6 Best Hotel Suites in Bangkok Right Now

After years of living in Bangkok, organizing trips to Bangkok, and having a lot of friends staying at the best hotels in the city, I’ve seen many of the best hotel suites in Bangkok.

And when it comes to hotel suites, Bangkok doesn't disappoint.

From a two-bedroom suite with a Jacuzzi at only 5,000 THB a night to a hotel suite with a private terrace and outdoor Jacuzzi overseeing the city in the same building as one of the best clubs in town, I’ve listed for you the best options.

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Savvy Suite at Aloft Bangkok

aloft bangkok savvy suite

If you ask me, this is the best suite in Bangkok for party animals.

The Savvy Suite at Aloft Bangkok only has 1 bedroom and it's by far one of the smallest suite from this list.

But it gets other advantages and amenities that make up for it.

First, the Aloft Hotel is located in Sukhumvit Soi 11 and in the same building as Levels Club and Lounge, one of the hottest nightclubs in Bangkok.

If you stay there, you're within walking distance of 3 top clubs in the city., as well as some of the best cocktails bars, rooftop bars, and restaurants in Bangkok.

So you can get shit-faced and be home in just minutes.

Second, the hotel is open to give special deals to large groups.

That is perfect if you're in town for a birthday or a bachelor party with a bunch of people.

Aloft is also really guest friendly.

You can have one guy walking to the elevator with 8 girls, nobody asks questions.

Been there, done it.

Last but not least, there's a huge outdoor terrace big enough for 30 people and a big Jacuzzi that can easily fit 8 people.

In short, that's the perfect place for before and after parties.

  • Area : Sukhumvit Soi 11
  • Price : ฿฿฿
  • Rooms : 1
  • Website

Ambassador Suites at Davis Bangkok

ambassador room davis hotel bangkok

Even if the Ambassador is the most affordable suite on this list, it's neither the smallest or the least exciting.

There are a few Ambassador Suites at the Davis Hotel in Bangkok and their price only starts around 5,000 THB per night.

Each suite has 2 bedrooms, a Jacuzzi big enough for 6 to 8 people, and enough place to bring 20/30 people to party.

On top of that, you're just 5 minutes from Sing Sing Theatre (my favorite club in Bangkok), 10 to 15 minutes from Soi 11 and Thonglor / Ekamai, and 20 minutes from RCA.

So it’s an amazing suite if you plan to party during your stay, and you want a space where you can invite friends back to your room after the clubs close.

  • Area : Sukhumvit
  • Price : ฿฿
  • Rooms : 2
  • Website

Hangover Suite at Tower Club at Lebua

bangkok hangover suite at lebua at state tower

The hotel suite is named after the second episode of the world-famous movie franchise The Hangover.

Truth be told, only 3 scenes were shot at the hotel, and none of them were in the hotel rooms.

But this 3 bedrooms hotel suite is also a good option if you're in Bangkok to party.

You've got one of the best views of the city, a really spacious suite with a large living room and 3 comfortable bedrooms.

And you have a nice sound system that will probably piss off the neighbors.

If you're in Bangkok for a bachelor party, it's a good room to have some special surprises delivered to the groom.

Oh, and the room service is legit, perfect if you have a hangover.

The only downside is that most clubs and the best cocktails in the city are in Sukhumvit, at least 20 to 30 minutes from the Lebua hotels.

So expect to spend some time stuck in traffic when you go out.

Plan accordingly.

  • Area : Silom
  • Price : ฿฿฿
  • Rooms : 3
  • Website

Family Residential Suite at S31 Sukhumvit

the presidential suite s31 hotel bangkok

Do you want a 3 bedrooms suite in Bangkok with a lot of space?

Here you go!

This is the most spacious hotel suite on that list.

It comes with its own private terrace and private pool with saltwater.

Don't expect to swim laps to train for the Olympics, but it's great for after-parties.

The living room has a nice high ceiling with an incredible view of the city and the space is great to host parties.

As for the hotel, S31 is a 10 minute walk from the world-famous Soi Cowboy and a 10 minute drive from Suhkumvit Soi 11, Thonglor / Ekamai, and RCA, the best streets to party in Bangkok.

  • Area : Sukhumvit
  • Price : ฿฿฿
  • Rooms : 3
  • Website

Extreme Wow Suite at W Bangkok

w hotel bangkok extreme wow suite

To be completely transparent, that is the only suite I haven’t visited personally.

But we used it to organize parties for our clients and I have a few friends who stayed there.

And they all loved it!

From what I heard, it's the most impressive hotel suite in Bangkok, period.

It's massive, the view is incredible and it has all these special details and features that make W Hotels so amazing.

Of course, the room is big enough to fit over 50 pax, and you can even have your own bartender.

Sathorn isn't where you've got the best nightlife in Bangkok, but there are a few options.

And it’s only a short taxi ride from Revolution Cocktail Bar and Maggie Choo’s, 2 great places to get smashed with good drinks and a beautiful crowd.

  • Area : Sathorn
  • Price : ฿฿฿
  • Room : 1
  • Website

Grand Duplex Suite at VIE Hotel Bangkok

grand duplex hotel suite vie bangkok

Don't tell them I've said this suite is party-friendly or they will kill me.

But it kinda is.

This boutique hotel is on the high-end side but the service that comes with it is some of the best you will find in the city.

Again, the suite is, of course, huge, and you wouldn't expect less for that price.

It has some of the biggest bedrooms on this list and really high-end furniture.

It even comes with a concierge to help you book your activities and plan your trip.

The location isn't the best for parties, but it's a great location to explore the city and do some shopping at one of the huge malls in Siam.

Oh and to relax, if that's what you're into.

It's also close to Mixx, one of the most... "interesting" clubs in Bangkok with a lot of really “friendly” women.

  • Area : Siam
  • Price : ฿฿฿
  • Rooms : 2
  • Website

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What's the Best Hotel Suite in Bangkok ?

At the end of the day, it really depends on your budget and the purpose of your trip.

One thing for sure is you better book way in advance if you want to be sure you're gonna have the hotel suite you want.

Even though there are a ton of them and they're not cheap, Bangkok is always full of high rollers.

And don't forget to get in contact with the hotels directly if you’re coming with a large group.

Most hotels offer special rates for groups.

And that's not something you'll find on Booking or Travala.

Want to find out what to do in Bangkok and where to go out?

Check my guide to Bangkok to learn everything you need to know :

And if you're still undecided about what hotel to choose, here's my selection of the best hotels in Bangkok

What's the best hotel suite in Bangkok you stayed at?

Let me know in the comments. 🐵

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