Fizzup Review, the best workout app ?

If you think you need a fancy gym and crazy workout program to get in shape, I've got good news for you : You don't !

Many workout apps like Fizzup make it easy for everyone to exercise anywhere, anytime, with simple personalized workout programs that don't require any equipment.

And I believe for most people who want to get back in shape, or stay in shape, without spending hours at the gym or lifting heavy weights, that's one of the best workout app available.

Let me explain.

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Do you need an app to workout ?

If you’re readying this post I guess it’s probably because you think you need a fitness app.

And truth be told, you don’t really.

For years I’ve trained done bodyweight workout without apps.

I used the Lafay Method, online tutorial, random exercises, tried a few diets... and it worked just fine.

What most apps are not gonna teach you is to stay consistent, motivated and to do the exercises properly.

That's why I would recommend to anyone who start or want to get back in shape to get a gym buddy or a gym membership where you have access to a proper coach.

Use that initial motivation when you do your new year resolution or when you want to work on your summer body to start the right way and learn the basics.

From my experience, your chances to succeed are better if you can connect with someone who have more experience than you to teach you the basics.

At least to get started.

And then add fitness apps to your routine.

But don’t bet all your success on the app you use.

That’s for my 2 cents on fitness apps.

Now let’s talk about what you came for, Fizzup.

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Why I use Fizzup ?

I think I only went to gyms a dozen of times in my life.

Does that mean I never workout and I'm out of shape? Absolutely not.

Since I'm 18, so for over 10 years now, I’ve been exercising almost daily and with (almost) only bodyweight exercises.

I've started with the Lafay Method back in the days and that gave me all the basic knowledge to start my journey into fitness. (nutrition, rest, intensity, stretching... the book cover a lot of different areas)

Then over the years, I tried a bunch of different fitness apps, from Freeletics to ThenX and a ton of other workout apps I could find on the Play Store.

But the one I’ve been sticking to for the longest time is Fizzup.

Probably because it's a no brainer.

It's easy to use and it have a large variety of workouts and exercises with no equipment.

That and the way the app make things simple.

  1. Open the app
  2. Pick your program (or let the virtual coach do it for you)
  3. Press play
  4. Workout
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Why Fizzup over other workout apps ?

As I said, I’ve tried a bunch of fitness apps but the only one I’ve been loyal to for more than 8 years now is Fizzup.

Is it because it’s a French app? No

Is it because it’s one of the cheapest? Yes and no. 😁

So why then ?

I see a few reasons why Fizzup is better than most fitness apps I’ve tried :

  • 💪Bodyweight exercises
    • I don’t train with weights (most of the time). And as most people don’t have access to a gym or the budget to pay for a membership and / or equipment, training with bodyweight exercises is perfect to remove a bunch of excuses from the equation. Plus, for most people it gets the job done. It’s enough to stay in shape and feel great, with really low chances of injuries.
  • 🏋️‍♀️With or without equipment
    • You have workout programs in Fizzup that use some equipment, like dumbbells, a dips rack, a pull up bar or even kettlebell. But you can choose wether you want a program that use them or not. That's great when you travel, when you're injured, when you don't have access to a gym or  when you simply don't want to use any equipment.
  • Variety of exercises
    • Some would think it’s easy to get bored with only bodyweight workout programs. The answer is no, if you have the right app. Fizzup have a large variety of exercises and between the different programs and the different optional workouts (“focus”, “cardio”, “challenge”, “stretching” "yoga" and more) you have access to a ton of options and you don't feel like you are always doing the same thing over and over.
  • Personalized workout programs
    • That’s in my eyes another key feature of Fizzup. Where some apps will tell you to do 50 reps of each exercises, without knowing how fit you are, Fizzup workouts start with an evaluation. It gives you a few exercises and tell you to do the maximum repetitions for each. Then the app adapts the programs and the number of reps for your next workouts accordingly.
  • 🤖Press and play
    • You don't have to think about what exercises or how many reps you should do or how much rest you need to take. You open the app, you click on the workout of the day and you start. The app tells you what to do and take care of everything else for you.

This key features are in my eyes what make Fizz Up different from the other fitness apps I've tried and one that will suit most people.

When with other apps or workout programs you need about to think about the exercises you need to do, the number of reps, the time your rest, to go to the gym, to buy the equipment...

With Fizzup all you have to do is put on your shorts, open the app and follow the instructions.

That's it. 🙂

And I've seen it work for a bunch of people, from people who go use to go to the gym a few times a week, to my mum who never exercised before.

Who can use Fizzup ?

Fizzup is really for everyone.

Wether you've used workout apps in the past or not, you're already a gym addict or you have never workout in your life.

This app is for you.

I use it, my mum use it, my girlfriend use it, my friend who is 40 and finally decided to take care of himself use it, my friend in his 30s who travel a lot use it (in his hotel room), my best friend who have only 30 minutes before work each day use it...

Because the app have a large variety of workout programs and the difficulty adapt to your actual level, no matter where you're starting from, you will benefit from it.

With Fizzup you can chose programs to lose weight, improve your endurance, your athleticism, your cardio... they really have a wide range of options.

It's perfect for people who want something simple, that focus on all your body and don't need much to get started.

It's great for anyone who want to get some physical activity, stay in shape and have more energy.

Fizzup is also cheap and flexible enough adapt to your routine and allow you to train anytime, anywhere.

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Fizzup Premium

Fizzup have a free version that give you access to a few programs and a paid version that unlock all workout programs and other types of exercises.

And even if the free version is good to get an idea of what Fizzup offer, you will need the premium version to really see how complete it is.

On top of that, it's really reasonably priced.

If you take a 1 year membership, it's comes down to only 7,50€ per month.

Not an expensive price to pay to stay in shape when you compare it to the price of a gym.


  • 3 Months - 34,97€
  • 6 Months - 58,99€
  • 1 Year - 89,99€


Fizzup often run promotions during the year.

There's usually have a big one for Black Friday, one for Christmas and one for right after new year.

So if you buy your premium membership at the right time you can get a really sweet deal.

I think I pay around 60€ for 1 year at the moment.

So keep an eye on it.

Try Fizzup for FREE for 1 Month

Fizzup reached out to me and offered to give you guys 1 FREE MONTH to try the premium version.

The code is P1M-XRA3ZE27 and is valid until June 30.

To activate it :

  • Go to in your browser
  • Create or log in your account
  • At the top right of screen, click on the menu, then "Settings"
  • Click on "Manage Account"
  • Under "Subscription", click on "Activate a Gift Code"
  • Enter the code P1M-XRA3ZE27

Enjoy 💪

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Pros and Cons

To sum up, here are for me the good and bad about Fizzup.

👍Pros :

  • Easy to use
  • For men and women
  • For beginners and pros
  • Lots of different programs
  • Bodyweight exercises
  • No equipment required
  • Focus on the whole body
  • Complete workouts (cardio, strength, stretching...)
  • No brainer
  • Premium version affordable

👎Cons :

  • Small community
  • No groups or challenge between members in the app

Except the social part of the app that could be more developed, there's really a lot to like about Fizzup.

And even though I understand it's not the favorite app of most gym heads who just want to get big and beat themselves at the gym, for the average Joe that just want to stay in shape and workout a few hours a week, there's nothing more cost effective.

nutrition tab on fizzup app

About the Nutrition tab

I know that I didn’t talk about the nutrition part of the app.

Even though the app name is FizzUp - Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching on app stores.

Not because I don’t like the nutrition part or because I’ve forget about it, but because I’ve never used it.

I don’t cook, my girlfriend does.

And as we live in Thailand we prefer to use local ingredients that sometimes are not in the app. So we don’t use it.

To be honest, I don't calculate what I eat either. Even though I should.

But if you have some experience with the nutrition part of the app or know someone who does, I’ll be happy to share your experience in this post.

Send me an email with your feedback about it.

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Fizzup Review : main takeaways

There's a lot to like about Fizzup.

I really believe it's one of the best workout app out there right now.

Because the app doesn't require any equipment or previous fitness experience and adapt to your level, it's super easy for anyone to use.

And you can use it to workout from anywhere and anytime.

So you don't have any excuse !

Now, to give you an idea of what you can achieve with the app, here's my shape with only bodyweight workouts from Fizzup.


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Is Fizzup good for beginners ?

Yes and that's for those who don't workout a lot that the app is the best. With Fizzup you can start working out in minutes, for free and with no equipment. And the program will automatically adapt to your level to help you progress.

Is Fizzup Premium worth it ?

That's the only right way to take full advantage of Fizzup App and to really progress. Plus, it's not that expensive compared to other workout apps or the price of a gym membership.

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Download Fizzup App

At the end of the day, who cares if it’s the best fitness app for me or not as long as it works for you.

The app is available for free and for Android and iOS users.

You can download it on the App Store or Play Store now and give it a try.

Start getting in shape today and let me know how you like it.

You can also add me : "Matthieu Chauveau” on the friends tab and I’ll make sure to kick your ass when you miss your workout.

  • Fizzup for Android
  • Fizzup for iPhone
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More about Fizzup

To learn more about Fizzup, check their website or follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Thanks for reading my review of Fizzup all the way through here.

You can check my "Dummy Recipe" to learn my tips to stay in shape.

If you have any question about the app, please feel free to ask me anything in the comments below.

And if you've tried Fizzup already, let me know what you think about it.

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