Covid-19 in Thailand : The Situation in Bangkok

This whole situation about the COVID-19 in Thailand and all over the world has been out of control.

A few weeks ago I was writing in this same post about how the outbreak could be an opportunity for travelers.

At that time, there were only a few cases of coronavirus in Thailand, and the main touristic attractions were deserted by tourists (mostly Chinese) and hotels and tours were offering incredible deals.

On paper, it was safe to travel and a really good opportunity.

But now that’s a whole different story.

On Saturday 21 March, the government announced the number of cases drastically increased (+188 in one day) and Bangkok’s governor decided to close all “non-essential” businesses until further notice.

A decision followed by other cities in the country.

So how is the coronavirus situation right now in Bangkok and Thailand?

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Where to get information about the COVID-19 in Thailand ?

In Thailand it’s sometimes hard to follow official statements from the government as a lot of announcements they make, are then removed, and eventually reappear again in a different form.

As someone who has been in Thailand for a few years, it’s nothing surprising.

But I understand that if your plans depend on what the government decides, you want to follow closely how the situation evolves.

So for the latest up to date information about the COVID-19 in Thailand, especially for people who travel to Thailand, you can follow :

  • Richard Barrow in Thailand

He’s a teacher and blogger living in Thailand. He does a tremendous job of keeping his social media accounts up to date with the latest news about Thailand, including what’s going on with the COVID-19.

Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

  • The Tourism Authority of Thailand and the Department of Disease Control

You can find up to date travel recommendations from the TAT here and the Thai Department of Disease Control here.

  • Update on the numbers of cases in Thailand (and the world) on Worldometers

COVID-19 Coronavirus numbers

  • As of March 26, 2020, the PM has declared a state of emergency and closed the borders at least until April 30.

That means only Thai Nationals, Diplomats, and Foreigners with a Work Permit can enter the country with a medical certificate and insurance that covers COVID-19.

For those in Thailand, also check this interactive map that lists all the information related to the COVID-19 in Thailand (all cases with their status, sanitization operations…) :

Really helpful if you want to be over cautious and avoid the areas of Bangkok and other cities where some people got infected.

To learn more about daily news in Thailand, check this list of Thai newspapers and websites to follow.

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How’s the situation in Bangkok ?

At first, Bangkok wasn’t hit too much by the coronavirus.

Then, earlier in March, the government canceled events and large gatherings in Bangkok and around the country.

A few days later, they decided to close all the bars and clubs for 15 days.

These 15 days were quickly extended until further notice.

And on Sunday 21 March, they now moved to close everything except supermarkets and convenience stores for the foreseeable future.

Then on April 6th, a curfew was put into place nationwide to try to curb the infection rate.

But as the number of cases of coronavirus is quickly growing in the country, most of Thailand is now in the same situation as Bangkok with most businesses close and people asked to stay inside.

You can already really feel the difference a lot in Bangkok.

That’s usually one of the most lively cities you’ve ever and seeing it so quiet is shocking.

A bit sad too.

The only thing we can hope is that people will be disciplined, as they are in Korea and Japan, and we can get through this quickly with the least amount of casualties.

April 21 update

Thailand now has a nationwide curfew since Friday 4 April 2020 from 10 pm till 4 am every day until further notice.

Most supermarkets and buildings that are still open check the temperature of every going in and you can find free hand sanitizer in every shops and condo.

Almost everyone wears masks outside and you can see people really apply social distancing.

So far, it is proven effective and the number of new daily cases is actually declining in Thailand.

Alcohol sales are banned in Bangkok and other parts of Thailand until April 30th.

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Can you travel to Thailand during the Coronavirus crisis ?

Now I wouldn’t recommend you travel to Thailand or plan a trip to Thailand in the near future.

First, a lot of airlines are suspending their flights until the situation gets better. That alone makes it almost impossible to travel anywhere.

So even if you decide to come, you might have a hard time finding a flight, depending on where you’re flying from.

And, the Thai government didn’t completely close its borders (yet), but they’re now asking for a medical certificate (that is almost impossible to get when hospitals around the world are overwhelmed with patients) and health insurance that includes COVID-19.

Needless to say, there’s really little chance you’ll be traveling to Thailand anytime soon.

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Should you travel to Thailand after the COVID-19 ?


Even though it’s impossible to know when the coronavirus crisis is gonna end, it’s the perfect time to do your research.

No doubt that when the coronavirus crisis is over, it’s gonna be one of the best times EVER to travel to Thailand.

I really believe mass tourism is gonna take some time to come back to the level it was before the crisis.

So arguably, it’s gonna be one of the best times to travel to Thailand, right after nature had months to recover and right before the level of tourists go back to record numbers.

Tours and hotels will be less busy after a long break and they’re probably gonna offer some special deals to attract people to come back as soon as possible.

Even better, right now, the Baht is finally going down after record highs in 2019.

So you will get more for your buck.

In fact, if you’re coming now to Thailand after this COVID-19 outbreak, you’ll have the beautiful temples and beaches for you, and you’re gonna have the best value for money we’ve seen in years.

In short, it’s not a bad idea to use this time to start planning your trip to Thailand.

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How are you dealing with COVID-19 ?

I know it’s a tough time. Especially for those who are in quarantine.

Personally, my life has been similar to quarantine since last year as I’m going as I’m shifting to a different career.

So I take that precious time to focus on my blog and my business to be ready when the crisis is over and we go slowly ease into a new normal life.

But I’m always curious to know about you.

What are you doing to stay busy?

Are you working out? Learning new skills? Watching a ton of movies? Reconnecting with friends and family (online of course)?

Let me know in the comments.

Official information about COVID-19 :

And start to plan your trip to Thailand with my travel tips and recommendations.

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