Dinner in the Sky Bangkok, Eat 45 Meters Above the Floor !

Or the art of enjoying a Mai Thai suspended at 45 meters.

When my friend called me to join her for Dinner in the Sky Bangkok at a discounted price, I had to say yes!

We’re January 4th when I receive this message:

“Hey, I have 2 tickets for dinner in the sky on Monday 9th at 6 pm. My friend can’t join now, so I have one ticket left. I will sell it for half price. Wanna join? Perfect for a blog post.”

She was right, I’m in! I confirmed right away to make sure I didn’t have the time to think too much and chicken out.

Don’t start thinking about everything that could go wrong, just do it!

A few days later I had a quick look at the official website for dinner in the sky Bangkok, and it seemed legit. Over 45 countries, German design, nobody died (yet), I should survive it too.

dinner sky thailand table

Dinner in the Sky Thailand

Want to know more about the concept and get all the details? (time, location…)

You can check their official website or read Coconut Bangkok and BK Magazine posts will tell you, everyone, you need to know. And more.

In short, you’re dining at a table that is suspended by a crane, 45 meters above the floor.

Food is prepared by a chef that is in the center of the table.

You can basically enjoy your wine while watching the sunset, comfortably seated with your feet hanging.

If you don’t look down, it’s another rooftop dinner. If you do, that’s an all other feelings.

It’s cool, it’s original and definitely a unique dinner experience but at 4,990THB per person, you better know what you’re getting into.

dinner in the sky cocktail mai tai

What you need to know about Dinner in the Sky Bangkok

Is it safe? 100%. You don’t feel in danger even 1 second. The staff is really pro and they know how to make you feel at ease.

From time to time, the table will move a little bit because of the wind, but nothing scary.

It’s so stable that you get used to it after a little while and you almost forget about it… until you turn your seat.

Get there 1 hour in advance. Even though you don’t really need to, that’s what they ask. Considering Bangkok’s hectic traffic, that you have to sign a waiver on arrival and probably get a drink to fight the stress, it’s fair enough.

A scary thing you can do is reclines your seat.

It was a lifetime opportunity so I turned off my brain and did it! It is pretty impressive in fact and I was stressed a f$*# (see my face below).

But in the end, you got yourself a great and pretty unique picture. Is it worth the “risk”? That’s yours to decide.

There are no toilets in the sky.

Number 1 question people are asking before.

Obviously you’ll need to stop at the bathroom right before you get attached to your seat.

To be honest, I thought one hour would be no trouble, but I guess with a little bit of stress and a few cocktails….

I just avoided drinking for the last 20 minutes. So don’t be as stupid as me, plan ahead, and avoid drinking too much before getting up there and you’ll be fine.

dinner in the sky bangkok nicrulez fayamatt

Dinner in The Sky Thailand will probably cost more than you think

At 4,990THB per person during weekdays and 5,390THB during the weekend, it’s coming really expensive.

If you don’t have the chance to have a coupon or discount, that’s already gonna make you think twice about it.

Add to that drinks, because only water is included in the price.

Of course, they have Wine, Champagne, Cocktails and more… and at a good price. Count 300THB for a Cocktail and 280THB for a glass of wine.

So if you want to enjoy your dinner with some booze, that’s gonna add up pretty fast.

Now if you’re coming on a date. With a bottle of wine (around 3,000THB), dinner for 2, that’s gonna cost you about 13,000THB. That’s definitely not for everyone.

dinner in the sky thailand sunset

Dinner in the Sky Bangkok overall Experience

Overall it’s a great experience.

It’s fun to have dinner suspended 45 meters above the floor.

This has to be one of the coolest ways to dine.

Play with your seat, turn it on the sides, lean back… Take fun photos and videos and show all your friends.

It’s awesome if you have the opportunity to do it.

It’s for the one out there who have money to spare and want to live a unique experience. And of course for the ones like us that like to brag on Instagram.

I’m not gonna lie, the pictures I posted had some success on Facebook. But that comes at a price…

If you’re looking for a good value for money and a great view of the city, that’s not what you’re gonna get here.

The food is good but far from amazing.

And with countless great Rooftop Bars in Bangkok, there’s far better options and views you can get for this price.

Thing is, as expats in Bangkok we’re used to amazing view from Rooftops.

Dinner in the Sky in Thailand is not that impressive after you had a cocktail on the 45th Floor of the Marriott Hotel.

Still, I’m glad I took the opportunity to do it and didn’t bailout.

At least I can say I’ve done it and share my experience with you.

What do you think? Would you do it?

PS: Check Nicole’s blog to read her point of view on it.

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