My First Time in a Gentlemen Club in Bangkok at the PIMP

I must admit, going to a Gentlemen Club in Bangkok wasn't high on my to bucket list.

But when you have the opportunity to go to one of the best in Thailand, the PIMP Bangkok, don't be rude and just accept politely. 🔥

That's one of the big benefits of organizing private parties and events in Thailand. (with MojoSons Events for those of you who don’t know yet what I’m doing).

I've got the chance to go to places I probably wouldn’t go or do things I wouldn’t even think about.

Before that day, a Gentlemen Club was one of them. 😎

gentlemen club bangkok pimp

What is a Gentlemen Club ?

In case you skipped Dan Bilzerian lifestyle classes, it's quite easy to guess by the name. 😆

It’s a place for males only, where you can get some sexy company to party with you.👠

It’s not a brothel though, so no sex on the spot.

It’s more like a high-end club with only girls working for the club that can join you at your table for a fee (lady's drinks). 🍸

You can enjoy the girls' company at the club but if you want more you'll have to pay a bar fine and take her/them with you back to your room.😉

Touching, grabbing, flirting is fine at the club… but everything sex-related is not included on the menu.🙈

It’s kind of a high-end Go-Go bar, with better girls, entertainment, service, and most importantly, private rooms with complete privacy.

the pimp bangkok girls

2 Ways to Party at a Gentlemen Club

In this kind of clubs in Thailand, you have 2 options:

  1. The main room where you've got a stage with a band and sexy shows 👯‍♀️
  2. Private rooms 🔥

You can stay in the main area, where all the girls and the shows are.

You get a table like in a regular club, look at what is going on on stage, drink with your friends and of course you can invite girls to join you. 🍸

For their company, you pay what they call a “Lady Drink”.

For about 380฿ you can get her something to drink and she’s gonna stick around and spend some time with you until she finishes her drink. 🥃

Obviously, she gets commissions on this “Lady Drink” so the more you buy her drinks, the most likely she’s to stay longer or propose you to bar fine her for more. 😇

Soon, you will realize that they got their way to charm you.

We all have principles and thoughts about how we will behave there.

But all of this is bullshit.

Once you're at the table with a sexy girl on your lap or in a private room you forget all about it. 😈

I must say, these girls are good.

They will make you let go of everything... including your money. 💸

That’s the magic of the Gentlemen Club.

Like a casino, you forget about the outside world and lose track of everything else.

It's all about having a good time and enjoying the moment. 🙃

party room g club bangkok

Private Room at the PIMP

By far the best way to enjoy your night at a gentlemen club is to get a private room. 🛑

It's great when you have a large group and/or want some privacy.

For that night we booked one of the large rooms that are for groups between 10 and 18+ people.

In the room, you got a pool table, a karaoke setup like in KTV (we’re in Asia right 😊), a big couch, and a dope sound system.

That's really the place where things are getting serious. 🔥

There, things tend to be more lively.

Out of sights from the rest of the club, guys and girls have less reserve. 🙈

And that’s the whole point of a gentlemen club and the PIMP Bkk really perfected that vibe.

Lose the poker face for a few hours and enjoy yourself.

Go with the flow and let the girls take care of you. 👯‍♀️

private room the pimp bangkok

Service and Girls in the private room

In short, it's mind-blowing.🔥

What impressed me the most is the first moments in the Private Room.

You get in there, start to play pool, setup the karaoke, and kick off the party gently. 😇

But before you have time to think about it, they're bringing the girls.🔥

And I'm not a shy guy but I must admit, sitting on a couch, looking at 40+ girls in bikini or lingerie walking in the room and waiting to get picked is somewhat... impressive.

I must confess, it was quite intimidating. I even felt a little reserved for a few minutes.😂

I'm glad I didn’t have to pick anyone!

It would have taken me ages to make up my mind.

Usually, the tip is to choose the few you like the most and let them pick their friends.

Or ask the mamasan to recommend the most outgoing ones. 😉

This time in particular was pretty insane.

We had 15 girls for 11 guys!

Definitely a great ratio and the best first time I could ever dream of.

Either you like those kinds of stuff or not, it’s definitely a fun experience. And I must say, the PIMP Bangkok, lived up to the hype. 🤩

A night in a gentlemen club in Bangkok

If you got the right address, it can only be awesome.

Overall, it was a great night.

The Thai girls are fun and friendly like in most of those places in Thailand.

I wouldn’t assume the girls are as friendly in other countries.

Thai girls have really this easy-going attitude that makes everything fun. 😍

Anyway, it’s a good place to have some quality time with your mates and treat yourself with fine alcohol, smoke cigars, and some really sexy company.

Believe it or not, the PIMP is also where a lot of business deals are finalized.

Not so surprising as you’re usually more open to sign a big contract when you’re drinking premium alcohol with a hot bikini girl seating on you.

And these kinds of things aren't going out of style anytime soon. 😈

cigar mojomatt gentlemen club bangkok

How much cost the PIMP Bangkok?

Probably not as much as you would think. 💵💵💵

I only know all the prices for this gentlemen club in Bangkok and I don't find it that expensive.

After all, it's only a bit more than regular clubs in Bangkok and definitely cheaper than clubs in other big cities in the world.

It's definitely worth what you pay for.💰

I mean, let’s be honest, it ain’t cheap either.

First, there’s a membership you have to pay.

Then the bottles are around 5,000฿ each and the private rooms range from 3,500฿ for a small one to a little over 10,000฿ for big ones. (one of them even got a hot tub and private DJ)

For the girls, if you’re in the main room you can buy them “Lady’s drinks” as you would in a Go-Go Bar in Thailand.

Which is a good way to spend some time with them and decide if you want her to stay longer, or not. 🔥

If you have a private room in a gentlemen club in Thailand, you get girls to join you for a few hours and it’s gonna cost you a few thousand bahts .for each

Plus you have to give them something to drink.

Usually, they drink from your bottles and order some extra tequila shots.

To give you an idea, in our case it cost a little under 7,000฿/person for a private room, 5 bottles of alcohol, and 15 girls for 3 hours. (Excluding extras, shot drinks and bar fines).

That's how much you need to ensure you have the best experience possible at the best gentlemen club in Thailand.

With less, I wouldn't recommend it.

More is never an issue.😆

And if you want my opinion, it's 100% worth it.

Not every weekend for sure. But for a special occasion.

You definitely got a run for your money and better service, entertainment, and Thai girls than in most of the places I’ve seen.

You have something to celebrate? Don't think about it twice. It's the right place for a great night.🤗

Feel free to comment below if you got any questions and I’ll answer them a soon as possible.

To learn more about the PIMP Bangkok in particular (cost, rules, bookings...) check MojoSons Blog.

Update: I no longer take bookings for the PIMP. Please ask MojoSons Events directly by clicking here.

71 thoughts on “My First Time in a Gentlemen Club in Bangkok at the PIMP”

  1. Im heading to bangkok this May. would love to treat my mates at this place.
    we are a group of 6. What would you recommend?

    1. Small room is fine for 2 or 3, you might want to get the medium one for 5.
      It’s definitely worth is if you got the right group and crazy mates. Start with a Karaoke and a few shots to get everyone going and let the magic happen. 😆

      1. is there any different if i were to go on dec, like since is high season.. expect a full house or anything? also the karaoke what genre they usually sing, eng or thai mostly?

        1. Hey Lee. December is the same, this places are always busy 😉. But if you have to during the weekend (Thursday to Saturday), go there at 10pm latest to have a good selection of girls left. Karaoke got Thai, Asian and Western Songs.

  2. I am heading to Thailand this May, we are small group 5 person.
    Which area should we take? Public Area or private room? What would you recommend?

    How much for a memberships fee?
    If we choose public area with 5 girls for 4 hours? How much is it for each person?

    1. Hey Hoho,
      As I said previously, it depends on how’s your group. Maybe you want some entertainment around and want to see the shows while you drinks with girls next to you. Or you want to go crazy with your friends and have the privacy. It really depends on you. Both experiences are great.
      Memberships are from 5,000THB for 2 Bottles of Black Label or Smirnoff. Price vary with the number of bottles, the brand and the duration of the membership. You can buy it on the spot when you get there.
      Public area for 5 guys, with 5 girls, and at least 2 bottles (probably 3 because the girls are gonna drink with you), you’re looking at around 8,000THB per person.

      1. Hello Matt
        i have a question , i come Bangkok alone , can i book private room with 3 girls ?? can fuck girls in private room ? how much must pay for 2 hrs ?

        1. Hi Sahand. Like I said in the post, there’s no sex on the premise, it’s not a brothel. You can pay to take the girl(s) home but the place is only to party, drinking, flirting… For a private room + 3 girls for 2 hours it’s gonna cost you about 25k THB with 2 bottles.

  3. Hey Matt

    Im planning to organize a bachelor party there so Im going in a group of 6.. would a medium room suffice with 2 bottles? Not all in my groups are drinkers so that much would it cost overall with girls?

    1. Hey Chris, Medium Rooom should be fine for 6 but if you got an extra 2,000฿ to throw, the big one is really worth it. (you’ll have a Pool Table there)
      Price depend oon the bottles you choose and how long you want the girl. For example if you go with 2 bottles of GreyGoose and 6 Girls for 3 hours you’ll be at around 42k in total.
      If you need more precise info and/or want some help with the booking, feel free to drop me an email at

  4. hey Matt
    I will go there next week alone.
    I want to enjoy to see a show.

    how does it cost?

    should I get the membership card?

    1. Hey Kim, it’s definitely more fun with mates but you’ll have a good time anyway, the girls know how to take good care of people.
      They might charge you a little extra if you don’t have a membership but you can open a bottle and you’ll be fine. Count about 7/8k฿ for the night there (no including bar fine or more with the girl) for a bottle, cost of the company of the girls, a few extra Tequila Shots…

        1. Nope, count around 10000 extra for that. If you want to get laid, there’s cheaper options like Smooci, I wouldn’t recommend to get the girls there for more than parties, unless you’re loaded.

    1. Hey Alex, around 3.5k for the room, 5k minimum for the bottle and 2.8k per girl for 2 hours. It should be between 14/18k for you in total. Feel free to message me at if you need any help with the booking 😉

  5. Hey man, appreciate this write-up!

    Other than The Pimp, do you know of any other gentlemen’s club in Bangkok? Would like to keep the options open. 😉

    1. Hey Bro, thanks for the comment. I’ve seen a few lists online but nothing really up to date.

      To the top of my mind:
      Monte Carlo,

      That should keep you busy for a while 😎. And let me know what you think of them, I didn’t get any feedback from a place that match the PIMP for now.

      1. Hi matt
        Just wanted to go to this g club
        But i m alone
        Money no issue
        Budget of 25 k thb per night
        What can i get????

  6. Hi Matt,
    Great review you have there. My friends and I (only 3 of us actually) will be going BKK next year, during the Vesak weekend. Will they be open? From what I understand, is that Vesak day will fall on a Sunday, but we are thinking of maybe visiting on Saturday night. Do you have any info on whether they will be operating on that weekend?
    If they are, what do you suggest we do? Also how much do we need to “budget”, if let’s say include the bar fine?

    1. Hi Jo,
      For Buddhist Holidays (Vesak is one), there’s no alcohol being served or sold anywhere, so the PIMP, like every other places selling alcohol will be closed from midnight to midnight that day.
      If it falls on a Sunday I’m pretty sure they will be closed on Saturday and may or may not open on Sunday at midnight.
      Drop me a message at early next year and I’ll check with the management, but if you can, come another weekend ;).
      A bar fine, per girl, on a weekend is gonna set you back around 10k on top of what you’re paying at the club.

  7. Hi matt

    Can you explain a little bit more about membership??
    I get a info if u take a membership at the pimp, you have to pay 20.000 baht and get 6 bottles limited to 12 this include a private room and the girls or separated??
    And How much for vip room for 6 peoples and 5 bottles and 7 girls??

    Thanks matt

    1. Hey Fred, what you heard is right about the membership, price is around that depending on the brand but it has to be 6 bottles of the same brand.
      This only include the membership and the 6 bottles.
      Then everything else is on top of that. Service fee, mamasan fee, private room, girls…
      Depending on the brands of alcohol you want, the duration for the girls, the size of the room you pick…you’re looking at around 45,000THB and up.
      Drop me an email at if you want to know discuss it further

  8. Hi matt,

    Planning to make a trip to the pimp in November.

    If we book a private room, can we still visit the club area outside?

    And also what actually goes on in the private room?


    1. Hey Jim. For the common area, it’s more of a big room with a stage. You can go there but if you want a table you’re gonna have to open more bottles. But the fun is in the private room. As I said above, the private room is all about party, drinking and flirting. Again it’s not a brothel, just a place to party.

  9. thanks matt for the quick response. i received some info that states that the girls are separated into PR and dancers. is there a difference between these two groups?

    and also for the girls, the price is
    “start 5 drinks. first hour – 2310 THB, after first hour, 30 min/drink.
    one drink cost 330. ”

    so the pricing for one girl for 5 hours should be 2310 + (5X330) + (8X330)
    is the calculation correct? just wanna double check to ensure i dont get a bill shock as per stated in several reviews.

    1. Prices depend on the girls and if you got a membership or not but that’s around that.
      It’s really unlikely you get a bill shock, all prices are listed and except mamasan and service fees that are on top of that (a couple hundred bahts) there’s no room for surprise. Feel free to drop me a mail at if you got further questions.

  10. Hi Matt,

    I am planning my bachelors at the pimp and we’re bringing in around 9-10 person with the intention of getting a private room. how much would you recommend we spend for a memorable night? I am hoping that 8000-10000 baht would suffice person for at least 4-6 hours of delightful experience!

    1. Hey Pat, good choice, not doubt you’ll have a blast. Based on passed events, you should be around 7000THB per person for 3 hours, then add around 2k/person/per hour after that depending on how much you drink. I reckon 4/5 hours is good, that’s already a lot of time playing drinking games and getting wasted ahah. Book 3 hours, then pay as you go and get away when you’ve had enough 😁

  11. Hi Matt,
    Have always wanted to drop by “Pimp”. Fyi, I am looking for a sink hole that I can visit often as I have recently relocated to BKK.

    Correct me if I am wrong. I am looking at 20K for 6 bottles with 12 months duration period rite? As I am pretty much a loner, do I need to pay for any entrance fees if I bring along 1-2 guy friends when they are in town?

    1. Hey J, welcome to paradise city.
      If you buy a membership right now before the end of the month you can get up to 8 bottles for 20k if you choose JW Gold Label with a 12 months membership. Price varies depending on the brand you choose and duration.
      You can bring as many guy friends as you want, you only need 1 person with a membership to get in. If you bring girl friends, then there’s a little extra to pay.
      Enjoy your time there 😉

    1. Almost all of them yeah. Cost is around 10 to 15k for short time. And nothing on the spot bro, as I said, it’s not a brothel

  12. Hey Matt,

    We are 3 friends coming to Bangkok next week. We are planning to go to Pimp.

    How can your membership help us for a couple of bottles, 5 girls and a private room for 3 – 5 hours

    1. Hey Hasan, you can drop me a message through the form on the contact page and I’ll send you all the details. But let’s say for a small room with 3 girls for 3 hours and 2 bottles, the price at the pimp will be somewhere around 28,000THB.

  13. If my friends and i take private room can we request for real sex show like the girls making out together? And if we pay more can we touch the girls like play with theidlr titties and pussies?

    1. Weird no, expensive yes. Between the membership, the alcohol, the girl(s), and maybe a private room, pack at least 15 000THB for the night or more.

  14. Hi Matt

    I recently went there with my friends, got the 20k 6bottles membership.

    We managed to finish 4 bottles that night and are left with 2, which they gave us a card for future redemption.

    The membership is under my friend’s name, but the redemption card is with me.

    For future visit if my friend could not make it, can i redeem the balance 2 bottles with the card?

    1. Hey Eddo, I’m not sure about that as I never had cards before, they usually know how many bottles we have left when they check the membership details. I guess you have 2 options here, go there as your friend (you use his name and the membership number) with the card, they usually don’t check ID, but you have to do the same signature. Or you just send them a message to arrange that, they can probably help you out if you explain the situation to them.

      1. Hi Matt i just want to know I am travelling alone can i know if i can take one or two of the girls for some fun ? Is the pimp all about just partying or they are up for some fun too ? Thanks

        1. Hey Naveed, you can pay a bar fine to get the girl back to your hotel for some fun too. But be ready to start a heavy price for it. My recommendation is always the same, go to the PIMP to party, get a girl from smooci or a freelancer for fun. But if you really like the PIMP and you can afford it, go for it.

  15. Me and my mates visiting Bangkok for weekend,.. How are our entrance charges for stage, show area per person. We are a group of 4 ppl.

  16. Hi matt,

    If we book the girls for few hours in private room, do we still have to buy them lady drinks? If yes, Usually how many do we have to buy? My friend encountered a bad experience that he spent more than 15 while he was drinking at the hall area.

    1. Hey Adrian,
      If you got a private room, usually you take bottles and the girls drink from them too. The “ladies drinks” is more a way to count how much the time of the girl cost, I’ve never seen them bring actual ladies drinks in a private room. Just book girls for 2 or 3 hours and order enough bottles for everyone.

  17. Hey Matt, are there other membership options for less heavy drinkers beyond the 20k option? I’m planning to go with a total of 4 people maybe get a 5 person private room, which I understand will come to about 8k/person including drinks girls room everything. Is membership then on top of this? Is there a 3-8k option for membership?

    Thanks a lot for the great info!

    1. Hey Mike, they have memberships that start at 8k for 2 bottles if I remember right. As the membership come with bottles you can count it in the 8k/person I suggest.

  18. Seems there is not sex even in the private rooms, correct? If not, do you know of some other club where I can bring 3-4 girls to a karaoke room to sing & have sex for a couple of hours?

    1. Hey Joe, that’s right. No sex there. And no I don’t know such place but I’m sure you can find hotel rooms or rooms in so called “love hotels” with Karaoke. Timeout listed a few options there.

  19. I was planning to visit there. I had a few question,
    1. What happens in the private room
    2. Will the girls get nak*d in the private room
    As the girls look very beautiful

    1. Hey Sanjay, private room is just to party, Karaoke, etc.. as I say in the post, it’s not a brothel, you can have sex with the girls there. You can get them topless for a fee but it’s as far as things go.

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