Plan Your Trip With My Google Maps Lists

Some use special apps to list their favorite places, as a "minimalist" I use Google Maps.

So if like me you use Google Maps to get around and you don't want to spend your time reading reviews on Tripadvisor or Yelp, check my lists for some inspiration.

Most of the places are in Thailand (mostly Bangkok) and France for now, but I keep it updated every time I travel to new places.

So here are my Google Maps Lists for you :

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Whenever I find something cool to do, something I would recommend my friends, I put it here :


Beer Bars

I would drink rum over beer any day of the week but I must reckon, I also enjoy a cold one after a hot day outside.

I also have a lot more to learn and discover as the craft beer scene keep growing.


Bars / Clubs

That's my area of expertise. Need a drink? Follow the guide.


Cocktails Bars

There's cocktails and there's good cocktails.

If you enjoy booze as much as I can and you're picky about cocktails too, you can trust my selection.


Coffee Shops

Same as cocktails, there's nothing worst than a bad coffee when you desperately need one.

Here's a few spots you should like.


Digital Nomad Workplace

Good coffee doesn't always mean good internet and good place to stay for an extensive period of time.

This places will provide you everything you need to get your work done.


Hotels / Guesthouse / Backpackers

It doesn't matter if you spend 5 or 500$ for the night, you want the best value for the money you spend.


Markets / Shopping

Even though I'm not a big fan of shopping, some malls and markets are worth the trip.

If you're in Bangkok, don't miss Terminal 21, Rot Fai Market, Chatuchack Market and JJ Green.


Places to Visit

From temples to distilleries and wineries.



Do I need to explain?


Rooftop Bars

I had to make a list since I live in Bangkok and there's a ton of them.

I can't wait to travel more and visit more of them around the world.


Now for local guides and recommendations, check all the destinations here :