8 Best YouTube Channels To Learn Thai

I watch a lot of YouTube.

And for me, I find it’s a great way to practice Thai.

Whether it’s to listen to Thai, try to read the subtitles in Thai, learn some slang that you don’t see in online courses, or even learn some sexy words.

In my opinion, these are the top YouTube channels for improving your Thai.


Mod is one of the most popular online Thai teachers.

She has a full online course on how to read, write, and speak Thai, and offers online private and group lessons.

Now her YouTube channel is full of free videos to learn a lot of the basics of speaking Thai.

Like the video above on the 20 basic Thai phrases you should know to start speaking Thai.

She also has videos of the Thai alphabet, but also relationships, dating, shopping, and more.

If you’re serious about learning Thai, you have to subscribe to her channel.


Kru Smuk (Kru means teacher) is another online Thai teacher.

Like Mod, she has a popular brand called BananaThai where she teaches people Thai with online courses and free videos.

She posts a lot of fun and very accessible videos on the Thai language on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

That’s another YouTube channel you have to subscribe to if you want to learn Thai.

My Mate Nate

My Mate Nate is the Thai version of Mr. Beast.

Actually, Nate isn’t Thai.

But his channel is completely in Thai.

That’s why it makes it perfect to learn Thai.

Because even if his Thai is perfect, he doesn’t speak as fast or with as much slang as a native Thai speaker would.

And his videos are fun to watch.

That’s why it’s my go-to YouTube channel to listen to Thai and learn new vocabulary.

Thai Talk With Paddy

Paddy is amazing!

He is an Australian guy who became fluent in Thai in just 1 year!

Talk about an incredible feat.

On his YouTube channel, he exchanges with Thais, Australians, and other nationalities on the cultural differences between Thailand and Thais, and other countries around the world.

Like My Mate Nate, his Thai is perfect but way easier to understand than from someone who speaks fluent Thai.

I Kan Ticha

Ticha is incredible!

She’s a model, winner of The Face Thailand Season 2, and now a YouTuber, influencer, and businesswoman.

On her YouTube channel, Ticha talks openly about sex with Thais and foreigners.

Sometimes she chats with celebrities, with friends, and other times with people who have intriguing views on sex.

Most of the videos are in Thai, sometimes subtitled in English.

And a few of the videos are in English with subtitles in Thai.

That’s the best YouTube channel if you want to learn sex Thai words and phrases, and how to sweet talk your Thai date.

And for your sex education if that’s something you’re interested in.

I Roam Alone

I Roam Alone is the biggest Thai travel YouTube channel.

Mint either speaks in Thai, or English with Thai subtitles.

So that gives you more ways to practice listening and reading.

With her channel, you can learn Thai as you watch Mint traveling to different countries or places in Thailand.

Pimrypie / พิมรี่พาย

Pimrypie is a Thai singer, model, businesswoman, and content creator with millions of followers.

It’s hard to describe the content of her YouTube channel because it goes in so many different directions.

There are lifestyle videos of her living her life and going about her day.

There are incredible music videos of Pimrypie, some with millions of views.

And also videos of her trying products, or testing her own product.

There are even a ton of videos of her tasting all types of food.

Pimrypie even has videos of her donating crazy amounts of money to help people in need.

So you can really find a bit of everything.

But it’s always exciting to watch, fun, and a good opportunity to listen to some Thai.

The Sisters

This YouTube channel features 4 of the hottest Thai women you’ll ever see.

Yanisa Samohom (better known as Ying Noey) alone is worth watching on this channel.

The content is mostly lifestyle, travel, and fun scenes, but the 4 girls pack a lot of personality and make you want to watch more.

What’s Your Favorite YouTube Channel To Learn Thai?

Now that you know what my favorite YouTube channels are to learn Thai, tell me, what’s yours?

Which channel helped you to improve your Thai?

Let me know in the comments below.

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