My First Private Yacht Party in Thailand

Another hot day in Pattaya, 10 guys get on board of a yacht charter, joined by 10 Thai bikini models and off we go for a 4 hours cruise, and my first yacht party in Thailand !

How did I get there?

Thanks to luck and work. (mostly luck)

But let's be honest, I was not there to party but to take care of the group.

Still I've had worst days at "the office". Let me tell you more about that day.

mojomatt yacht party thailand

How did I get invited to this private boat party in Pattaya?

Let's start with a short explanation on how I ended up there.

Who never been on the beach, looking at a private yacht party with loud music, people partying, drinking, having the time of their lives and it leaves you wondering

"When am I gonna do that too?"

It happened to me so many times.

I was watching people in fancy villas, in luxury hotels, private boats or islands in real life and all the time on Instagram...

And like a lot of people that didn't grow up with all the money in the world, it left me wondering:

“I want to do that too, I want to party like that! How can I pull this off ?” 

And in my mind there's only 3 ways to get there.

  1. Make serious money 💸
  2. Get a large group and/or a super good deal 🙃
  3. Hangout or work for people who can afford it! 😎

In this case, that was the 3rd option that allowed me to attend my first Private Yacht Party in Thailand. 🚤🎉

But it wasn’t planned at all. I didn't wake up one day and decided to do that for a living.

I just ended up working for this guy that organized bachelor parties in Bangkok and Pattaya when I came back to Thailand.

A few months in, I was invited by my colleague to help him take care of one of the groups.

When he told me the program included a private pool party on the first day and a yacht on the second, you can guess I didn’t have to think twice about it. I was in! 😇

A week later, here I was.

With 10 awesome guys and about 8 hot Thai Girls on a great sunny day, on a private yacht in Pattaya.

Drinking, dancing, making sure the guys have a good time, partying with them, jumping off the top deck…

Definitely one day to be remembered. 😁

yacht party fayamatt pattaya

How was the boat party in Pattaya?

Man, I’ve never thought I’ll be on a private yacht party.

In Thailand or anywhere else. At least not at 25, and not for free.

Truth is, even if it wasn’t my party, with my friends... it was awesome! 😆

All the guys were in their 20’s, super cool.

They're some of this nicest guys I've met, really kind and fun.

And I thank them again for they treated us.  🙏


We came with my colleague to oversee the event and they invited us to join the party, grab drinks, go out with them, etc…

It was one of this great day when everything go as planned.

Everyone had a bless, we did our job and managed to have fun too thanks to them.

Plus, I had to meet more of the Thai Bikini Models that work on this events, some of those who still work with us at MojoSons to this day.

fayamatt pattaya yacht jump

Why Pattaya for a yacht party?

I didn’t know back then that Pattaya was one of the main spot for private yacht parties in Thailand.

But it makes sense once you look for different option for yacht parties in Thailand and around the world.

  • First, it’s quite cheap. 💲Or I should say, affordable. Compare to other places in Thailand, like Phuket or Koh Samui, it’s way cheaper. For a Yacht Party like this one, for 10 pax, with food, drinks, Bikini Models, etc… for a few hundred euros each, you’re set.


  • Second, the location.📍Pattaya is only a few hours from Bangkok. It’s definitely not the right spot for a family vacation, but to party with your mates, it’s the right place!

Awesome value for villas, countless bars, gogo bars and clubs, chill vibe... One of the best location in Thailand for party goers, from a night out in Walking Street to a Private Yacht Party in Pattaya. It’s worth every buck your spend.


  • Third, the scenery. ☀ Even if you come for booze and girls, cruising around beautiful islands with a blue sky even during raining season is priceless. Blue water, quiet islands, monkeys… if you manage to stay away for jellyfish you're gonna have an awesome day.

yacht fayamatt sunglasses sky

The first private yacht party of many

That was my first time on a private boat.

Since we started Party Bangkok, now I’ve been lucky to organize (and often attend) one of those boat parties almost every month.

Sometimes a few times a month.

I don’t go to all of them but if I have a nice relationship with the guests and they invite me, I do everything I can to join the cruise. 😂

That's one of the best upside of this business and we knew it well when we started.

I would be an ass to miss on a chance to cruise on a private yacht in Thailand, with beautiful models, nice people and grab a few drinks.

And I love to jump off top decks (Even if it cost me a Go Pro and a few pairs of Sunglasses 🙈) .

Ever been to a private yacht party in Thailand?

What are you waiting for? 🤔

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