3 Best Pool Parties in Bangkok

The sun is blasting in Bangkok, it's hot, everybody's excited... That means only one thing,

It's time for a pool party! 😎

One of the great things about Bangkok is that there is a pool party almost every Saturday.

Even during the rainy season.

But with so many pool parties, I know it’s hard to keep track of all of them.

That’s why I give you a short list of my 3 favorite ones, and at the bottom, I give you a link to a website that lists all the pool parties in Bangkok.

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What Makes A Good Pool Party?

But first, let me ask you, what makes a good pool party?

If you ask me, it should have:

  • A cool venue, with a great view of the city.
  • A beautiful crowd, including those hot bikini babes from Instagram.
  • A good vibe, a good crowd, and a few shows and performances to get the party going.
  • Good DJs, no matter what style of music as long as it makes the girls dance.
  • Good drink packages, because we're not going to go through this sober!

So it sounds pretty simple and it is, but some do it better than others.

W Pool Party at W Hotel Bangkok

beats by the pool at w hotel bangkok

Even though the W Pool Party has been around for a while, it used to be only once a year during the Songkran festival.

Now they do a few each year and they are always wild!

For their pool party, W teamed up with Bangkok Invaders, probably the most famous Hip Hop DJ crew in Thailand that has some of the hottest parties in Bangkok.

Needless to say, when they play somewhere, the crowd always turns up.

And it’s the same at W Hotel Wet pool club.

Why? Because it checks all the boxes I've listed above:

  • Cool venue
  • Best Hip Hop DJs in Bangkok
  • Awesome vibe
  • Packed with hot people
  • Both "cheap" bottles and high-end packages

Check W Bangkok Facebook or Instagram accounts to have more info about the next event pool party.

  • W Bangkok
  • W Bangkok
  • W Bangkok

SO Pool Party at SO/ Bangkok

so sofitel pool party bangkok pitou mojomatt

Let’s start with the king of Bangkok pool parties, SO Pool Party at SO/ Bangkok hotel.

It has by far the best venue and the view from all the pool parties in Bangkok.

To be honest, if there's one that you must attend while you’re in Bangkok, SO Pool Party is the one.

Just because of the view and its popularity.

The party is on the 7th floor of SO/ Bangkok hotel with an infinity pool overlooking the famous Lumpini Park.

The view and the pool are just amazing.

It’s also the only pool party in Bangkok with 2 areas and 2 different kinds of music.

On one side you have EDM and electro next to the pool.

And on the other side, you have DJs playing Hip-Hop, Rap, Trap, and R&B.

The only downside is the pool area that is quite small (not the infinity pool) and the price is getting quite high.

A package in the VIP area is gonna set you back 8,500฿ for 1 bottle of vodka and 4 entrances.

And there are not that many tables outside of the VIP area on the poolside.

So if you want one, go there early or book in advance.

Entrance is 600฿ with 1 drink and packages start at around 8,000฿.

SO Pool Party is every last Saturday of the month.

Find out more about their next event on Facebook or on SO/ Bangkok's website

  • So Pool Party
  • So Bangok
  • So Bangkok

Westin Pool Party at Westin Grande Sukhumvit

westin pool party bangkok mojomatt

What I love about the Westin Pool Party is that it is always packed.

Sure there’s not a lot of space around the pool so you don’t need that many people to make it look full, but that helps turn up the vibe.

Westin Pool Party became bigger and bigger over the years and it's now easily one of the top 3 best pool parties in Bangkok.

It's also one of the few pool parties that go all year long and no matter what month it is.

Even in July, August, and September, and the rest of the rainy season, it's always full.

Regarding the music, there's only one stage.

The DJs are different every month but they usually cover everything from EDM to electro and deep house.

The only downside is the pool area that is a bit smaller than other pool parties.

So get there super early or book a table if you're going with a group.

Westin Pool Party is usually every third Saturday of the month.

Get all the details about the next event on Westin's Facebook page.

  • Westin Grande Sukhumvit
  • Westin Bangkok
  • Westin Grande Sukhumvit

5 Tips For Your First Pool Party In Bangkok

Never been to a pool party in Bangkok?

Then here are a few tips for you:

Get Bottles 🍾🍾🍾

Most pool parties in Bangkok have good deals on bottles and are usually a bit cheaper than regular nightclubs.

So take advantage of that!

And when it gets crowded you’ll be happy to have a table and somewhere you can put your drink.

Because you're not allowed to swim with your drink.

Get a Locker 🔓

Been there, done it.

It’s a must.

But as there's often a limited number of lockers, you better get there early if you want one.

They also cost around 200฿ + a deposit, so make sure you bring enough cash.

But as most of those parties are packed, it’s a nightmare to keep an eye on your clothes or your bag while you're getting shitfaced, swimming, and flirting.

So play it safe.

Put all your clothes and valuables in a bag, put the bag in the locker, and only keep your phone and some cash with you.

Workout 💪

Most pool parties in Bangkok invite models, so don’t be surprised by all these beautiful girls and guys all around.

You’ll get used to it.

And of course, you're gonna have a fair share of gym addicts going there to flex their muscles.

After all, when you’ve been sweating your ass off all week at the gym, I understand that you want to show off a bit.

Makes sense.

But don’t be impressed, it's Bangkok, not Ibiza or Miami.

Most people are super chill and the girls are easy to talk to, even if they look like the hottest Thai girl you’ve seen on Instagram.

westin pool party bangkok

What You Must Know About Pool Parties in Bangkok

  • There's (almost) one every Saturday. Keep an eye on Facebook to find the next event.
  • Go there early to get a table and a locker (and often a free drink or open bar for 1 hour) ⏰
  • Book in advance, for groups. Tables are usually really limited.
  • Bring cash! Bangkok is getting more expensive and if you've gotta do it, do it right.
  • Workout! You don't want to be the fattest guy there. 🤣

Now if you want more details about locations, times, prices, and a complete list of all pool parties in Bangkok, go on Bangkok Nightlife website:

What About The Other Parties In Bangkok?

With the guide linked above, you'll find everything you need to know about all the pool parties in Bangkok.

And if you want to know more about Bangkok Nightlife, where to go out, the best clubs... check my guide here.

Now before you go, let me know what is your favorite pool party in Bangkok and why in the comments.

2 thoughts on “3 Best Pool Parties in Bangkok”

  1. Do you still live in bkk? Any idea if any of these pool parties fun anymore post Covid heading into Song Kran in April 2021?

    1. Hey Chris. Yes, I’m still in Bangkok. Hyatt Regency in soi 13 might have a pool party for Songkran but all the other ones are not happening. The government didn’t give its green light for celebrations this year (except traditional ones) and there are still cases so I imagine we won’t have big pool parties back for a while.

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