Drinking Body Shots in Bangkok for a Living

My job is just Body Shot every day! 🎉

I wish. 😆

Seriously, that’s one of the cool stuff you must do.

Let’s be honest, I would not complain if every single shot I drink in my life was served this way. 🍻

Sometimes with MojoSons Events 🐵, Body Shot is just part of “another day at the office”!

Even though I’m not a Bartender anymore I still have the pleasure to do Body Shot for a living from time to time. 🥃

Now, if you never heard about Body Shot and you’re left wondering what the hell I’m talking about… First, I’m sorry.

Second, here’s a quick guide, some tips, and a fun story. 😈

body shot fayamatt bangkok
Happy Days! 😇

What the hell is a Body Shot ?

Someone here have been missing on one of the best thing in life.

Body Shot is the best way to enjoy a drink shot. Off a Girl’s (or guy’s) partly/half/fully naked body. 👙

It is not rocket science. 🚀 Put the shot between her lip, boobs or legs, and go down to get it. 🤔

Usually you do it with Tequila, so you can put the lime and salt in strategic places.

I won’t give too many details but if you’re creative you’ll figure it out yourself. 🍹

Now that everything is ready you can go down and get that shot!

Common, take your time, enjoy the trip, and appreciate the moment. 😆

I know you want that shot, but you’re gonna get hammered fast enough, so relax and enjoy. 🙈🙃

If you’re a large group and there’s only one girl, it’s fine.

But if there’s only a handful of you, take a breath and play some games in between shots, or you’ll get fucked up before you know it. 😧

body shots thailand d cup test

Boob Luge and Fake Boobs

Boob Luge was all over the place a few years ago. Like it was something new ahah. 😛

Maybe the guys doing videos and articles online went for a night out and discovered they were crazy stuff going on out there.

Thanks Nerds but frat boys didn’t wait until 2015 to drink booze from girls boobs….

So what’s a boob luge?? 🤩

You put your mouth under the girl’s boobs and a friend or the girl herself pour alcohol between them so it arrives directly in your mouth. Easy.

Caution if you do it with liquor (over 30°)!

As you can’t see how much you’re drinking, it can fuck you up pretty fast.

I ain’t judging, just sharing my experience. Been there, done it. 🤕

About Fake Boobs, the question is, does it matter? Big Boobs Matter!

It doesn’t matter if they’re fake or not, what matters is that they’re big enough to pour drinks between them. And for this purpose, there’s no debate: the bigger, the better. 😈

mojosons party boobs

A few tips to drink a shot

  • Yes, you can put the shot glass in your mouth. (that one). You’re not going to swallow it or break a tooth. Just open wide, put your teeth around the shot, and now put your head backward. You’re almost there. Now keep the drink in your mouth, take off the glass shot with your hand and swallow. Happy Days!
  • Doing Tequila Shots?
    • First, the best way to do Tequila is dry. Just buy a good bottle of Tequila for once ahah 😂
    • Second, if you do it the American way, here’s how to remember and teach others the order to do it: Lick > Swallow > Bite
    • (Lick the salt, Swallow the Tequila, Bite the Lime) 🍋

My Favorite Tequila for Shots!
Jose Cuervo Tequila José Cuervo Reposado 70 cl

What’s going on in Bangkok ?

Bangkok is a crazy place where a lot of dreams come true. Especially for the deviant ones.

For me? It’s heaven.

Once in a while, with MojoSons Events, we do organize Body Shot for our guests partying in Bangkok or Pattaya.

They pick the model and the liquor. We bring everything and set it up. Ready to go! 😂

Over here, that’s me working really hard to keep my job. As an ex bartender, I don’t often refuse a shot. When it’s off a naked girl, you bet you don’t have to tell me twice. I dive right in there!

Tequila and Big Boobs. Welcome to heaven on earth!

What do you think? Ever done Body Shot? What are you waiting for? 🤔

Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot… Everybody 🥃🎉

(if you don’t know from what song it’s from, I’m speechless…)

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