My Business in Thailand is more than Yachts and Bikini Models…

And I wish it would be closer to what Dan Bilzerian’s life looks like.

But I guess, it never is as it looks on Instagram.

In short, I arrived in Thailand in April 2016 to see if we could open a coffee shop or a bar with my childhood friend who is half French and half Thai.

A short 6 months later I’m starting a business in Thailand with a guy I just met.

One of the best decisions of my life but also one of the biggest challenges I ever faced. 🙈

But when people see it, they think it’s only Private villas and Yacht parties in Pattaya, Clubs in Bangkok and gorgeous Thai Models …. and it is.

At least on Facebook and Instagram. 😆

MojoSons Events

We (my business partner and I) started MojoSons Events in October 2016.

We mostly focus on organizing private and corporate parties in Bangkok and Pattaya. 🔥

From transportation to sexy shows, our job is to provide a unique experience in Thailand to our guests. 🇹🇭

After a year, 100+ groups, many unforgettable memories, and problems, I can officially say I have my own business in Thailand.

I got my name on the papers, a work permit, I pay taxes… and we survived a tough first year. 🙈

This first year of business was memorable in the best and the worst way.

Between unexpected troubles, awesome opportunities, and insane parties. It was intense and far from easy. 🙃

Now we’ve made it through the first year!

MojoSons is doing good and there’s a lot of room for improvement and development.

The struggle isn’t finished yet but I’m confident the worst part is over. 🤗

mojosons events team corporate bangkok

Starting a business in Thailand ain’t easy!

I know starting a business is not supposed to be easy. Anywhere. 🌍

But when you don’t speak the language and don’t understand the laws and administration, it doesn’t help.

I’m lucky my business partner does speak/read/write Thai fluently and a lot of friends helped us out.

And we quickly realized that in Thailand, more than anywhere, your network will make all the difference. It surely did for us! 🚀

Many people think it’s gonna be easy because Thailand is cheap. But trust me, you’ll always bump into a problem you didn’t anticipate.

Of course, it’s cheaper to run a business in Thailand than it is in Europe or the US. 💸

But It’s also a different culture and set of rules. It takes a lot of time and nerves to get used to how things are working here. 🤔

Having a business in Thailand is like riding a rollercoaster

Not in the same way it would somewhere else. 😏

Especially when you’re organizing parties and events here.

We’re always on the line because we want people to talk about us but we don’t want to offend or annoy anyone.

We understand that culture and limits are different. So we stay careful at every step. 😌

Back in France, I would have push things over the limits to get attention.

Here, you take small steps and you’re extra careful about what people say. The last thing you need is to piss off the wrong person. 😅

You also have to stay focused and calm over here.

Be patient, have strong willpower, and adapt fast. That’s what will make a difference in Thailand. 🇹🇭

And on the other side, it’s also full of great moments.

We met awesome people, we’ve learned a ton and we’ve been doing a lot of crazy parties… Private Pool Party, Yacht Party in Pattaya, Boat Party in Bangkok for a company, insane stag do in Thailand…

All these great experiences are what make all the efforts well worth it. 😁

(Below is the video of our biggest event. 3 Days / 2 Nights in Pattaya for New Year Eve 2017)

Connect with other business owners in Thailand

When you run a business, network, and support is key.

You want to surround yourself with people who share the same experience, go through similar challenges… This is why being in a co-working space in Thailand is so good. 🤗

There’s a ton of them filled with innovative and creative people/businesses. We all have different stories about how we ended up doing business in Thailand, but we’re all here either for the weather, the culture, and/or the girls. 😈

Thailand is a well-known hub for online entrepreneurs too.

You’ll find countless expats running online businesses.

Online Marketing agencies, affiliate marketing, apps and websites development, dropshipping… mostly spread between Bangkok and Chiang Mai. 😇

The great lifestyle, low taxes, and unlimited opportunities attract people from all backgrounds and it’s creating a great environment to develop a business.

Being surrounded by people hustling to make shit happen is really a necessary kick in the ass to grow your business… (and having enough money to explore Asia.)

You want to start a business in Thailand ?

Good luck! 😁

You’ll need some to start your business in Thailand.

Work hard, stay focus, learn fast how to adapt, and your business in Thailand should be fine. 😉

And connect with others in the same situation.

It’s easier here than many other places I’ve visited.

As expats, we often bump into the same problems with the government, visa, and culture…

Those common struggles definitely create connections. 😊

Finally, there’s a lot of experience you can benefit from to save countless time and money.

Don’t fall in love in Go Go Bars, remember that the rules can be bent, get a good lawyer and you should be able to make it through. 😂

I have my own business in Thailand, now I’m my own boss.

And it has been a dream for years. I’ve been starting countless projects in the last 5 years and with this one, I found out why I failed my previous ones.

It wasn’t because this idea was better than the others. Maybe a little. 😉

The main thing is until now, I’ve been lacking focus and didn’t work hard (or smart) enough.

The fact that I “succeeded” with this one has a lot to do with my desire to stay in Thailand.

This is the main reason why I worked harder on this business.

Without hard work, you’re not going anywhere. MojoSons Events is only doing good, but it has the potential to do great and it’s only the starting point of many other projects.

So Stay tuned!

You have your own business? You want to start one but don’t know where to begin? Let’s connect!

Drop me a comment, a mail, or send me a message on twitter

(At least now I’m my own boss. Here’s another of my bucket list goals I’ve achieved. Off to the next one)

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