Keep Calm And Do Body Shots

After exchanging dozens of emails on this topic, I’m surprised that many of you don’t know what a body shot is.

So, to answer all of your questions, it’s time I explain what a body shot is, the different types that exist, and to give you a few examples of games you can do with them.

I’ll cover everything you want to know, from the simple body shot between the legs to the popular boob luge.

Let’s take a look together at what a body shot is, how to do it, what alcohol to use, and what games you can play.

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Happy Days! 😇

What Is A Body Shot?

A body shot is when you drink a shot of alcohol from someone’s body.

To do this, you place a shot glass filled with alcohol between the legs, on the belly, or between the breasts of another person.

Often you pick someone of the opposite sex. Someone who’s attractive.

Or you pour the alcohol directly on the person’s body, for example between the abs or in the belly button, and suck or lick it off directly from there.

Both are valid options for body shots.

What Are The Different Types Of Body Shots?

There are different types of body shots depending on where you place the glass shot or where you pour the alcohol.

Belly Shot

A belly shot is by far the most popular type of body shot and probably the one most people think of when they hear the two magic words.

To do a belly shot, someone has to lie topless on a bar or table.

Then you pour alcohol on their belly and have everyone take a shot one by one.

Boob Shot

In a boob shot, you drink from a shot glass that you hold between a girl’s boobs.

It’s super easy to do, as long as the girl has nice boobs that are big enough to hold the shot in place.

And if you want to do it right, you must only use your mouth to grab the shot glass.

Trust me, it works.

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Using your hands (or elbows) to grab the shot glass is considered cheating (and a lot less fun).

Boob Luge

In a boob luge, you pour the alcohol directly between the big boobs of a girl.

The recipient places his mouth under her boobs to drink the alcohol as it goes down.

Boob luge is becoming increasingly popular among the younger generation, especially at pool parties and private yacht parties, as you can see in this picture.

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Of course, you can do any of these types of body shots in different ways.

Be creative.

For belly shots, for example, you can lie on top of the person and drink from them in a 69 position.

For a boob shot, if the girl is wearing a bikini or lingerie, you can put two people under her breasts. One directly underneath and the other around her belly button or between her legs.

I guess I’ll have to find photos (or take one myself) to show you how to do this.

How To Do A Body Shot?

With a shot glass

Pour alcohol into the shot glass and place it where you want the person to hold it. Between the legs, between her boobs, on the stomach…

Grab the shot glass with your lips and pull your head back to drink the alcohol.

Without a shot glass

Pour the alcohol on the model’s body, on her belly, between her boobs or legs, and drink it from there.

What Alcohol To Use For a Body Shot?

You can use any alcohol you like for body shots.

Most people use tequila, so they can place the tequila shots, the lime and the salt in different strategic places on the body.

For example, you place the glass shot between the legs of a girl who’s lying down, lick the salt off her belly button, and take the lime she’s holding in her mouth.

My Favorite Tequila for Shots!
Jose Cuervo Tequila Reposado

But if you don’t like tequila (shame on you), you can use your favorite alcohol, whether it’s vodka, rum or something else.

Try to use something that isn’t too sweet so it doesn’t stick to your body.

Examples of Body Shot Games

You can get just as creative with body shot games as you can with the body shots themselves.

Some of the most popular games I did included:

Whipped Cream

Each person has to lick the whipped cream and drink a body shot.

The thing is, you don’t decide where the whipped cream is, your friends do.

That’s the kind of game we often did for a bachelor party or bachelorette party by putting the whipped cream and body shots on a stripper.

Roll The Dice

In this body shot game, you put 6 shot glasses on someone and give each shot a number.

Then you roll the dice and the person has to drink the glass that the number rolled landed on.

And those are just two of many body shot games you can play.

There are so many of them, I can write a separate post about it if you’re interested.

Let me know in the comments below.

Where Can I Do Body Shots?

You can do body shots anywhere, anytime, as long as everyone you’re playing with is willing to participate.

This can be at private parties, bars, some strip clubs and gentlemen’s clubs.

Many party venues can organize this with their models (male and female).

In Bangkok, you can contact Party Bangkok to arrange a private body shot with one of their models.

Or you can go to The PIMP Bangkok, get a VIP room and order shots.

For a small tip, any of the girl there will 100% do it.

What do you think? Ever done body shots?

Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot… Everybody 🥃🎉

(if you never heard this song before, I’m speechless…)

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