bangkok? Where was it?

I’m sure there’s a lot of other dates ideas I need to try and add to this list.

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