Bucket List

Do you have a bucket list? What's in it?

I know having a bucket list sounds cliché.

But let's be honest for a minute.

We both know how time is flying and that if you don't do something about it, it's gonna be too late to do it.

With a bucket list, you make it clear what you want to achieve in your lifetime.

It's the best way to start turning your dreams into reality!

Even if you change it over time, remove some stuff, add new ones, it doesn't matter.

At least with a bucket list, you focus on what matters, live your dream life.

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Why and how to start a bucket list ?

I know most of you don't a bucket list. But if you're here, you're at least interested in the idea.

And there's one good reason to write down what you want to achieve.

Because we all know it's so easy to get stuck in the day to day life.

A bucket list helps you to focus on what really matters, make your life worth living.


Do you work to pay your bills and make more money than other people? Probably not.

You make money to buy things and experiences that make your life exciting


Start your bucket list with your biggest dreams, what do you want to achieve in life?

Write it down.

Not convinced yet? Here's more :

4 Reasons to start a Bucket List :

  1. Live your best life. Focus on your biggest goals, not on dumb things.
  2. Stop putting off your dreams. "I'll do it later" means you're never gonna do it.
  3. Focus on what matters. Don't get too caught up in the day to day life.
  4. Make memories. Because that's all you'll have in the end.

Now is the perfect time to start.

Write down your Bucket List :

  1. Remove every barrier. The less it makes sense, the better it is. Dream big!
  2. Write things down. On your phone, on a piece of paper... make it real.
  3. Go Crazy. Again, we're talking about dreams. Go wild!
  4. Put it somewhere you can always see it. So you think it about all the time.

Take actions :

Now let's get real, let's start turning dreams into reality.

  1. Pick one item on your bucket list
  2. Write down every step you need to take to achieve it
  3. Start taking actions
  4. DO IT
  5. Repeat

It sounds simple and it is.

All you have is to do is take on one line at the time.

Pick one item, break it down in baby steps, start taking actions, and keep moving until you achieve that dream.

Then you guess it, get on to the next thing.

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Bucket List Stories

Make your life worth living, one story at a time :


My Bucket List :

Now if you're looking for ideas of things to do before you die or if you want an example of a bucket list, here's mine. Help yourself.

Just for Fun

mojomatt yacht beer pattaya


Learning New Skills

  • Learn how to play guitar
  • Put together a party with over 100 people
  • Be a Dj for a night
  • Speak fluently Spanish
  • Speak some Thai
    • BONUS: Speak fluent Thai (now that I live here.
  • Win a Live Poker tournament (min 500$ buy-in)
  • Win an Online Poker tournament (min 500$ buy-in)

mojomatt yacht party thailand


knock knock festival mojomatt

Parties / Events / Festivals

Live Performances / Concerts

  • Watch an event of the UFC Live
  • Daft Punk
  • Major Lazer
  • The Aston Shuffle (Again)
  • DJ Snake (Again)
  • Elton John (I should probably hurry up -_- )
  • Airbourne
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers (Again)
  • Arctic Monkeys
  • ....

mojomatt millionnaire kip laos

Business / Financial Goals

  • Build a recurring income with my Blogs
  • Make money as an Influencer
  • Grow MojoSons to a million $ business
  • Change the party/spirit business forever
  • Open a bar
  • Make over 5k $ in a month
  • Make over 100k $ in a year
  • Have over 1 million $ in my bank account

What's in your Bucket List?

What do you want to do? What gets you out of your bed? What are you living for?

Let me know in the comment and share the link to your bucket list here 😀🐵

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