Having Snow in Tours was the last thing I was expecting for my trip in France...

And I wasn't mentally ready or equipped for snow at all.

At least it was the opportunity to get some cool shots in Tours and enjoy a bit the white cold weather.

Away from the 30Β° degrees I'm used to in Bangkok.


Visiting Tours for a week

After almost 2 years in Thailand (it's going so fast...) I took a 2 weeks break to visit my family and friends in France.

Of course I had to stop in Tours (my hometown) to see my mother and my (somewhat) large family.

It was also the perfect excuse to get drunk with my friends as I used to do every week when I was a bartender in the Vieux Tours.

Now you're probably wondering where is Tours. Usually when people ask me where in France I'm from, the discussion sounds a bit like that:

  • Bob: "Where you're from in France?"
  • Me: "You know Tours? The Loire Valley?"
  • Bob: "..."
  • Me: "Never mind. It's in the center west, 300 km under Paris. Somewhere with a lot of Wine and Castles."

If I ever told you that, here's a chance for you to find out where the fabulous city of Tours is.

Joke aside, it's a lovely city with a chill lifestyle, a lot going on (for a city of this size) and a lot of cool stuff to visit.

When you travel through France, it's definitely worth a stop.

It's rich in history, nice architecture, lovely people, plenty of activities and stuff to visit, really good food and drinks at an affordable price...

But go there during summer if you can....

Because for me who grew up there, love hectic cities that never sleep and hate cold weather...

You can guess that staying there for a week with close to 0 degrees and snow, it wasn't my definition of paradise (nor holidays).

fayamatt snow tours france red pumas
Admire that duck face, years of practice here...

Snow, All White Everything

  • A friend of my Mum: "It's not gonna stick. It's too warm and the snow isn't thick enough."
  • Me: "It's a lot of snow, I'm not sure it's gonna go away that easy."

Einstein was wrong. It did stick for a few days. And it snowed again a few days later.

You have to understand that France isn't prepared for Snow anywhere outside of the Ski Stations.

Even a few centimeters of white can paralyze a part of the country. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

It's like when it's flooding in Bangkok. Everybody knows it's a possibility, it happens almost every years... but still. Nobody's ready or equipped for it.

And I'm there by 0 degrees, walking with 2 T-shirts on, a sweater that I borrowed and what I call a jacket but apparently it's not because it's not warm enough to be called like that. Go figure. ❄❄

So what do you do in France when it's too cold outside? Exactly the same as when it's sunny. You spend time with your friends eating and drinking... but inside!


loire snow wilson bridge tours

French Wine and Cheese

I feel like all I did for this 2 weeks was going from a 3 hours lunch to a "coffee and pastries" break to end up at a 6 hours dinner. French Lifestyle at its best.

I'm clearly not complaining.

Good wine for a few €€, great cocktails, meals that start with an "ApΓ©ro" and end up by a "Digestif".

For someone who promised himself to drink more alcohol this year (I'll explain you that later) this put me right on track for a Boozy 2018.

It would be a lie to say I'm not missing this obsession French people have for tasty food and drinks.

Here's how you sweet talk to a French that live overseas:

  • "Do you know this wine?"
  • "I'm sure you miss cheese so I bought that for you"
  • "We should take cold cuts with our Cocktails"
  • "You need to tell me what you think of this Gin"
  • "Let's celebrate the birth of ..., with an Aged Rum!"

Boy I miss the old days when I was a bartender in Tours in this moments.

I remember hanging out all the time with bartenders, cooks, chefs... talking all the time about great products and tasting new things everywhere I went.

But this days are over...

vieux tours snow france trip

Moving on From Tours

I have to admit that a week in Tours felt almost too long.

It was great because it gave me plenty of time to catch up with a lot of people.

But away from that, I've seen enough of this city.

I'm really glad I left Tours and moved overseas.

The life is good there but I felt trapped. And I had the same feeling while I was there.

You're not suppose to settle until you find what you like.

It's absolutely what I'm doing. I'm a big city guy, I love the noise, the energy, the endless possibilities and opportunities... it's just part of me.

So the big monster will have to wait until he sees me again.

I might come back to France sooner than I think but I'll play the tourist in other parts of the country and spend more time getting lost in Paris.

tours monster statue snow

See you later Tours

I love Tours.

I'll recommend anyone who's going to France to stop there.

If you have a chance to stay in the city for a few days, hit me up, I'll connect you with my friends so you can get a taste of Tours vibe and students parties.

I've also found this 15 Best Thing to do in Tours that I find quite accurate. So help yourself.



And if you're looking for suggestions on where to find good cocktails, party or have the best meal in town... I'm working on it πŸ˜‡πŸ˜.


Until then, feel free to drop a comment if you have any question about Tours.

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