Hire a Superhero Midget for your Party in Bangkok

Yes, the company we started gives you the opportunity to hire a Superhero dwarf in Bangkok (or Pattaya, or else…).

You can pick his costume, and get him to join your gang for an epic party!

Or just get him to bring a cake for your friend’s birthday… It’s up to you.

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Why renting a Midget in Thailand is a thing?

I can’t really explain why hiring a dwarf in Bangkok is so popular over here.

The only thing I know is that the demand is here.

Probably because it’s fun, not disrespectful for the little guys, and actually helping them to make money.

And honestly, you really start to understand how much of a special night it’s going to be when one of your friends bring a superhero dwarf to handcuff him to the groom or the lucky.

That’s the moment you know you made it to Bangkok.

Party with a little guy in Bangkok

Sometimes we got requests from a big club that want them a special event (Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Party at Sing Sing Theater, Khelo365NYE in Pattaya, …).

But most requests are for Bachelor Parties in Bangkok, guys that want to embarrass their friend for their last night of freedom.

Of course, if you go across Bangkok Go Go Bars handcuffed to a midget disguised as Batman, you will get noticed.

It’s fun to see even Thais love to see our superhero dwarf in Bangkok.

Everyone smile as they go, they even get stopped for pictures.

Our dwarves are so popular everywhere they go that you’ll get noticed everywhere you go.

Hiring a Dwarf in Bangkok is definitely a good way to get girls’ attention as you walk into a club.

Remember, dare to be different!

batman superman superheroes dwarf pattaya

The funniest story with the Dwarf in Bangkok

There’s a lot of them but one in particular that always comes back.

Once we had a midget to spank the groom in a fetish club.

That was one of one the most unexpected thing we’ve seen in a Bachelor Party in Bangkok. 😜

But the funniest story is from one of our friends.

He hired a little guy in Bangkok to go pick up his best friend at the airport.

Freshly arrived from France after a 15 hours flight.

Only 1 hour in Thailand and he was already handcuffed to a dwarf for the whole night.

You can bet he’s gonna remember his first night in Thailand for a while.😆

Quick tips if you hire a Midget

Here are a few things you need to know before you go party with a dwarf in Bangkok.

First, they are pretty heavy, so don’t go crazy trying to lift them up. You will break your back and cry the next day.

Second, they can drink way more than you think and tt’s going to take them a while to get drunk. You better be ready to get some money to throw away if you want to see them wasted.

Third, they have a small bladder. So if you’re handcuffed to one of the dwarves, don’t give him too many beers to drink. Or you might have to spend half of the night in the bathroom while he’s doing his thing.

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Want to rent a little guy in Bangkok?

Drop me a message or contact us on MojoSons Events website.

It’s one of those things you have to do once in your life.

Bring him to a pool party, to the club, go dance with him on stage in a Go-Go bar…

With one of our little guy, I can guarantee you’ll make unique memories you won’t forget.

And you will have some great pictures to show your friend too.

Did you ever think about hiring a Dwarf in Bangkok for your party? 🤔😂

Let me know in the comment

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